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Behind our mobile devices is a large world, one full of cyber mysteries that can leave us confused at the end. The good thing is that thanks to advances in technology and continued developments of software, the mystery is easy to solve. A variety of apps can help answer all of the unanswered questions of the past. Find out who is calling, with detailed information like their email, phone number, and address via a reverse number lookup made possible with apps like Spokeo.

Is there a truly free reverse phone lookup service?

We all want access to information, and we want it free. The only kicker is, where can we find it? The process can be complicated, especially with data protection and advanced laws, but there is a way around that. If someone is continually bothering you and you want to get to the bottom of it, choose among several no-cost options to find out all you need quickly and without any hassle.

What is a reverse phone lookup service?

First, let us clear up a few things before we move forward. A reverse lookup is a search for those pesky numbers that continually call or try to reach you. If you’ve ever had a doubt or question about who is calling and why, a reverse number lookup can reveal who it is, providing even much more information like the caller’s email and address. There are several free apps to do that, which we will introduce to you today.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup with Google: How It Works

Reverse number lookup used to be the easiest and most recommended way to monitor numbers and data. It didn’t last, however, due to new changes in the laws, including those of data protection and identity security measures. Though there is a lot of red tape, which you’ll need to move around, it is not impossible to find information about any phone number from anywhere around the world. It is also hassle-free, only requiring that you enter the number into the search bar and push the ‘search’ tab, waiting for the results that are in store.

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Be aware that some of the first pages that pop up could be search engines as well, only taking you in circles. However, some sites will lead you directly to the information you’re searching for, including the caller’s name, address, and even email address in some cases. You won’t just have to stop there, with a ton of information that can be used across each step. If something new is discovered, then use it in your next search to dig deeper, revealing the exact information you need step by step.

Learn who called with Whitepages Reverse Phone Lookup

Why make things complicated when they don’t have to be? Go back to the basics and try to conduct a search using the Whitepages. Back before, all the advances in technology that we know and love today were absent. There were handy dandy phonebooks, ones that would tell us all that we needed and wanted to know about an individual or a business at any given time. They were easy to use and took only the flip of a few pages. The same is true today, though it is a bit more advanced.

You visit the homepage and click a few buttons, revealing the information that you requested with little to no wait time. Many individuals and businesses are listed there, with their landlines and addresses, giving you a little more information that can be used in your search for the person continually calling and pestering you.

Can I find people for free on Whitepages?

Perhaps that best part about taking advantage and using the age-old method is that it is 100% Free of cost. It also leaves you with advanced results without any extra expenditures. Another perk that comes with confiding in this method of data retrieval is that much other information is left to discover, including criminal records, financial information and more, all at the tip of your fingers. And, we must repeat, it is 100% free of cost.

How can I find people near me online?

Thanks to social media, most people have their location up and ready to use at all times of the day. It can be easily used to lookup friends and family and more, only requiring knowledge of whether or not they are registered in certain apps or not. One example of an app that can be used absolutely free of charge is Facebook, only requiring that you two are friends to look up the people near you. Snapchat also comes with the same kind of feature and will show those people that are closest to you by using your cell phone GPS and tracking services.

Can you search social media by phone number?

It is a frequently asked question that many are surprised with, especially when discovering the answer. Most people fill out data requested by social media sites without thinking, only doing what is prompted when it is requested. It will work in your favor, giving you access to the information you need whenever you need it. Popular social media apps like Facebook request that users enter their phone numbers at sign up, giving those who are friends access to that information. So long as the user’s profile is public, this information can be accessed from all across the web at any time, leaving little to the mystery.

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Because of the constant flux of information around the web, apps, and sites like have been developed and are constantly on the rise, incorporating users from all around the web. The thing is, sites like these allow for easy lookup with just a bit of information. Using an app or a service like this comes with a slew of advantages, some that cannot be matched. With, personal details of any person that has a social media account across the web can be identified, revealing all of the information front and center.  

Social Searcher – Free Social Media Search Engine

Another option that makes it easy to navigate among social networking pages is Social Searcher. It is a super powerful search engine that allows anyone with internet access the ability to search all social media mentions, including hashtags, company names, and more. Adding this software to your search adds a sense of knowledge and information into the mix, with the ability to customize notifications indicating your name, company, or anything else. With this app, you can always stay in the know when the information is passed across the web with specified searches in place.  

5 Best Phone Number Lookup Apps

Phone Number Lookup Apps

So, now that much of the mystery is cleared up about how to conduct a reverse number lookup and what kinds of advantages come with it, how do you know which apps to choose? We decided to take out all of the leg work and have found the top 5 apps that you can start using today. Each one comes with its own set of advantages, allowing you to find the one that will reveal all the information you desire.

This site hosts over 1 billion numbers on hand and uploaded, able to identify any information when needed. Use the registered information to point out and block numbers that you don’t want to bother you with a quick reverse lookup and blocking features.

This is a great option for those numbers that tend to keep calling without caller ID. It comes with a powerful technology at hand that will help unmask blocked numbers and even point out whether they are telemarketers or bill collectors. Use this information or stop their calls for good and block even the no-caller ID numbers.

Exactly as the name suggests, this app will give you a hint about whether to answer the call or not. There are over 4 billion numbers captured and registered in this database, leaving customers with only the most accurate and up to date information as it updates on-site and via the app. Use it to block numbers, reveal unknown callers, thus creating a safe and worry-free environment free of unwanted and unsolicited calls.

Apart from revealing the name and identity of the person or company that continues to call unwanted, Truthfinder reveals much more, including criminal records and social media pages of the callers. There are several options for how to start your search, including name, city, state, and more. Use this information along with the number that keeps calling to dig deep into the information, revealing whether you need to simply block the number or take further action to cease the occurrence.

Truecaller App

Owning the reputation as one of the world’s most popular info seeker apps, Truecaller helps to reveal all the necessary information, including Caller ID and Spam. It is one of the best apps that works right by your side, revealing whether the number at hand need to be blocked. The app’s users can use the search engine to input numbers or information such as name to get to the bottom of unwanted phone calls and can even use the app to block the calls coming without reason, ensuring that they make and receive calls without worries.

What Should You Know About Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Well, there is not so much to consider as the exact powers are in the name. You will have a way to access information such as phone number and email in case that information is registered. It will also require that the number is listed, perhaps on a caller ID or call history log within your cell phone or landline.

About Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Everyone has their own reason to use this method to find out the information they want, including but not limited to unwanted calls, protection, and potential legal purposes. Whether it is protecting yourself, your family, or others, it is helpful and useful to keep reverse lookup in mind anytime when the unwanted or disturbing calls occur.

Conclusion: Different Methods of Reverse Phone Number Lookup

Though it is not always necessary, knowing that there is some way to prevent unwanted callers or messengers can be a relief. There may come a time in your life or the lives of your children where this information comes in handy, helping you feel safer and securer in your online presence. With only a few clicks, tons of personal information can be at your fingertips, making it easy to stop those disturbing you in their tracks. Taking these methods into consideration the next time you or your loved ones are bothered will help you enjoy all the benefits of social networking and mobile technology without the hassle of disturbance. We’ve listed a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the service to help you secure your cell phone today.


How can I find out who a phone number belongs to for free?

There are several methods listed above, most of them free or with a small minimum one-time fee. The fastest free way to look up a number is to conduct a simple online search, typing the number into your preferred search engine and doing a bit of investigating.

Can I find someone’s name by their cell phone number?

Yes, though this method is a bit more complicated. You may need a few more bits of information, including city and state, in order to pinpoint the name more accurately.

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