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Hidden Apps On iPhone: Is It Possible To Make Them Visible?

People adore watching life-hack videos, considering they could apply magical skills outside Hogwarts to discover hidden apps on iPhone. The reason for the ...

How To Block Calls On An IPhone?

Every user at least once in his life has encountered spam. The unwanted subscriber number can simply be blacklisted, and then the calls will stop. In the ...

How To Bypass iPhone Passcode In A Safe Manner

To bypass the iPhone passcode sounds like an action that has to be taken on rare occasions. The real world gives you perspective, though. The iOS ...

How to Tell if Your iPhone has a Virus?

“I think my iPhone has a virus” — the chilling thought comes to us when iPhone behaves a bit weird, and we are not sure why. Maybe it’s time to check your ...

15 Best iPhone Keyloggers Available on the Market

Keylogger gives you access to all those things you can’t hack into. Find out who calls, who’s texting, what emails you’ve received, etc. Choosing Best ...

How to Get Into a Locked iPhone without the Password and Reseting it?

Every year Apple does all its best to justify the status of a tech giant who carefully cares about the data of its customers. For several years now, they have ...

How to View Search History on iPhone?

Users are increasingly using Safari on Apple devices to find information of interest. Such a web program is built-in and does not require additional searching ...

How to Clone an iPhone? The Definitive Guide!

No wonder everyone is eager to learn how to clone their iPhones, as these beloved gadgets contain an important part of our lives. Valuable data on iPhones can ...

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