Hoverwatch Tracker App Review

Christian Lous Lange once said: “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” Indeed, in an era where the digital realm brings both convenience and risks, safeguarding your children’s smartphone experiences becomes paramount.

free mobile tracker hoverwatch

This review delves into its remarkable offerings amidst a sea of the best spy apps, spotlighting Hoverwatch’s distinctive features. The spy application was designed to empower vigilant parents and unlocks valuable insights into smartphone activities. Join us in this comprehensive Hoverwatch review to determine if it aligns with your tracking requirements.


What Is Hoverwatch?

As stated on hoverwatch.com, the app was established in 2002 with a primary focus on serving as a parental control app and for employee monitoring purposes. The Hoverwatch team boasts that their product has been installed on over 12 million computers in 196 countries worldwide over the past six years.

This PC and phone tracking app runs on Android, Windows, and Mac OS. The app works entirely hiddenly in the background of the target phone or PC, delivering reports and other information to your user space. Despite this simplicity and ease of use, the Hoverwatch spy app has pros and cons. Let’s have a look at each of them:

  • Records SMS, call history, and audio
  • Hoverwatch offers access to the target device camera
  • Helps you track phone’s location
  • Tracks WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype, Telegram, and Instagram activity
  • Available on Android, Windows, and Mac OS
  • Makes screenshots on the Android cell phone
  • Comes with Signal tracker, Kik tracker, and WeChat tracker
  • Takes all the contacts stored by the user of the Android-powered target device
  • Tracks to-do list
  • Hoverwatch keylogger for Windows and Mac is also available
  • Works in the stealth mode
  • Can track from one to 25 devices (depending on the chosen subscription plan)
  • A 2-day trial version is available on the website
  • A full version of the app is available only after the subscription purchase
  • Not many social media platforms are supported
  • Hoverwatch for iPhone may not be as good
  • Has a limited number of tracking features in comparison with the other tracking apps available on the market for a lower price (e.g., geofencing is not available)
  • Cannot record videos, only photos
  • Lacks the feature of listening to surroundings
  • Costly subscription plans
  • No live chat support is available
  • The demo version does not reveal all features

How the App Works

How Does Hoverwatch Work?

To start with Hoverwatch, you need the following:

  • Step 1: Sign up

To begin, you must create an account on Hoverwatch’s website. Signing up won’t cost you anything, but you must choose the right subscription plan after logging in.

  • Step 2: Install the app on the target device

To unlock Hoverwatch’s features, you must physically access the device. Follow the provided instructions for the Hoverwatch install. Once this is completed, Hoverwatch will continuously monitor it.

  • Step 3: Start tracking the device

To review all the information gathered, sign in to your Hoverwatch account using the credentials from step 1. While the software is user-friendly, remember that the installation process might differ based on the device.

Features of the App

Hoverwatch Dashboard and Features

Now, let’s delve into the app’s key features. What can you expect once it’s installed on the target cell phone?

Hoverwatch Dashboard

Record Calls

Hoverwatch goes beyond limits by recording calls, letting you listen later. Useful to catch info leaks or monitor kids’ calls. Details include time, duration, participants, and location if geolocation’s on. Calls reveal more than texts, providing important info. Turn on this feature (off by default) to easily save and access data on your dashboard.

Phone Internet History

Hoverwatch spy software records all websites visited on the Android target device, with browsing history capture activated by default. No extra settings are necessary for the web history log to function. This history tracker logs websites visited on the default Android browser and Google Chrome. Root access isn’t required to save this data using the Android smartphone tracker.

Social Media Tracker

Regrettably, today, people devote significantly more time to the online realm than they did years ago when outdoor play was kids’ preference. Social media’s transformative impact has increased addiction and a disconnect from reality. Who your child interacts with is vital–is it safe or a potential risk? The social media tracking feature allows you to ascertain this, ensuring their well-being in the digital landscape.

Monitoring Messengers

Hoverwatch’s “Monitoring Messengers” feature streamlines tracking across multiple messaging apps like Facebook, Viber, and Telegram. By utilizing this feature, you’ll stay consistently updated on your loved ones’ conversations and their key contacts, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of device activity.

SMS Viewer

Even with the rise of instant messaging, old-fashioned SMS still matters. Luckily, this text message spy helps you track messages from those apps. The tool goes beyond text tracking–you can also see pictures, videos, and audio. It is beneficial, especially if you’re safeguarding your kids from online risks.

Track Cell Phone Location

Hoverwatch proves highly effective in tracing the GPS location of the target device. Elevating its significance, location tracking is a cornerstone feature for Android phone tracker apps. Hoverwatch comes to the rescue when concerns arise about the whereabouts of family or loved ones. This Android device tracker reveals the phone’s location even if GPS and Wi-Fi are disabled. It harnesses nearby network distributor towers to locate phones effectively.

Save Android Screenshots

Think of your phone as a storyteller, capturing moments with Android snapshots as you do your business. These snapshots become tales stored in your secret hideaway, revealing your screen’s secrets. But the real adventure begins when you activate the Android screenshot feature.

You are able to unlock this feature with a simple Hoverwatch login, a device selection, and a visit to the captivating “Settings” realm. You cast the “Periodic Screenshots” spell there, choosing how often (in minutes) the tool creates screenshots on the target mobile phone and sends them to your user space.

Detect SIM Card Change

Hoverwatch adeptly identifies SIM card replacements, providing precise event details, including the date and time. Users receive notifications when a SIM change occurs on the target phone, accompanied by comprehensive data, such as the location where the alteration took place. This feature enhances security and ensures awareness of any unauthorized device activity.

Saves All the Contacts

Hoverwatch comes to your aid if accessing the target’s contact list is necessary. There are two simple ways to do it:

  1. Click “Contacts” on the main menu.
  2. Select it from the drop-down list under “Reports.”

Both options provide similar results, but the menu one is neater. The layout is straightforward. A drop-down button lets you pick contact groups from the target’s phone: SIM contacts, phone contacts, WhatsApp contacts, and Google account contacts. A nifty search bar helps you find specific contacts. Just type a name or number to check if it’s in the target’s contact list. Remember, the Contacts feature may take a bit to load, especially after setting up Hoverwatch for the first time.

Track Camera

Imagine this: the online phone tracker turns into a shutterbug when an Android user unlocks their device. It’s like a snapshot of the user’s face, ready to play detective.

These front camera photos are stashed online, reachable from any connected gadget. Consider it your secret weapon if your device takes an unexpected trip. Here’s the twist: this feature is in snooze mode during installation. But don’t worry, to bring it to life, just log in, pick your device, and hit “Front Camera Photos” in Settings.


How to Install Hoverwatch on a Target Device

Follow up on a short guide that will help you visualize the installation process on Android, Mac, and Windows.


  1. To start the Hoverwatch app download for Android, disable Android from asking questions about the activity of the spyware on the target device: open Google Play Store, tap “Menu,” choose” Play Protect,” and “Settings.” Select “Scan apps with Play Protect” to turn it off.
android play protect
play protect settings

2. Visit hoverwatch.com and create an account.

Visit hoverwatch

3. Install the Hoverwatch apk by clicking on the link provided on the website.

Install Hoverwatch app

4. Make the device monitorable by proceeding with installation.

device monitorable

5. Turn on “Basic Permissions,” “Accessibility Service,” “Access to Usage,” “Overlay Permission,” “Disable App Notifications,” and “Disable Battery Optimization”.  

6. Enter your Hoverwatch account email and password to activate the app.

7. Choose activities you want to track and tap “Next”.

Choose activities - hoverwatch

8. Choose additional activities you want to track.

additional activities

9. Choose screenshots to record.

screenshots to record

10. Set up your PIN to protect the app.

PIN hoverwatch

11. Tap “Next” to finish the installation.

Mac OS

  1. Download Hoverwatch for Mac OS by clicking on the URL provided on the website.
Hoverwatch for Mac

2. Visit the Hoverwatch login page, enter your login and password, and click “Install.”

3. Then type your Mac administrator password when asked.

Mac administrator password

4. Click “Finish” once the installation process is complete.


5. That’s it.

try now hoverwatch


  1. Visit hoverwatch.com, and create an account.
hoverwatch for windows

2. Select “Windows” and tap on the link to download Hoverwatch app for Windows.

tap on the link to download Hoverwatch app

3. The archive Password is “hoverwatch”. Unzip and run .exe file.


4. Once the app is installed, log into your Hoverwatch account and click “Activate.”

5. When the installation is complete, click “Finish.”

Finish for windows

6. In 5 minutes, you will see all the necessary tracking data in your Hoverwatch account.

Hoverwatch account windows

Price List

Price and Subscription Plans

Hoverwatch pricing revolves around 3 subscription options: Personal, Professional, and Business. Costs fluctuate based on the plan and subscription duration. However, the distinctive feature lies in the device monitoring capacity for each tier. Under the Personal plan, tracking is limited to 1 device. The Professional plan expands to 5 devices, while the Business plan amplifies monitoring potential to 25.

1 Month Personal Best Values
For 1 Device
Price and Subscription Plans

Hoverwatch vs. XXX

Hoverwatch vs. Other Phone Tracking Apps

Below, we present the top 3 spy-tracking apps that closely rival Hoverwatch in features, each with its unique differentiators:

uMobix (Review)

  • Browsing history: Unlike Hoverwatch, uMobix provides a comprehensive view of web history, encompassing bookmarks, and visited websites, offering a more holistic perspective on online interactions.
  • iOS & Android tracking: uMobix seamlessly operates on both major operating systems, ensuring optimal performance across the board. Unlike Hoverwatch, which exclusively caters to Android devices, uMobix offers versatile compatibility for a broader range of platforms.
  • Keylogger: uMobix empowers you to capture every keystroke within chats and web searches on iOS and Android–an ability that eludes Hoverwatch. This distinctive feature unveils deeper insights into online activities, setting uMobix apart.
  • Live audio/video streaming: Live audio/video streaming is the hallmark that sets uMobix apart from Hoverwatch. It encompasses the essence of the former, showcasing a distinctive audio and video streaming capability.
  • More social media platforms supported: uMobix outshines Hoverwatch by supporting an extended range of social media platforms. It’s the superior choice for comprehensive monitoring across a wider spectrum of social interactions.
  • 48-hour trial for $1: For a mere $1, uMobix offers a trial with its advanced features, granting you an immersive glimpse into its capabilities. In contrast, Hoverwatch falls short of providing this comprehensive insight.
  • Customer support: uMobix offers 24/7 support via live chat, while Hoverwatch lacks real-time support at all.
  • Regular 5 minutes update: While Hoverwatch’s update frequency remains undisclosed, uMobix takes the lead with updates every 5 minutes, ensuring real-time and reliable phone monitoring capabilities.

mSpy (Review)

  • Budget-friendly: Compared to Hoverwatch, mSpy shines as a budget-friendly option. With advanced features at almost half the Hoverwatch price, mSpy helps you save money and provides exceptional performance.
  • Geofencing: mSpy empowers you to define hazardous and secure zones, prompting instant notifications when these boundaries are crossed.
  • Real-time insights: Stay informed with real-time location updates, clearly showing your child’s movements. In contrast to Hoverwatch, mSpy ensures your message feed remains impeccably organized, preventing any mix-up between past and present conversations.
  • Demo version: Try out mSpy’s capabilities with a free demo, seeing its features in action. Compare this to Hoverwatch’s brief 5-day trial, which offers limited exploration.
  • Other features: mSpy excels with a range of extra features, solidifying its position as a top pick for Android and iPhone monitoring. With message storage and live tracking, mSpy delivers a comprehensive toolkit.
  • Customer Support: While mSpy offers live chat support, Hoverwatch customer service is only available through a FAQ section, falling short of the personalized assistance mSpy provides.

Cocospy (Review)

  • Ability to block contacts: Cocospy empowers you to block contacts directly from your dashboard. If you sense contact isn’t suitable for your loved one, take swift action and block them remotely. This feature is not available for Hoverwatch.
  • Spy on deleted text messages: While the Hoverwatch app allows monitoring sent and received text messages, Cocospy goes a step further by enabling tracking of deleted messages.
  • Apps blocking: If you’re curious about the apps installed on your child’s phone, Cocospy has you covered. The applications tab provides a comprehensive list of all installed apps on the target device. Unlike Hoverwatch, Cocospy allows you to act by blocking or deleting unwanted apps from the tracked device.
  • Extensive social media and messaging app coverage: Hoverwatch has a broader base of popular social media and instant messaging platforms than Cocospy. The impressive list includes WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Snapchat, Line, and more.
  • Geofencing: In contrast to Hoverwatch, Cocospy allows setting boundaries on your loved one’s whereabouts.


Real User Reviews of Hoverwatch

Look at positive Hoverwatch app reviews we have found online. Customers are satisfied with the tool and its ease of use:

Royle Zeph

Hoverwatch has truly revolutionized my single-parent journey! With its insights into my child’s activities, I’m always in the loop about who my kid is interacting with. It’s like having an extra pair of eyes!

Buck Braden

Hoverwatch surpassed my expectations! Recently, my wife’s late return from work raised concerns. I found plenty of Hoverwatch reviews online and decided to turn to Hoverwatch. In turn, I found she was planning our anniversary celebration. It brought relief, strengthening our bond and easing my worries. Respect to Hoverwatch for preserving relationships and tranquility!!!!!

Antonette Delta

Hoverwatch has been a game-changer for me as a mother. With its app usage tracking feature, I could monitor my son’s activities and talk to him about managing screen time. It’s empowered us to balance his online and offline pursuits. Like how easy to use it is!!!


FAQs About Hoverwatch

How to install Hoverwatch on the target phone?

For a successful Hoverwatch download and usage, purchase a Hoverwatch plan. The app will then provide installation guidance, or you can refer to our review article for assistance. It’s a straightforward process that ensures a smooth start to your monitoring journey.

How to find Hoverwatch on your phone?

It’s impossible to discover that spyware is installed on your cell phone. Hoverwatch viewer app works hiddenly, so when installed, you won’t see any icon on your home screen. None but the person who installed the tool on your device will know about it.

Is Hoverwatch legit?

Hoverwatch is legit, a stealthy phone tracker that fulfills promises with flawless features. Subscribe, install it, and you’re ready.

How to unhide Hoverwatch?

1. Open the program using App PIN or WIDGETS.
2. At the top right corner, choose “Settings.”
3. If you want to hide the app, tap the “Hide Hoverwatch icon.”
4. Tap “Show Hoverwatch icon” to unhide the app.
5. If the app is installed on Samsung, you’ll also need to press the empty home screen long (3 seconds at least) and then choose “Home Screen Settings.”
6. At the bottom of the Home Screen Settings, choose “Hide apps,” select “Sync Service,” and tap “Apply.”

How to uninstall Hoverwatch on Android?

1. Open the program using App PIN or WIDGETS.
2. Tap the three vertical dots button at the top right corner and click “Uninstall.”
3. Click “Yes” to confirm your actions.
4. That’s it. The monitoring app is now uninstalled on an Android cell phone.

How much does Hoverwatch cost?

It depends on the subscription plan you choose. There are 3 options available:
1) Personal (one device tracking):
$59.95/3 months
$99.95/12 months
3) Professional (5 devices tracking):
$99.95/3 months
$199.95/12 months
4) Business (25 devices tracking):
$299.95/3 months
$499.95/12 months
Note: When applying special Hoverwatch coupons, the price will be lower.

Is Hoverwatch detectable?

Hoverwatch’s hidden operation makes it the premier tracking tool. It works discreetly in stealth mode, leaving the mobile user unaware. No concerns about spotting Hoverwatch on the user’s phone; hide the app icon, and the user won’t find it even in their app list.

Is Hoverwatch safe?

Hoverwatch is a secure and safe spy app trusted for monitoring kids, employees, or partners. Its versatile monitoring abilities come with stealth mode, ensuring a discreet presence on the device.

How do you use Hoverwatch to identify a cheater?

Once Hoverwatch software is installed, effortless monitoring of your husband’s or wife’s GPS, calls, social media, and text messages becomes possible. This aids in making informed decisions moving forward. The software is easy to use, so you won’t have any difficulties with it.

Is Hoverwatch free?

Regrettably, Hoverwatch doesn’t extend any free usage or plans. Access requires a valid subscription, with no exceptions. However, they do promote a 3-day free trial option. Yet, unlocking this Hoverwatch free trial entails contacting their support team for assistance that is hard to reach.

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