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To bypass the iPhone passcode sounds like an action that has to be taken on rare occasions. The real world gives you perspective, though. The iOS platform is created to protect the user’s data in the best way possible. That is the main reason why the system has a password code created by default. Without it, you can’t unlock a mobile device.

There are a lot of cases when people just forget this sort of login information. When an individual enters the password, and his attempts fail because of incorrect code several times in a row, the device is blocked for the next one minute. It seems the more efforts you will make, the more chances you will have to unblock a device.

The reality is the opposite, though: with the increase of the number of subsequent unsuccessful attempts to enter a correct password, the blocking time will also be prolonged by the system. It may happen that the iPhone will stay unavailable for use for ages because of this issue. Due to one story, a Chinese woman was so unlucky that she managed to block her gadget for forty-seven years.

If you face a problem like this, its solution may seem a great challenge, since the manufacturer pretty well protects the Apple platform. However, there are several options that will help you bypass iPhone passcode and get access to its folders and other information.

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Let’s start from a rather unexpected side of the question. If you are an owner of the device, then there are no legit problems, and you are welcome to try to solve the issue of the forgotten password on your gadget.

Since the internet is a platform where any volunteer can find an answer to their request, there are several ill-minded people whose aim is to access someone else’s device. In this case, bypassing a password is definitely evaluated as breaking the law and interfering with the rights of an average iPhone user.

Legal To Bypass IPhone Passcode

If a device was stolen or lost, there are numerous ways for the owners not to allow those people who have found a gadget to get access to the data stored in the phone.

Our curious experts have prepared a list of recommendations that will be helpful for native iPhone users. Just stay tuned to get more information on the topic.

How To Bypass IPhone Lock Without ICloud

If a smartphone is not linked with an iCloud account, then the users are welcome to give a try to the recovery mode option. Switching the phone into recovery mode will help you access the device.

The overall scheme of the procedure is as simple as ABC:

  • Use a USB-cable to connect your gadget with a computer;
  • Hold down the power button on the iPhone and Home button for the next eight-ten seconds;
  • Release the Home button;
  • Meanwhile, keep going on holding the Power button. Be patient and wait until the iTunes program recognizes the iPhone in the recovery mode;
  • Wait till the iTunes logo appears on the screen;
  • Go to the program’s interface;
  • Select the “Restore” option.

These actions should be applied when the mobile phone is turned off. With the help of this technique, an iPhone user will be able to reset the device. After the mentioned recovery, a gadget will be configured to the initial suite of settings, and a new password will be made. If you have previously made copies, you are able to restore the lost information and achieve a new passcode at the same time.

How To Bypass IPhone Passcode With ICloud

An average iPhone lover knows for sure that iCloud is an absolutely irreplaceable Apple option. It is a free service that is a descendent of a commercial solution. If you are a pioneer in maintaining the Apple production, then you might use the MobileMe feature.

Best iCloud Bypass Apps

iCloud allows individuals to synchronize and then share several types of information between different devices of the line, including the iPad, Mac, iPhone, and some others.

If you are lucky to have an iCloud account, you are enabled to reset your device remotely. For that, you will need to use a Wi-Fi network that is familiar to the cell phone under consideration. In case such an internet connection is unavailable for any reason, then Edge, 3G, LTE, or 5G (only in extreme situations) may work out.

Here is a simple instruction on how to carry out the procedure to bypass iPhone passcode:

  • Forget about tautology — find the “Find iPhone” application. In recent iOS versions, this functional opportunity is even automatically preinstalled on the devices. If not, you may access it on the iCloud website — just use your browser for that;
  • In case of using the web version, go to the section with “Erase iPhone.” Click that button;
  • In case of using the iOS application, select “Actions.” Then press “Erase iPhone.”

With the help of this method, you will be entitled to reset the gadget’s settings and choose a new password to the system. As you have noticed, it is necessary to be cautious and make sure to prepare functional copies to be able to restore the platform’s user interface in the form to which you are accustomed to.

If you are often connected to a particular Wi-Fi network, iCloud will create backups automatically. Such copies include the location of icons on the screen, chosen settings on the device, applications’ data, media files, etc.

P.S. Some iOS versions also allow customers to restore a forgotten password through their iCloud record, so feel free to check this opportunity to follow the before-mentioned guide.

Bypass IPhone Passcode: Archaic Method

For the versions below 4.0, there is one option to get a new password that is invalid for newer platforms of the kind. With the help of Jailbreak on a target device, a consumer can literally spoil or damage some particular settings to reset the account.


In the Preferences folder (you can find it in the Library on your phone), you will see the following file — All you need to do is to edit that file and change 1 for 0 in the password section. Another option is to delete some information from the Keychains folder.

It is a must to bear in mind that deleting any sort of details on devices 4.0+ includes a high risk of damaging the system and may promote a continuous blocking of the phone. This action is automatic and is aimed at protecting the platform from the unconscious outer influence.

Helpful Siri

A lot of users have no idea that Siri contains rather more hidden tricks than it may be expected or predicted by non-techno-savvy users. If you are an avid follower of Apple services, then there is a high possibility you have come across the Siri opportunity to help you bypass the iPhone passcode.

Hey Siri

With the help of this method, customers won’t influence the data on the device, namely, restore or erase all the information on the gadget. Even though this process may work on iOS versions, which are 8.0+, it is a completely safe technique to give a try to.

To be able to create a new password with Siri, follow these steps:

  • Activate Siri (this function can be used even if a device is blocked);
  • Say any command. For instance, find out what time it is now at your location;
  • After that, there will be a clock displayed on the screen. Click on it in order to edit;
  • Add another clock by clicking plus;
  • There is no need to fill in any textual information like the city’s name – just select all;
  • Then click “Share”;
  • You will be offered several options of how you can actually share the information from the previous steps. Select the option of sending a message;
  • You are to decide to whom you are going to send this message. For that, create a new contact;
  • Among all the available options, select the function of adding a photo;
  • Out of the offered folders, go to the Moments;
  • Wait a bit and press Home. After that, the system will automatically lead you to the main screen.

As soon as you have access to the iPhone stuff, you are welcome to adjust settings to be able to access the gadget’s data, regardless of time and date.

General Recommendations: Rely On Tested Solutions

There are chances you may come across other techniques and procedures that seem super easy and solid and promise users to cope with all the problems they have with an iPhone literally in the twinkle of an eye.

If you have forgotten a password to your device, there is no need to panic – just give a try to every offered method you are able to find on the internet. Keep calm, and let yourself make decisions consciously only.

iphone on the table

To avoid further troubles and difficulties because of your incautious attempts to get iPhone password bypass, we recommend you to take into consideration the following:

  • Try to avoid websites that offer iPhone passcode bypassing in the real-time mode for free. In the majority of cases, it is just an excuse or a trick, call it whatever you want, to make customers allow pop-ups and get complete access to their cash, etc. The variety of possible options is quite impressive;
  • There are some applications which promote unblocking your Apple device. It is promised so, at least. If you have checked all the reviews and find such a program worth considering, then feel free to check it. Otherwise, we still recommend you to avoid magical tools that will do everything for you (and for your money).

Once again, there may be helpful software on the internet which can bypass the iPhone passcode for you. However, be attentive and don’t let yourself be trapped by free-of-charge offers, which might be just fake or virus applications.

Final Verdict

To bypass the iPhone passcode is far from a one-second deal. Depending on your current iOS version, the most suitable solution in your particular case may also vary. Some methods influence the inner folders and other data on your device, and some not.

The main thing to do in order to avoid any further issues is to take this situation under control and don’t allow your possible panic to make this trouble even worse. Don’t repeat the mistake of one Chinese woman we told you about in the beginning.

If you are still afraid or unsure whether you can negatively influence the device’s operation and performance with your actions, then apply to your local service center or Apple shop where you have purchased your iPhone. There is a chance those specialists will assist you.

You are welcome to select any of the offered solutions and give a try to a couple of them if you know for sure that some functionality is lacking on your gadget (for instance, the Find iPhone feature is turned off or is completely unavailable).

Don’t do experiments — follow our detailed instructions to bypass the iPhone passcode and stay one of the active iOS users!

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