How To Block Calls On An IPhone?

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Every user at least once in his life has encountered spam. The unwanted subscriber number can simply be blacklisted, and then the calls will stop. In the future, the situation may repeat itself. We will tell you how to avoid this. A special extension that will automatically delay spammers will help with this.

Some annexes allow you to determine the subscriber and detention of all unwanted subscribers in iOS. The call blocker app can also be used to determine hidden contact.

The most important advantage is that the option works completely unnoticed by the gadget owner.

block calls on iPhone

Everyone needs to clearly understand the importance of contact if a hidden subscriber is displayed on the display of your gadget. We will help you choose the best call blocker app for iPhone. This will allow you to control your contacts.

Problems With Unfamiliar Subscribers

We should deal with the problems of unfamiliar subscribers before talking about the benefits of the iPhone call blocker.

Spammers Steal Time And Spoil The Mood

You can ignore and not worry when spammers try to talk to you once a month.

But more and more users complain that spammers may attempt to contact you several times a day.

Another users distract from business and slow down the working rhythm, not to mention the time spent talking.

Fraudsters Come Up With New Ways Of Cheating

Fraud methods are becoming known so they are becoming less common. Do not relax. Fraudsters come up with new ways to steal our money.

A new method of fraud is to provoke an emotional reaction of a person and encourage him to ring up to a paid number.

This method will work if you calmly accept ring up from unfamiliar subscribers and do not use a call blocker app. Money from your account will not be lost when you receive a call on your gadget. But you pick up the gadget and hear insults and loud emotional speech addressed to you.

iphone scammer

fraudster interrupts the conversation, preventing you from saying anything. It becomes clear that you were bothered by scammers, and you will not contact this subscriber if you calmly analyze everything and draw conclusions. It is impossible to calmly analyze a situation when emotions go crazy. Many people fall into this trap and significant amounts are withdrawn from the account.

Ways To Detention Unwanted Subscribers

You can install an iPhone call blocker to record and track hidden contact. There are simpler options to eliminate anonymous subscribers.

Set Up Automatic Rejection Of Anonymous Users

Your device can identify your contacts and display stored data. You have the option to opt-out of anonymous contacts. This option does not harm you in any way.

It is better to ask the operator in advance about the payment for this service. Some mobile service providers require a certain amount for using such anti-spam protection.

Your tariff plan from a particular service provider may include the ability to control anonymous connections. You can simply check this feature. You need to dial the combination * 77.

Three beeps should sound after dialing subscribers. You need to terminate the connection with the number below. Anonymous users will be rejected automatically after such an operation. Robots and scammers will no longer bother you.

Important! You should clarify your jurisdiction before entering a combination. This number set can connect you to law enforcement.

Mobile Carrier Tool

Popular mobile operators have powerful tools in their arsenal to delays anonymous contacts. The operator helps not only eliminate unwanted subscribers but also automatically detention SMS messages from unfamiliar subscribers. Such a service is paid if you want to identify the subscriber. The network lock is free.

There are user numbers that we would rather not answer. We are helped by programs that hide all unwanted connections from us. The call blocker app voices for the anonymous author that the line is busy and confirms this SMS.

Popular Call Blocker App

Most of the software described is paid. The advantage of contact detention annexes is that they are available on any popular platform. The list includes applications for call blocker for iPhone.


iPhone Call Blocker is available in both paid and free versions. We can use the annex for free if we want to detention a maximum of two contacts (or all but two). Otherwise, you need to buy a paid version. It has quite a few features, including:

  • SMS delays;
  • Four actions to choose from for voice ring up;
  • Sending response SMS after detention the connection;
  • Black and white lists;
  • History of the call blocker app.

Mr. Number

This call blocker app makes it easy to identify and detention phones, SMS, and spam. The program determines the subscriber’s contact. A special message appears on the screen when we receive a ring up from the telemarketer from the list of blocked ones. It can be installed for iOS and Android.


Truecaller has over 200 million users who create a list of spam contacts. You can detect spam connections using the annex. The call blocker app shows the names and photos of the calling people, even if they are not in our contact list. The program notifies when friends can talk on the gadget and communicate with them more easily. The annex can be downloaded for Android and iOS.


Another iPhone call blocking app. The advantage of MCleaner is its simple configuration. The annex delays incoming ring up and text messages.

This call blocker app is paid. The user gets access to free updates after the purchase. The app was hosted by Cydia.


CallBlock is a newly created call blocker app that is only available in the AppStore. The program delays contacts from more than 2 million telemarketers. Users fill in the catalog of detention subscribers on their own. The incoming connection identifier appears under the incoming contact after clicking on the screen.

How To Use The Best Spam Call Blocker For IPhone?

Detention annoying contacts is possible without the participation of a mobile operator. Apple owners can use a special tool in the settings or install a more functional solution from an independent programmer.


Creating a list of unwanted users that the Apple owners can ring is done directly in the phonebook and through Messages. You have the right to download a third-party call blocker app from the App Store with an expanded set of functions.

Remember that another user can turn off the display of their contact in the settings. The gadget owner uses these settings if the word “noteless” appears on your screen, and the number is not identified.

You can use any third-party annex from the App Store in addition to the standard detention settings. As an example, we take BlackList: caller ID and delays. It has the function of blocking all contacts, even if they are not in the contact list. The user is also invited to purchase a professional version. This allows you to set the range of contacts, paste them from the clipboard, and import CSV files.

Let’s move on to working with the application itself:

  • Open the BlackList app on your gadget to add the contact to the blacklist;
  • Go to “My List” to add a new contact in case of emergency;
  • Click on the special icon at the top of the screen;
  • The user can select numbers from contacts or add a new one here;
  • Select “Add Number”;
  • Enter the contact name and contact, click “Finish”.

It is necessary to perform several steps in the gadget settings to fully use the annex:

  1. Download BlackList: Caller ID and delays from the App Store.
  2. Install.
  3. Go to “Settings” – “Phone”.
  4. Switch to settings to activate BlackList app features.
  5. Select “Block” and define the connection in the settings.
  6. Drag the slider across the Black List to the right to enable features for this annex.
  7. Activate the BlackList app on the gadget to add the contact to the blacklist.

Connections with this subscriber will be detention now. However, the notification you made will not appear. The application cannot delays hidden numbers.

The circle of people who can call you is limited by the settings of your gadget and phone book. This method allows not only adding user contacts to the blacklist but also hidden contact. The lock can be implemented in standard FaceTime.

You can hide your number from other subscribers. This is easy to do thanks to the unique feature on your gadget. Its inclusion depends on the conditions of the mobile operator most often:

  1. Open the “Settings” of your device.
  2. Go to the “Phone” section.
  3. Find the “Show Number” item.
  4. Move the drive to the left if you want to hide your number from other users. If the switch is not active and cannot be moved, this means that this tool is activated only by the mobile operator.
  5. Turn on or turn off the Show Number feature in settings.

Detention Numbers Via IOS Settings

The difference between system functions and third-party solutions is that the latter offers a lock on any number. You can create a blacklist of your contacts in the settings.
Detention the number sending you unwanted SMS is available directly from the Messages annex.

Just go into your dialogs and follow the instructions for this:

  • Go to the “Messages” of the gadget;
  • Find the desired dialogue;
  • Click the Details icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Click on the name to change the contact;
  • Scroll below and select “detention subscriber” – “detention contact”.

How To Delay Fameless Numbers On IOS 13?

A new option that allows you to delays unknown numbers on the gadget appeared in iOS 13. This option will be useful if you have problems with a lot of spam and unwanted calls from secretly or private numbers. How exactly does it work and how to enable it?

Apple has decided to give users the ability to deal with unwanted connections. A new option called “Mute secretly callers” appeared in iOS 13. This leads to the fact that all incoming calls from numbers outside our address book are automatically ignored. They are redirected there by default if we enabled voice mail.

ios app

You must have iOS 13 to use this option. You can activate the option to silence secretly subscribers now if you have a trial version of iOS 13. Switch one option in the gadget’s settings, and you’re done.
Enter the Settings app and select the Phone tab to detention secretly numbers on a device with iOS 13. You see the Mute switch here. It eliminates noteless subscribers.

This option is disabled by default. Inclusion allows connections only from the numbers that we have added to our contacts. All subscribers outside the address book are automatically ignored. Such calls will be forwarded immediately if we turn on voicemail.

This option does not have the opportunity of manually creating exceptions at this time. We must add the subscriber to the contacts if we want to “resolve” the phone number.
This is a fairly simple but important feature. This is useful for people who want to receive calls only from “received” people, adding them to the address book. However, it would not be a good choice if we get many connections from noteless numbers that we need to get.


Unwanted connections are a problem that every owner of a mobile gadget is likely to encounter. Simple applications allow you to detention such connections, or rather such an annoying phone number.

There are two main ways to delays unwanted numbers. The first type includes system firmware for smartphones with iOS and Android. The second type of application uses a database of unwanted numbers, which should protect you from extremely intrusive marketing and operator.

System delays of unwanted numbers can be carried out from the level of the history of recent calls. Click the contact information icon. Select the bottom option from the menu to detention the owner of the phone number.

A young woman looking at her iphone

We can delays an unwanted number in an incoming SMS in the same way. Here the path is a little longer.

We expand the main menu after entering the message. We click on the information and click in detail the next menu next to the phone icon. Only then delays the number. Both forms detention FaceTime messages and connections.

We find the detention and call identification option in the gadget’s settings if we want to see the list of delays contacts in iOS. We can also add a contact to the delays directly from the phone book here.

Mobile operators and software development companies provide customers with the opportunity to protect themselves from unwanted contacts. The list of programs includes paid and free options. The user should download only verified applications to prevent the failure of the gadget. We have described the simplest and most clear lock methods for your convenience.

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