The spy app market is tough with intense competition going on, but the Cocospy app knows how to stand out from the crowd. It piles on various features, delivering an all-embracing experience for both Android and iPhone users.

All that adds up to the availability of the most advanced features for unrooted or non-jailbroken versions – the main reason why this spying app is included in most tops. Keep reading our Cocospy review to find out what else this cutting-edge monitoring application has to offer. 

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Quick Cocospy App Overview

Before we dig deeper and break down each specific feature in detail, let’s kick off with a brief overview for those who don’t need a thorough Cocospy review. 

Cocospy is designed with Android and iOS devices in mind. It caters to all essential parental and business needs, keeping everyone covered. Here are the main offerings, Cocospy brings to the table:

  • Call and message tracking
  • Access to contact details
  • Social messaging app monitoring (Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, etc.)
  • List of visited websites and bookmarks
  • Keystroke logs
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Geofence notifications
  • SIM location monitoring
  • Not many apps can track as competitively

Performance is good – Coocospy doesn’t kill the battery or cause lagging. The installation process is also super easy.

Product specification

Cocospy Product Benefits

Cocospy’s accurate geolocation tracking is a definite strong point. There is also a lot to like on the pricing front, with a value-based approach and various subscription plans. Cocospy promises numerous benefits to both parents and business owners: 

  • Features that suit all tastes and requirements 
  • Flawless location tracking 
  • Geofence alerts
  • No root/jailbreak required 
  • Invisibility mode 
  • Tailored subscription plans
How does Cocospy work? Let’s explore and investigate each feature in detail.
CocoSpy - App


All Cocospy Tracker Features

The Cocospy monitoring app lives up to a good standard. While some rivals may guarantee better performance in some areas or a more enhanced package, if you need everything running consistently, Cocospy won’t steer you wrong.


Dive deep into our in-depth overview of Cocospy features. Unlike some Cocospy reviews that offer only basics, we meticulously tested every feature to explain every aspect. 

Receive Geofence Alerts When the Target Device Enters or Exits a Specific Location

Cocospy tracker app scores high at geofencing, which sets it apart from other spy apps that often lack this useful feature. Geogence, as the name suggests, allows you to build a virtual boundary around forbidden areas on the map. 

All you need is to assign areas you are interested in with permitted or forbidden status. Once your child or employee enters or leaves a specific location, you get an instant notification. You can make sure that your children don’t go to restricted places and arrive at school on time. 

Track the Real-Time Location of the Target Device

Cocospy also showcases a precise location in real time and does it flawlessly. With the Cocospy GPS tracker, you will be able to see current geographical coordinates and previously visited places with exact timestamps attached. The best part is that you can spy on someone’s movements with a stock version. From now on, you won’t need to jailbreak a target device to check location logs which are available far not in every other spy app. 

Monitor Incoming and Outgoing SMS Messages

Text messages may reveal a lot of information about a monitored person. Armed with the Cocospy app, you can scan all sent and received SMS with contact and time details. Some monitoring applications fail to display the contents of MMS, but this won’t be a problem if you are using Cocospy. In case a monitored person decides to delete text messages, you still will be able to open them. 

Operate in Stealth Mode to Avoid Detection

Cocospy has something in its arsenal to bolster your spying experience further, and that’s a stealth mode. The app is hidden on the target device to prevent it from being detected. Its developers went the extra mile and created a super-light application that takes no more than 2MB. We also noticed that Cocospy doesn’t require loads of battery or data resources to perform. It operates in the background and is completely unseen, so you will be able to trace every activity discreetly. 

View Call Logs and Phone Activity

Call tracking is an important factor when choosing a monitoring app, and Cocospy doesn’t fall behind here. It shows you all incoming, outcoming, and missed calls, along with contact details, duration, and time. In addition, you will also see the most frequent calls your child or employee makes. 

Monitor Browsing History and Websites Visited

Web history is a real goldmine of personal information. It can reveal a lot of sensitive details about anyone – from how-to questions to shopping history. And Cocospy makes sure that you obtain access to a complete browsing history, bookmarks, and downloaded files. 

If you are a parent, you can check whether your children are exposed to any dangerous or inappropriate content. This feature also benefits business owners who need to make sure that their employees browse for work-related content. 

The only drawback is that there is no content filtering option, so you won’t be able to restrict access to unwanted web pages. 

Access WhatsApp Messages and Chats

WhatsApp is a popular messaging service widely used in the world. If you want to know more about a person you are tracking, you might need to sneak peek at private chats on WhatsApp. Even though the service claims to have end-to-end conversations, Cocospy found a way to crack the system. It shows you WhatsApp messages and exchanged pictures. In addition, Cocospy saves the messages on servers, giving you an opportunity to read deleted chats in case someone decides to wipe them off. 

Head to any typical spy app website, and you will notice “NO ROOT/JAILBREAK” promises written in all caps. But often, behind these enticing claims, you discover that most of the features simply don’t work. We tested this thoroughly and confirmed that Cocospy’s WhatsApp tracked indeed operates on unrooted/non-jailbroken devices.

Spy on Instagram Activity, Including Direct Messages

Many teenagers prefer Instagram over other old-school messaging applications. But Cocospy got your back on this front, too. It offers an extremely convenient way to remotely investigate messages sent and received on Instagram. The messages are neatly organized on the dashboard and accompanied by timestamps to let you see the most recent conversations. The feature is available without rooting, which is a privilege for everyone dealing with an Android device. 

View Snapchat Activity, Including Snaps and Stories

Snapchat is another messaging platform appreciated by teens. It allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. Cocospy provides access to all messages exchanged on Snapchat, giving you a clue about the reciprocated content. Snapchat tracking works on unrooted Android devices. 

Access Viber Messages and Call Logs

Cocospy monitoring application also delivers outstanding Viber tracking opportunities on Android phones. You will be able to view all private and group chats and see the call records. Cocospy shows a contact name and number near each message, followed by timestamps. 

Track Facebook Messages and Chats

According to recent statistics, Facebook is one of the leading social networks boasting 2.98 billion monthly active users in 2023. With this impressive user base, Facebook has become a mainstream instrument of communication for both adults and children. Cocospy allows you to secretly monitor all messages and conversations that take place in Facebook accounts. You can view all incoming and outgoing chats as well as additional data on time and the sender’s name. Cocospy also lets you scan media files exchanged in these chats to give you a helicopter view of all Facebook activities. 

Locate the SIM Card of the Target Device

Another interesting feature that we want to highlight in our Cocosy review is a SIM card tracker. This feature is particularly helpful if you are trying to detect a lost device or verify if a tracked person didn’t change a SIM card. To check the details, you will need to tap on ‘SIM Card’ in the left menu, and you will be redirected to a dashboard displaying a carrier and IMEI number. There is also an interactive map with a detailed history of addresses, their coordinates, and the time visited.

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Simple Installation Process for Easy Setup

The Cocospy app download and installation process doesn’t cause headaches and doesn’t require exceptional technical skills. Let’s take a closer look at the steps required to get Cocospy up and running. 

Installation Steps for Android Devices

Follow these instructions to install Cocospy on Android: 

  1. Register an account on the official Cocospy website. 
  2. Choose a fitting pricing plan and purchase a subscription upon Cocospy login. 
  3. Fill in the details required in Setup Wizard. 
  4. Disable Google Play Protect. 
  5. Press on the link shown in Setup Wizard using a target Android device. 
  6. Install Cocospy on target phone and sign in to your account to start monitoring. 

Remote Installation Options for Android Devices

Cocospy can’t be installed remotely on Android devices. You will need to grab a target phone for a few minutes to download a spy app that will ultimately be hidden. 

Installation Steps for iPhone

It will be super easy to install Cocospy on iPhone if you know iCloud login details: 

  1. Create an account at Cocospy. 
  2. Choose a plan and pay for it. 
  3. Fill in the necessary information in Setup Wizard and Select “iOS”. 
  4. Enter iCloud and a password. 
  5. Choose a target device and begin monitoring. 

iCloud and 2-Factor Authentication Compatibility Considerations

To successfully install Cocospy on iPhone, you should confirm that iCloud backup is enabled. Also, there should be no 2-factor authentication to complete the installation process. Otherwise, physical access will be necessary.

Remote Installation Options for iOs Devices

It’s possible to finalize a Cocospy iPhone installation remotely if you know the iCloud account ID and the password. You will just need to specify this data in Setup Wizard to have Cocospy implemented on iPhone distantly.

Price list of packages?

Available Subscription Plans

Basic – 1 Month Best Values

For 1 Device

Family – 3 Months License Best Price

For 3 Devices

Cocospy pricing plan for Android comes in 3 different flavors to fit any taste: 

  • Basic: gives access to essential features for 1 device 
  • Premium: provides access to enhanced features for 1 device 
  • Family: includes all advanced features for 3 devices

Monthly Cocospy cost starts from $39.99 per month, while the quarterly plan cuts that to $19.99 a month. If you opt for an annual basic plan, the price will further drop to $8.33 per month. Premium Android subscription boasts more benefits and will cost you from $9.99 a month. A family subscription adds more devices and starts from $16.66. 

iOS subscriptions are more business-oriented, allowing one to track more devices within one plan. This is an amazing deal compared to some other apps that require a separate subscription for each individual device. There are also 3 pricing plans available for iPhone: 

  • Premium: for 1 device 
  • Family: for 5 devices 
  • Business: for 25 devices

The subscription will cost you as little as $10.83 a month for an annual premium plan.

Try Now

Cocospy Live Demo

There is no Cocospy free trial. But the spy app offers another treat – Live Demo. You can access a demo version in the header menu and see how everything works on Cocospy free. The demo version allows you to try out the dashboard interface and get familiar with all the perks before making a final decision.

User experience

Notes After Using the Cocospy Tracker App

So far, we have gone through all app’s key features and are ready to share a final verdict in our Cocospy review. In general, Cocospy is an appealing product with great performance and all the necessary functionalities suiting most users. But if you are up to more intense monitoring, it’s better to consider other alternatives like mSpy or uMobix. 


We have to admit that Cocospy is not the best iOS monitoring app we have tested. It’s somewhat limited in terms of tracking options and can be used solely for basic spying purposes. Even though the app has multiple subscription plans tailored to both family and business use, it won’t surprise you with a comprehensive set of functionalities. 


Their Android tracking possibilities are more diverse and provide a generally comfortable tracking experience for unrooted phones. Cocospy gets you covered in almost every aspect. The only con is that it’s not furnished with a camera, screen, and audio streaming features, like uMobix or other alternatives. 

Customer Support

Even though their customer support is generally nice, we found that it’s a bit challenging to get in contact with agents. You can leave your questions only via email, and they will respond within 48 hours. While support representatives usually respond in a timely manner, it would be better if Cocospy provided more contact options like live chat or call.

Easy Uninstall Application

How to Uninstall Cocospy After Completing All Tasks

Now, let’s get to the part that far not all Cocospy app reviews include – app removal. Once you have all the surveillance information you need, you can easily uninstall Cocospy. To wipe off the application from the Android device, you need to go to ‘Security’ in phone settings and find ‘Device Administrators.’ Tap on ‘Update service’ and press ‘Deactivate.’ Then you should update apps. You will be able to spot a Cocospy icon. Tap on it and choose ‘Uninstall.’

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About Cocospy App

How does Cocospy work?

Cocospy app is a parental monitoring application that operates in the background of a target device and records phone activities. It allows you to trace text messages, calls, social media chats, GPS locations, and more. The monitored information is transferred to your control panel, where you can view it discreetly. 

How to find Cocospy on your phone?

The Cocospy icon is hidden, and to find it, search for ‘Update Service’ in your phone settings. Tap on it to bring up the Cocospy app icon. 

How long does it take Cocospy to download?

The total download time for Cocospy depends on the speed of your Internet and Wi-Fi connection. On average, it requires only a few minutes to install the app on the phone.

What happens if the target phone factory resets?

A factory reset will erase Cocospy from the target device. 

Can Cocospy track if a location is turned off?

In case a monitored person disables GPS, you still will be able to track their location using the Cocospy SIM tracker. It detects precise geolocation on the map by retrieving signals from nearby cell phone towers. 

Are Cocospy and mSpy the same thing?

No, Cocospy and mSpy are 2 different spy apps. mSpy is a more improved alternative to Cocospy, providing more benefits such as website blocking or screen recording. This allows users to track multimedia files shared via social media additionally. 

Can I remotely access camera on target phone with Cocospy app?

It’s impossible to see the surroundings with But this spyware allows you to view camera captures, photos, and videos saved in the storage. 

Why aren’t mobile number tracking apps free?

Mobile number tracker apps such as Cocospy are not free because the developers need to cover their costs of maintaining and updating the product. Additionally, they offer customer service support which is necessary for the user’s convenience while using the app. 

How do I know if my SIM card number has been monitored?

If someone is spying on your SIM card number, you may observe uncommon phone behaviors such as receiving SMS messages with unexpected content, calls from unknown numbers, and lack of Internet connection. If the battery of your device drains quickly or it suddenly shuts down without any reason, then it may signify that someone is tracking your SIM card number.

Is Cocospy suitable for tracking a phone by IMEI?

Cocospy has a SIM card tracking function that shows a mobile network provider and IMEI. By obtaining information on a device’s IMEI, you will be able to know the exact location of your target device.

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