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Monitoring someone else’s life is a modern option that can potentially help in building healthy relationships, strong businesses, and fair families.


If you had been already fed up with the best spy software search then you have found the right place. With Appmia you are able to gain everything from this list.

Attention: The Appmia app ceased to exist in January 2021. We recommend that you consider more efficient apps such as uMobix or Cocospy. These apps have all of the features that Appmia had, and even more.

About Appmia

Why is This Spy Phone App Worth Your Attention?

This app combines the powerful advantages of spy apps. With the experience of developers, it has become a comprehensive application for spy purposes.

Appmia Mobile Spy App

Appmia review will demonstrate that it let you:

  • monitor all target person activities. Don’t miss any important call or email and be in touch of all situations.
  • use online dashboard from any device you are comfortable. It can be personal computer, iPhone, smartphone, tablet, etc.
  • have a remote control. With this feature you are able to manage the target device as you need.
  • execute all option and be invisible. Developers insist that it doesn’t slow the gadget down, so your target person wouldn’t find out about spying.
  • get quick help if it is needed. Visit their official website and have a free consultation with specialist in customer support.
  • test Appmia features in online demo. Just link the website and choose special bottom. You will see how the online dashboard looks like.

More than 250,000 users have already submitted in their reviews that It deserves to be. Explore more information about this software at and make your decision.


The Main Features of Appmia

The main features of the Appmia app for spying on your significant other
  1. Calls
    Do you suspect you target person in strange conversations? Then Appmia will confirm or deny your fears. Both income and outcome calls are fixed in online dashboard. You can view its duration, time, interlocutor, and so on.
  2. Mails
    All texts and logs are being saved. No matter what is the way of messages exchange you will easily monitor them. Besides common messages in the phone system, emails and instant messaging are also available.
  3. GPS location
    The target person’s location will not be a secret anymore. With this option you will find out where your target person is. Also the history of movement is available in online dashboard.
  4. Browser history
    The easiest way to find out the person’s secrets is to monitor his or her browser history. Parents will seek for adult movies, spouses for dating websites, bosses for inappropriate content at place of work.
  5. Media files
    Don’t be afraid of missing the most important thing. As statistics said pictures and videos are the gold-mines of information.
  6. Remote control
    Years ago people will stare at you if you insist that it is easy to manage cell phone in a remote way. But nowadays IT allows block and even delete apps form device even if you haven’t it in your hands.
  7. Extended options
    Appmia reviews show that this software has several additional features that can help you in spying. For instance, you are able to view the target person’s notes, calendar, and so on.

4 Things You May Be Ready To

Developers insist that with Appmia you’ll be satisfied. But let’s face with several bad sides of this application.

  • The GPS location can be tracked only if such feature and Internet connection is turned on. In case the signal is weak you may have problems with location tracking. Notice that there still several cell phones which doesn’t support GPS location monitoring.
  • The pricing on it is quite expensive. Besides, you must be ready to pay for every month. With Appmia software you buy the subscription and need to prologue it time after time. You can choose package among basic, premium and lifetime. The first version is the cheapest one. It requires $7.91 per one month. It is very simple version where call recordings, instant messengers, apps blocking, and lots of other features are not available. The Basic package is a good opportunity to test spy software if you haven’t used it before.
    Premium package costs $16.24. You can record calls, spy on Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, remote control, and so on. You are able to save some money if decide to buy long subscription (for 3, 6 or 12 months).
    And the most expensive package is Lifetime. It means you buy it for the one time and use as long as you want. Such option costs $399.99 for 1 device and $499.99 for 2 devices.
  • You can’t install Appmia in a remote way. The software requires physical access to target device. It takes only few minutes but can create inappropriate difficulties.
  • It’s obvious to get additional rights. So all iOS users must jailbreak their devices, and Android customers should root their gadgets.

Conclusion About this App

So, What is the Appmia Spy App?

Monitoring Software

Appmia offers a good application for basic needs. You can monitor your target person without fear of being caught. However, it also has several disadvantages that may disappoint you. Therefore, think twice before making the decision to buy it. If you are comfortable with all the conveniences that are offered, then put your doubts aside and start using the target phone app. If you need something more professional with a lower price, then look for possible alternatives.

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