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I’m glad to share my FlexiSpy review on company’s monitoring software. The company is taking leading place on the market, so, I believe, it can be an object of interest for many users. I used this software for some time before but I had to stop because of some certain reasons. All what I write here is checked by my personal experience.


To get information from official site – you can visit it here: http://www.flexispy.com/

Some positive sides:

I was using this software several years ago, but I had to stop because their prices were quite higher than prices of their competitors. Their prices for Extreme Packages are not more attractive now but there are some other changes happened: two of their main competitors are having troubles, so this fact allows FlexiSpy to be a leader on the market. I was also surprised finding out that quality of service has improved if to compare it with previous years.


What’s New in FlexiSpy

FlexiSPY Unique Monitoring App

The company improved design of the website making it more attractive and comfortable, it really shows that you are dealing with experts. For sure, design is not much but even this can be pleasant. I was especially glad to see that the company finally changed their Control Center, now it’s more comfortable and understandable than it was several years ago. The Control Center is the main panel for reporting and viewing results and it’s quite important to have it normally made. The company has definitely learned how to deal with clients and now you don’t need to spend hours trying to understand all that options on a dashboard.

FlexiSpy Compatibility

What is it Compatible with

The program works on Android devices including phones and tablets, it also can work on Apple’s iPhones and iPads, Nokia and BlackBerry phones. This software making no exceptions and all Apple devices shall be Jailbroken before program installation. Good internet connection is also required.
Here, I provide more details.

  • All Android devices with OS version up to 12.
  • Apple Devices – up to iOS 14
  • BlackBerry – up to 10
  • Nokia Symbian – based on Anna and Belle.

It’s necessary to examine site carefully before purchasing a certain package as the software can offer different features for different devices.

FlexiSPY app work on all devices


Installation Services are renewed!

If you have some troubles with technical part of installation – order an expert Rooting your Android or jailbreaking your Apple devices. No need to go somewhere – expert will do it remotely, all you need is to connect the device to your laptop or PC and set the time. Oh, and to prepare your money of course, the service costs around 40$.
It’s good to have service like that and there are definitely some people who’d use it but it’s far not a necessary service with a price a bit too high.

Basic Services

There are two types of packages: FlexiSpy Premium with basic features and much cheaper and FlexiSpy Extreme that gives you some privilege. The Premium version contents all necessary features and  there are little people who want to pay more for an advanced package. In any case, you can visit a site and to check how different this packages are and if it worth to pay more in order to get some advanced features.

Chat Messenger Monitoring

phone activity monitoring

Nowadays there are modern services that can be used for free and that are more comfortable than sms sending. That’s the reason why these services are so commonly used and that’s why it is so important to monitor them. Up to FlexiSpy free they cover around 13 messengers and social platform (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), among them: Facebook and its messenger, WeChat, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, iMessage, Yahoo messenger, SnapChat, BB Pin and BB Messenger. The list is constantly updated so there’s a reason to check their site.


Advanced Features

Can be useful in the case if you need more than just standard features for some extra fee:

  • You can listen to Conversation in live regime or you can record it.
  • You can also record mobile phone surroundings, listening what’s going on around holder of the phone.

Till now FlexiSpy is an only developer that offers these features but the question is if you really need these features and ready to pay for them. Why FlexiSpy has opportunity to offer it? They are based outside the USA so they don’t worry about legal side of the issue. However, you may have legal problems if you use this software for illegal purposes. So before buying a package you shall really check whether your case in not against the law.

Some Reasons To Purchase Flexispy:

  • It’s easy to hide the fact of spying
    Some of software developers make it impossible to hide an image that shows that phone calls is monitored, it’s often a reason for many conflicts. Some other producers including Flexispy allow hiding an icon. For doing this you need to download another app, what’s actually again not very comfortable but it works. The company also says that while antivirus checking there is no risk for the software to be be pointed out. Honestly, I haven’t tried but let’s hope it’s really so.
  • The company is aimed to be convenient for customers. FlexiSpy company provides a lot of additional small services that users appreciate. Their site is filled with various explanations including videos that show how to use their software, there’s also quite understandable installation wizard. If there is still some problem with flexispy installation it is possible to use remote service, when a technician remotely Jailbreak your device.
  • License can be transferred to any other device. It happens that target spying phone changes from one operative system to another. While in many other cases you’d have to buy new license – with FlexiSpy it’s enough just to make some changes in your package plan.


Customer Support

Flexispy has created a comfortable site with various informative materials. Their articles are quite educative and give a concept of what you are dealing with. Yes, they are a part of marketing strategy but they also give some objective information that can help with the choice. Their support works 24/6 and it’s possible to have a live chat with a site manager. I’ve came across several complains about customer support being unavailable. As an experienced user of spy software, I needed to contact Support Service very rarely, in that two cases I’ve got the answer pretty soon. But I also understand that maintaining 24 hours support is quite difficult.

FlexiSPY support

Another nice thing on the site is that they support several language like English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Thai.

There’s also guarantee for getting money back in the case if service is not good enough.


Does FlexiSpy deliver what it promises?

Most of features works normally but some short-term problems is also possible. In most cases the reason is problems with internet connection. For this software you really need to have very good internet covering, otherwise it won’t show you any good result. I’ve also heard many complaints from people using this software, I truly believe that main reason of it is troubles with internet, because I’ve never got any serious trouble. However, you should not expect that everything will always work perfect; some short breaks are normal for this program.

What people think about the FlexiSpy app

Phone recording can be seriously damaged if the internet signal is weak. As a result you can get only a part of recorded conversation.

If you use a feature to intercept the call you shall be sure that all three participants of the conversation have good connection for proper software performing. This feature works quite worse than call recording and it’s sometimes problematic to secure good internet connection for all the call participants. Recently this feature was upgraded and now it’s possible to listen to conversation via Apple and Android devices like iPads and Tablets. You can also listen conversation in Skype, WhatsApp and Viber. Important note: you will be only able to hear the conversation; your microphone will be muted.


Pricing Policy FlexiSpy

Packages are available is several variants due to their duration.

Pricing FlexiSpy

FlexiSpy Lite Package has only 1 variants for one month.

Premium Package has three variants: for one month, 3 months and 12 months.

FlexiSpy Extreme Package has only 2 variants for 3 and 12monthes.

Prices for premium features are from $68 till $149. For advanced: from $199 till $349.

The Premium version keeps being quite available, but prices for advanced services are really high.

Another problem that you cannot try advanced version for a short period like 1 month. You need to pay for three months minimum what is quite much. I really believe that it would be better to have a shorter period to pay less and to get closely acquainted with the product.


Frequently Asked Questions about the FlexiSpy App

How to install FlexiSPY without the target device?

1) Obtain a License: Purchase a valid FlexiSPY license that suits your needs.
2) Activate the Target Phone: Follow the instructions provided by FlexiSPY to install and activate their software on the target device.
3) Data Capture: Once the software is successfully installed, FlexiSPY will automatically start capturing data from the target device.
4) Data Transfer to FlexiSPY Service: The captured data is securely transferred to the FlexiSPY service, where it is stored and made accessible to you.
5) View Data via Web Account: Access your FlexiSPY web account using the login credentials provided by FlexiSPY. From there, you can conveniently view and manage the captured data from the target device.

Is FlexiSPY legit?

FlexiSPY is a legitimate spy app designed for monitoring devices with proper authorization.

Can FlexiSPY be detected?

FlexiSPY operates in a stealth mode and is designed to be undetectable on the target device. However, it’s worth noting that no spy app can provide 100% guarantee of being completely undetectable.

Does FlexiSPY monitor Snapchat?

Yes, FlexiSPY has the capability to monitor Snapchat activity on the target device, including chats, photos, and videos.

Does FlexiSPY really work?

FlexiSPY is a reputable spy app and has been known to work effectively for monitoring various activities on the target device, such as calls, messages, social media, and more. However, its effectiveness may depend on factors like device compatibility, operating system version, and proper installation.

How do I know if FlexiSPY is on my phone?

To determine if FlexiSPY or any other spy app is installed on your phone, you can perform a thorough device scan using reliable antivirus or anti-spyware software. Additionally, be cautious of any suspicious or unexpected behavior on your phone, such as unusual battery drain, slow performance, or unexpected data usage.


Summary of my FlexiSpy Review Software

I would recommend this software for certain users but not for all. Before purchasing I would really advice to think whether FlexiSpy monitoring software? The Extreme Version is a unique offer but most of users avoid using it because of high prices and problems with maintaining conditions for a good work of the program. I do not expect prices to be lower before some other competitors are able to offer the same services.

In the case if you need only standard features, you have many variants to choose from. While now their prices for basic services are almost the same there are still some extra conditions that make certain company more attractive for some users. Just check it carefully and decide which features are very important to you and which are not, and chose that supplier which is most appropriate for you.

Another important issue is that voice recording of calls is not always legal; using some services of FlexiSpy android you can get into a trouble with law.

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