15 Best iPhone Keyloggers Available on the Market

keylogger online for iphone

Keylogger gives you access to all those things you can’t hack into. Find out who calls, who’s texting, what emails you’ve received, etc.

Choosing Best Keylogger for iPhone

iPhone keylogger is an app that helps the users to track all keystrokes typed on their devices. In addition, it’s possible to install such software on your child’s or partner’s mobile phone if you want to discover what they are doing on the Internet. As a rule, the keylogger monitors the activity inconspicuously. Due to it, the person will never discover that you spy upon their actions.

Use it to track, view, and delete the contents of your iPhone and iPad with Mac OS.

Reasons To Use iPhone Keylogger

You should realize that a keystroke app for iPhone or iPad provides you with the possibility to discover almost everything about any person. This is a powerful app that you can use to:

  • Monitor your kids to make sure they stand safe and secure;
  • Spy upon your partners to discover whether they aren’t cheating on your;
  • Track the activities of your employees to ensure they don’t use the company’s devices with bad intentions;
  • Oversee your own device to be able to find them in case you have lost your iPhone.

As you can see, such an app can help you to overcome a lot of problems. However, it can be difficult to select a reliable iPhone keylogger because there are so many similar apps on the market. Luckily, the list provided below will help you make the right choice and download the best software.

Top 15 Keylogger For iPhone

keylogger for iPhone features

First of all, you should keep in mind that it’s extremely important to use an undetectable keystroke app for iPhone. Otherwise, there is a risk that software will be deleted and you’ll lose access to the user’s chats, browser history, etc.

Some of the apps described in this list will provide you with the best user experience. You’ll be able to use them without any fear to be spotted. Also, you’ll discover the apps, which can’t offer you a lot of useful features but still, you may check out them to appraise their capabilities.

1. Spyic

It’s impossible to imagine this list without such an awesome app. No doubt, this is the most popular iPhone keylogger in the market. What is more, it can not only track the typed keystrokes but also has a lot of other features that will give you full access to the information about the user’s activity.

Spyic Keylogger Solution

Spyic Tracker Review

The software has a clear and user-friendly interface. You can use it to spy upon the owners of both iOS and Android devices. Unlike the majority of similar applications, Spyic doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking of the phone. In addition, other benefits of this software include:

  • Easy Set Up. It’ll take up to several minutes before the app is ready to work. Everything will be done automatically. Thanks to it, any person will able to launch the app and start the tracking process without any problems;
  • Invisible Mode. This feature makes the app completely indiscoverable. What is more, the app doesn’t require an installation on the target device. All that you need to know is the iCloud credentials of the iPhone you want to monitor;
  • Affordable Price. The developers of the app offer you such a variety of opportunities almost for free. No doubt, there are no similar apps available at such a low price;
  • 24/7 Customer Support. You’ll be favorably impressed by the friendliness and usefulness of the app’s support service. Furthermore, it works all day long without holidays or days off.

Except for all these advantages, the app also has a feature allowing to spy upon the social media accounts used by the owner of the tracked device. You’ll see all the SMS messages that the user sends or receives. Plus, don’t forget about such amazing benefits as call monitor, location tracker and even a possibility to set a geo-fence.

All in all, the app does great and shows good results. That’s why you should definitely check out the demo version of this wonderful keylogger for iPhone without jailbreak right now.

2. MSpy

As well as Spyic, it’s possible to use this software both on jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhones. Nevertheless, you’ll need to download it on the device if you want to start tracking. All recorded activity will be sent on the mSpy account. Plus, the iPhone keylogger runs secretly in the background, so the owner of the device will be unlikely to discover it.

Best Mobile Keylogger App for iPhone - mSpy

Consider that it’s possible to select between the basic version and the premium one. In the former case, you’ll be provided with such useful features as:

  • Access to all e-mails, text messages, calendar events, notes, and tasks;
  • Possibility to monitor all calls, contacts, and browser history;
  • GPS-tracking;
  • Notifications about the usage of certain keywords.

Although these features can satisfy almost anyone, you can get even more tracking possibilities if you select a Premium version. Thanks to it, you’ll see every iPhone keystroke typed as well as the messages sent or received on Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, or other popular messengers. Moreover, you’ll be able to block access to any website, app, or mobile number.

3. Cocospy

This is another great iPhone keylogger that is definitely worth your attention. It was developed to provide remote monitoring services. Once you enter the information about the target device’s iCloud credentials, the app will get in a game.

Cocospy - Keylogger

The software won’t affect the phone’s performance and its owner will never suspect someone is spying upon them. Furthermore, you’ll get a possibility not only to track all messages, location, and browser history. The app will provide you with access to all photos and videos stored on the device.

Additionally, the low price is the icing on the cake. And if you have some doubts and want to test this iPhone keylogger before the purchase, you can download a free demo right this minute.

4. IKeyMonitor

In case you are looking for an app to spy upon your child, iKeyMonitor is a perfect option. You can install it not only on iOS and Android devices but also on Windows and Mac laptops.

Best Tracking App for Android Phone and iPhoneiPad iKeyMonitor

This app will help you to track your child’s conversations in all popular messengers. The software has other fantastic features, such as:

  • Information about current GPS location;
  • Keylogger;
  • Record of the calls;
  • Access to all media files and apps.

Moreover, you’ll be amazed because the application can use the device’s microphone to record the surroundings. Nonetheless, this feature works only in case iKeyMonitor is installed on the jailbroken smartphone. In addition, it’ll be taking screenshots automatically from time to time to send them to you.

All pieces of the gathered information will be stored on your online account protected by a password. Besides, it’s possible to receive the notifications from the app via your email.

The bad news is that its price is too high, so it’s better to think twice before you purchase this software. At the same time, if you want to know what’s going on in your child’s life, iKeyMonitor is definitely your choice.

5. Spyier

Spyier has already become popular with the hundreds of users due to the advantages it provides. This iPhone keylogger doesn’t require the jailbreaking of the device. Also, its low price will definitely attract a lot of buyers.

Spyier Cell Phone Tracker Best Monitoring Software Online

Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks. Firstly, you’ll need to install this app on the target device. In addition, its UI leaves much to be desired. Probably, you’ll be a little bit confused while you launching the app for the first time. Besides, take into account that the developers don’t offer a demo version or free trial, so you’ll need to spend your money to get acquainted with Spyier.

6. Pumpic iPhone Keylogger

As well as iKeyMonitor, this app was developed especially for people who want to monitor their children’s Internet activity. The app has a website with a clear design and pleasant UI. Unfortunately, the necessity to get physical access to the target iPhone to set up the application is the net detractor of the software. Nevertheless, a quick installation fixes this weakness and provides you with a chance to start keylogging your child without being spotted.

When you set up the software, you’ll be able to see all data located on the device via the Control Panel. The great fact is that you can log into your account not only via PC but also via a special mobile app. And bear in mind that this isn’t just an iPhone keylogger because it offers such possibilities as:

  • Complete control over the apps. You’ll be able to block or limit the usage of any application installed on the device;
  • Monitor of all calls and messages;
  • Tracking of GPS location.
  • Possibility to watch the activity in such popular messengers as Snapchat and Viber. Moreover, it’ll provide access to the calls made via these apps.

7. Mobistealth

No doubt, it’s better to use a remote keylogger for iPhone if you don’t want someone to notice their device is being tracked. And Mobistealth is just such an app. It’s compatible with all well-known operating systems including iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows.

In addition, there is no reason to jailbreak the device if you want to tack it via Mobistealth. At the same time, the app has two main drawbacks. The majority of its users don’t like the interface considering it to be dull and extremely boring. Besides, the price is too high, especially taking account of the fact that it doesn’t offer a wide variety of tracking tools.

8. Highster

If you want to discover whether your partner keeps any secrets from you, this app is certainly your choice. It’s almost undetectable app that has a lot of positive reviews and high ratings.

The iPhone keylogger can be installed remotely via iCloud. And you even won’t need to jailbreak the phone to get access to all app’s features. Besides, the great fact is that it’s totally compatible with all iOS versions and iPhone models. Among the pleasant bonuses that this app will provide you with, you’ll discover the following ones:

  • Possibility to record not only phone calls but also everything that happens near the phone;
  • Access to video tutorials that will provide you with the tips necessary to spy over the person without being detected;
  • Complete information about the locations your partner has visited, duration of visits, etc.;
  • Absence of the monthly fee;
  • Total satisfaction guarantee provided by the developers.

Although there is no demo version, you’ll be provided with a free trial. That’s why it’ll be a wise decision to download this app right now to make sure it meets all your expectations.

9. SpyEra

The developers of this app insist that this is the best undetectable iPhone keylogger at the market. Nonetheless, it doesn’t offer a remote installation, so you’ll need to get the target device and install the software on it. The great fact is that the app won’t be draining the battery. Due to it, the chances that it’ll be noticed are slim.

The bad news is that it’s possible to install this software only on a jailbroken device. When you do it, the app will provide you with the following possibilities:

  • Full access to the person’s Facebook account. You’ll be able to view the content that is going to be published, chats, and hidden photos. Furthermore, the app allows you to post or delete various messaged on the user’s wall;
  • Information about the device’s password. As soon as you install the app on the iPhone, you’ll be always aware of the password the person uses to protect its mobile phone;
  • Possibility to check out the browser history. SpyEra will help you to see every email or search query typed by the owner of the target device.

Possibility to check out the browser history. SpyEra will help you to see every email or search query typed by the owner of the target device.

The app can be controlled via the web account. Plus, there you’ll see the uploaded information and important notifications. Consider that it’s possible to set some keywords and the app will be warning you of their usage.
100% satisfaction is the crux of the biscuit. And the affordable price is another one reason to have a look at this amazing software.

10. KidLogger

Sometimes children may use the Internet not only to search for useful information but also to look for harmful websites. And if parents want to protect your kids, they definitely need to install KidLogger on their mobile phones.

Although this iPhone keylogger is absolutely free-of-charge, it can’t offer you as many possibilities as the apps described above. But still, it’ll alert you when your child types one of the keywords set by you. What is more, it’ll take a screenshot and send it to your email address.

KidLogger can’t be considered as an undetectable app because it’ll visible as the running application. Additionally, it doesn’t record all keystrokes.

11. Minspy

This notable application can be used to monitor personal devices. It’s possible to run the app in visible or invisible modes. Minspy has a lot of useful features and its iPhone keylogger is only one of them. The software will catch every keystroke typed on the gadget and send the information to your online account.

It goes without saying that the app can record all send messages and search requests. The more astonishing fact is the possibility to see even the deleted text. Moreover, you’ll be provided with the passwords to all apps installed on the iPhone.

12. XNSpy

Not every iPhone keylogger can provide you with access to all social media apps the person has been using recently. Fortunately, you won’t face such a problem if you download XNSpy. This awesome app will track the activity on Instagram, Skype, Tinder, and other popular social media.

The software uses advanced AI to prepare analytical reports related to call logs and web search queries. Also, it offers more than 35 useful features necessary to spy on any person. The app doesn’t require installation on a jailbroken device and supports the latest OS versions.

This iPhone keylogger app will satisfy its users with a nice UI and impressive performance. Also, the developers offer all day long online support and reasonable rates. Nonetheless, if you want to unleash the app and start using all its features, you’ll need to jailbreak the monitored device.

13. Monimaster

If you aren’t pleased by the apps for parental control mentioned above, you should certainly turn your attention to this software. It has a smart design and a friendly UI. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to use this application even if you haven’t dealt with the similar software before.

As well as any iPhone keylogger, it will show your kids’ text messages and chats. Besides, it tracks the deleted data from the apps installed on the device. The software will also give you information about five frequently used contacts. That’s how you’ll know everything about your child’s relations with their friends. The app will also let you see all bookmarks, browser history, calendar events, and even voice reminders.

On the other hand, the app offers you a limited trial period to get acquainted with some of its features. Besides, it provides support services only during the workweek.

14. GuestSpy

Although this app isn’t as popular as other similar applications, it undoubtedly deserves a place in this list. This reliable iPhone keylogger is absolutely virus-free and can’t cause damage to any device. It has all the important features to spy upon your partner, children, or employees.

The software allows you to monitor all text messages, social media conversations and calls on a certain device. Besides, it has the ability to view all the files and photos kept on the phone.

On the dark side, the app has a lot of flaws. For example, you’ll need to jailbreak the gadget if you want to monitor its activity using this software. Moreover, its official website is unstable and often goes down.

Although it offers a lot of impressive monitoring tools, the price is too high. Plus, don’t forget about the terrible UI and the absence of any instructions or installation guidelines. In case you don’t have enough experience with the usage of similar apps, it’ll be a wise decision to select Spyic or Cocospy instead of this software.

15. The Truth Spy

Last but not least, this keystroke logger iPhone may become a great alternative to other well-known applications. Nonetheless, take into consideration that it may not meet your expectations because except for a reliable keylogger, you’ll also get a boring interface and the necessity to jailbreak the target gadget.

Besides, it’s impossible to install the app remotely and the price isn’t fair. That’s why you should think long and hard before you chose The Truth Spy.


How to detect a keylogger on iPhone?

Detecting a keylogger on an iPhone can be challenging as they are designed to be stealthy. However, there are a few things you can look for:
Unusual battery drain: Keyloggers can drain your iPhone’s battery more quickly than usual.
Sluggishness: Keyloggers can slow down your iPhone’s performance.
Unexplained data usage: Keyloggers can use a lot of data, so you may see an increase in your data usage.
Unfamiliar apps: If you see any unfamiliar apps installed on your iPhone, they could be keyloggers.
Strange permissions: Check the permissions for any apps that you don’t recognize. Keyloggers may request permissions that they don’t need, such as access to your contacts or messages.
If you see any of these signs, it’s possible that you have a keylogger on your iPhone. You can try to remove it by following the steps below:
> Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.
> Go through the installed apps and remove any suspicious or unfamiliar ones.
> Reset your iPhone to factory settings.
If you’re still not sure if you have a keylogger, you can take your iPhone to a trusted IT professional for help.

How to delete a keylogger from iPhone?

To remove a keylogger from an iPhone, you can follow the steps below:
1. Update your iPhone to the latest iOS version.
2. Go through the installed apps and remove any suspicious or unfamiliar ones.
3. Reset your iPhone to factory settings.
If you’re still not sure if you have a keylogger, you can take your iPhone to a trusted IT professional for help.

How to install a keylogger on iPhone?

For this, you will need to choose a keylogger app for iPhone, choose a subscription plan, and follow the instructions from the app maker.


We should take care of our family members and, sometimes, keyloggers can help us to cope with this task. Although there are tons of them in the market, not many of these applications can satisfy you with high performance and efficiency.

Each of the apps described in the list has its own pros and cons. However, it’s better to select the apps that offer a remote installation and can work on a non-jailbroken device. Only due to such apps as Spyic and Cocospy, you can monitor the phone without any fear to be spotted or to void the warranty of the target device.

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