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Phone tracker apps are spyware tools designed to track and locate mobile devices in stealth mode. They serve as significant agents for worried parents trying to ensure the virtual safety of their children and doubtful spouses who suspect a potential betrayal on online platforms. For the best free and paid solutions, keep reading and check out the top-tier 10 cell phone tracker apps without permission in 2024, as well as the handy spying tips we prepared for you.

What Are the Best Phone Tracker Apps?

The best phone tracker app without permission is based on discrete monitoring. The comprehensive tracking functions, easy set-up processes, and affordable subscriptions stand out as the distinctive components of a quality spying app. Here is a compilation of the finest mobile tracker apps that offer premium monitoring without consent.

uMobix: Top Phone Tracker App That Operates Without Permission

uMobix App Logo
uMobix Best Values
uMobix is the best cell phone tracking app in the market that provides an excellent monitoring service with complete confidentiality. It has a high profile among customers and maintains an accurate and secure tracking policy.

The all-in-one app is compatible with OS or carrier and allows users full access to the target device in stealth mode. The user-friendly dashboard updates itself in short intervals and presents all extracted phone activities in a simple view. With uMobix, nothing can drop beneath your radar.

uMobix’s top tracking features include the services below:

Easy to install the app – no jailbreaking/rooting required
Available for Android and iOS devices
Free Demo available
Special discounts for 3-month and 12-month subscriptions
Live customer support 24/7
Keylogger and live streaming
Full access to call logs, contacts, and frequently contacted names
Spying on social media chats on Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.
Tracking online messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Hangouts, and Viber
Monitoring Instagram and Facebook on iOS as if on your own device without jailbreak required
Reports on browser history and bookmarks
Restoring deleted phone actions
Real-time location tracking

Hoverwatch: Best Phone Tracker App for Android Devices

If you seek an extensive Android phone tracking app, Hoverwatch is exactly what you need. All monitoring features of the spy app are exclusive to Android devices, and it allows users to track up to 25 cell phones at once for a reasonable price. 

With Hoverwatch, you can track calls, messages, and emails and get access to all kinds of media content stored on the target device. One of the best services of the tracker is the screenshot feature for social media platforms. All online activities, including conversations on messaging apps, are also saved on the user panel.

Here are the best monitoring services the Android tracker app offers:

Quick set-up without rooting
Monitoring available for Android devices, Windows, and Mac
Multiple device tracking at an affordable price
Remote tracking of address book, call history, SMS messages, and emails
Recording phone calls in stealth mode
Spying on WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Viber, etc.
Full access to phone internet history
Location and SIM card tracking
Screenshots of screen unlock and social media activities

Cocospy: Online Mobile Tracker with Location Tracking

Cocospy phone tracking app
Cocopy Best Values
Cocospy is one of the top-quality apps that track phone activity without being detected. It is an ideal tracking tool for parents and spouses who need a comprehensive monitoring solution.

The phone tracker is applicable for both Android and iPhone and requires no rooting or jailbreak. You can track incoming and outgoing calls and messages and get notified of all online activities on social media and dating platforms. Besides, with Cocospy, spotting the real-time location of your kid or partner is a piece of cake. 

The shiny features of Cocospy include:

No complex installation process – jailbreak and rooting free
Compatible with all mobile brands
Demo available
Up to 80% discount on long-term subscriptions
Payment via cryptocurrency
7/24 customer service
Spying on call logs with timestamps
Full access to social media accounts and dating apps, including Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, and Badoo (Not available for iPhone)
Tracking and restoring received/deleted online chats on WhatsApp, Telegram, Kik, Skype, etc.
Web activities and bookmark tracking
Real-time location tracking

Spyic: Phone App for Comprehensive Tracking

Spyic Keylogger Solution
Spyic Best Values
Spyic is one of the popular applications for monitoring phone conversations, offering handy features. It enables remote surveillance and control over all phone activities, including the number of calls made with specific contacts, frequently visited websites, and location history. A long list of social media environments, instant messaging apps, and dating platforms are on the radar of the spying tool that can collect all data from the target device anonymously.

The tracking services provided apply to Android and iPhone without root or jailbreak processes. There is also a demo tour available for customers that gives a clear picture of the extensive features offered. Subscription plans are quite affordable, with up to 90% discounts, and give you a chance to clear the clouds in your mind by saving money.

Spyic phone tracking comes with the features below:

User-friendly installation process – no jailbreak/rooting
Spyware developed for all phone brands
Demo available
Affordable subscription plans with multiple device tracking
Call logs, contacts, emails, and calendar tracking
Reports on social media usage for Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. (not available for iOS devices)
Full access to private and group chats on WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger Lite, etc.
Spying on online dating activities, including POF, Badoo, and Tinder
Monitoring online activities and frequently visited websites
Real-time location tracking and geofencing

GEOfinder: Track Phone Location by Number

GEOfinder Best Values
Do you want to track your loved ones without being bothered by downloading or setting up processes? Well, GEOfinder may be your spying agent in your quest. This app allows users to track any phone’s exact coordinates using only the phone number.
$1 Trial Try Now

The spying tool sends an untraceable SMS message to the phone owner with a link included (it is also possible to send the text in any messenger if you don’t know the number). Clicking on that link initiates the geolocation feature, and the GPS signals drop on your screen. The exact location of the target phone can be viewed on a detailed map view, where you can navigate between the streets easily. You can send a new SMS every 5 minutes and see the updated position of your child or partner on the map.

The keymarks of the spyware are listed below:

No downloading and installation
Compatible with all devices and operators
Costs $39.99 per 1 month
Has a $1 trial
Unlimited location monitoring across the globe
Anonymous and accurate geolocation

SpyBubble: Best Tracking App for Catching Cheaters

SpyBubble app logo
A Reviews.org survey revealed that up to 60% of Americans are obsessed with their phones, with 4 hours of screen time daily. This obsession also leads to severe loyalty crises between couples. As the top-tier secret phone tracker, SpyBubble helps concerned spouses reveal the truth behind the screens.

With SpyBubble, secret apps, private chats, deleted media files and messages, and even contacts saved under fake names are put in plain sight. Users also gain full control over the microphone and camera and can listen to the surroundings or record screen without being detected. Most of the monitoring services are not fully available for iOS devices; however, Android users receive an all-in-one tracking pack.

Here are the comprehensive features offered by the phone tracker to bust a cheater:

Quick set-up not requiring jailbreak or rooting
Spying on Android and iPhone
Special discounts for newcomers
The app also uses a keylogger
Call history tracking with timestamps and contact details
Full access to messaging apps, social media platforms, and dating apps
Camera snapshots and audio streaming
Restoring deleted apps, messages, calls, contacts, and media files
Notifications for renamed contacts, SIM card replacement, and online status
Geofinder feature

eyeZy: Reliable Mobile Phone Tracking for All Devices

eyezy phone tracker logo
As one of the best phone tools to keep your children safe, the eyeZy phone tracker offers advanced features for parental control. It is also a perfect spying tool for spouses who need actual proof of cheating. 

The tracker informs you about the contacts, sent and received messages, online interactions, and the location of target devices. The visited places are recorded via Wi-Fi tracking, and geofencing features notify you when your kid or spouse drifts away from the borders you draw on the map. eyeZy provides spying services for both Android and iPhone for an affordable price.

The top-rated services of the app include:

Downloadable from Google Play Store and App Store
Applies to all carriers
Affordable tracking service at $33.59 per month
Spying on frequently called contacts and sent/received SMS messages
Screen recording for social media apps and live chat platforms
Full access to browser history and website contents
Wi-Fi sync feature for iOS
Location tracking updated every 30 seconds
Geofencing feature

XNSpy: Tracking App That Is Better Suited for iPhone

iPhone copy XNSPY
XNSpy is the finest spy app to track phone without them knowing. It offers qualified and accurate hacking services neatly designed to crack Android and iOS devices discreetly. However, it is mostly known for its successful spying and 3 different installations developed for iPhone.

Once installed on the targeted phone, the calls, emails, and social media interactions are followed. Call recording and audio streaming are also available via microphone control. With the help of a unique spying feature, the tracker learns the phone and app behaviors of the device owner and warns parents or a spouse of suspicious offline or online activities.

XNSpy is an app that works with the following features:

3 different installation options for iOS devices and easy Android setup without rooting
Live Demo available
40% discount as a limited offer
Live customer support
Call tracking and recording
Discrete surroundings and screen recording
Extensive monitoring of online platforms, including Instagram, Kik, Tinder, WhatsApp, etc.
Detailed reports on app usage and durations
Tracking web history and bookmarks
Geolocation and Geofencing features

KidsGuard: Phone/Tablet Tracker App for Parents

KidsGuard logo
According to the statistics, it was found that almost all children in the world went online in 2021 (99%), and the majority used a cell phone (72%) or tablet (69%) to do so. While it is nearly impossible to avoid internet usage, taking some preventive measures to protect your kids from online predators is possible with KidsGuard. 

The cell phone tracker app allows full access to all phone activities without their permission. Plus, some special features such as call recording, environment recording, secret camera screenshots, and alerts on sensitive words are actively used. It tracks the content of social media and messaging apps via the keylogger feature. 

Here are some nifty features offered by the parental control app:

Quick 3-step set-up without jailbreak or rooting (Pro features available for jailbroken iPhone)
Spying software running on all mobile devices and tablets
Demo available
GPS Location of the target device
Special discounts and “Cancel anytime” subscription plans
Full remote control over call history, sent/received/deleted messages and online chats, iCloud data, and phone gallery
Tracking social media interactions on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Discord, Kik, etc.
Detailed reports, screenshots, and recordings of camera and microphone usage
Spying on Notes, Reminders, and Calendars
Saving frequently visited websites and search bar results
GPS location tracking

FlexiSPY: The Oldest Phone Tracker for Comprehensive Tracking

10 Best Phone Tracker Apps Without Permission
There are undoubtedly hundreds of mobile spying tools available on the internet, but when it comes to experience and expertise, FlexiSPY shines out. As the best cell phone tracker app, FlexiSPY offers users premium phone spying along with a secure tracking system.

The monitoring applies to Android and iOS devices and reaches contacts, emails, media files, and social accounts. Online and offline call recordings, spoof SMS messages, password cracking, and application snapshots are among the exclusive FlexiSPY tracking services. 

The most prominent spying features the monitoring app offers are listed below:

Jailbreak and rooting required (it is possible to purchase an already customized phone)
Spying on Android, iPhone, PC, and MAC
Demo available
Extensive phone monitoring with reasonable pricing
Online customer support
Tracking and recording offline calls as well as online calls and chats on WhatsApp, Hangout, and Viber
Spoof messages
Environment recording and remote camera feature
Deep social media and dating apps monitoring on Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, etc.
Screenshots of application activities
Monitoring battery status and network connections
Real-time GPS tracking service and geofencing

Tips for Selecting the Best Phone Tracking App

According to Tarun Pathak, the Counterpoint Research Director, “Our smartphones execute almost everything for us.” Thus, it is essential to choose a comprehensible phone tracker. Confidentiality, reliability, compatibility, the extent of features, and pricing are the fundamentals you need to consider. Let us go through each in detail and shed light on the process.

Spying Tips

Remote Installation of a Reliable Phone Tracker

The first thing you need to pay attention to while picking up a cell phone tracking app is the setup process. Nearly all spying software on the market requires one-time physical access to the device to complete the installation. What’s important is the easiness and quickness of the process provided by the phone monitoring app. Once you complete these quick stages, you can start remote monitoring from your device and obtain all offline and online phone data without touching your child’s or spouse’s phone again.

Free App vs. Paid App

A free cell phone tracker app without permission is often limited to the whereabouts of your loved ones. Built-in apps like Google Maps or fee-free store apps like Find My Device or Find My App are helpful in locating a phone. Hidden apps with a subscription, on the other hand, allow users full access to the target device they want to track. Thus, to find the most suitable spyware, it is wise to identify your aim first and then check out the services provided by the monitoring tool.

Phone Tracker Compatibility: Android & iOS

Mobile compatibility is of great importance in selecting a well-equipped tracker app. It is always best to search for a monitoring app suitable for the mobile brand you want to track. For Android devices, Hoverwatch is worth the cost with its expertise. For a viable tracking app for iOS phones without permission, uMobix catches the eye with shiny features.

Check If the Mobile Tracking App Has Additional Features

The charm of untraceable phone tracking apps with extra features is undeniable. These additional tracking services give users a richer monitoring experience. Extra functions such as microphone and camera hacking, real-time screenshots for screen unlock, or alerts for social media activities should be the ones you look for in a quality spy app.

Read Reviews and Ratings of the Tracking App from Previous Users

Valid and objective reviews can provide you with a better insight into the exclusive tracking services offered by the tracking apps. Moreover, customer ratings play an important role in the overall reputation of the spying tool. Having a glance at these comments can tell you a lot about the policies, safety, and accuracy of the tracking tool.

Consider the Cost and Subscription Plans of the Phone Tracker App

If you need Android tracking, make sure the monitoring services included in the plans are available for the target phone. If you need iPhone spying, check if there are extra fees required for iOS devices. The best phone spy apps come with an affordable price and quality monitoring services. Plus, having an eye on exclusive discounts can help you save more money. 

How Does a Mobile Tracker App Work?

The logic behind spyware tools is based on secrecy, and many apps offer very similar features. They are designed to use hidden software running in the background of the OS and import user data. Users need to create an account and sign up for a subscription plan to initiate the process. Then, installation is completed within a couple of minutes, and tracking starts. All cell phone data, including app usage, call and messaging frequencies, and regular internet behaviors, are collected from the mobile phone.


If you have already selected a paid or free phone tracker app without permission but still have additional questions, please check out this list of frequently asked questions:

Can I track an Android phone from an iPhone?

Yes. Any app from our compilation allows tracking Android from an iPhone and vice versa. Once you create your account and complete the payment, you can download the mobile app to the target Android device and start tracking from an online dashboard accessible through any browser.

How can a person detect a tracking app on their phone?

There is a very low possibility for someone to find out they are being tracked as spying runs are hidden in OS. Most often, the spy apps are disguised under the name of a common app or simply run secretly without showing up on the list of installed apps. Thus, as long as you rely on a quality phone tracker app, you are on the safe side.

How to track a phone through Google Earth?

Google Earth provides location services for mobile phones. It also serves as the best free phone tracker app with a location-sharing feature. Access the target device, find Google Maps in the app list, and click on “Location Sharing”. Add your device to the shared devices and choose “until you turn this off”. 

How to get the location of any phone number on Google Maps?

To track the exact coordinates of a phone number through Google Maps, you have two options. You can resort to using an SMS tracker such as GEOfinder, prompting the target to click on the shared link, or enable “Location Sharing” in their device’s Google Maps and get informed about the whereabouts of your kid or spouse on Map.

How accurate is Find My Device on Android?

Find My Device is a free Google app to track phone location of Android devices. It provides precise geolocation services along with a stable internet connection. As it is primarily designed to locate lost Android devices, the location data provided is accurate and safe.

How to track a cell phone location without hacking the phone?

Tracking a target device without a spy app is possible via built-in apps and phone number trackers. Google Maps can be used as a location tracker by activating the “Location Sharing” feature. Or you can simply use GEOfinder to geolocate the device with a phone number.

Can I still track a phone that has been factory reset?

Resetting a device will automatically clean all spyware off the phone and end the remote tracking. This applies to all apps, and restarting the spying process is only possible after a new installation on the cell phone.

How can I locate a phone’s GPS without installing an app?

Phone number trackers such as GEOfinder trace the coordinates without installation. Entering the phone number is enough to initiate the process and get the exact location of the device on the map. The spying tool geolocates the coordinates by using GPS signals.

How do I track someone’s phone without the Internet?

If you are using a phone tracking app or GPS monitoring, your device needs internet connectivity to navigate the monitoring features. However, it is possible to track and retrieve information about the target phone even if it is offline. iOS 15+ allows location tracking when the device is offline. Also, SIM card providers/police tracking by IMEI may help out in case of an emergency.

Can I find my friend’s device using the IMEI tracker?

Yes. Some phone trackers let you track IMEI, which helps you determine the coordinates of the targeted phone. There are some free IMEI tracker apps on Google Play Store and App Store to help you locate your friend’s smartphone in minutes.

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