How to Clone an iPhone? The Definitive Guide!

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No wonder everyone is eager to learn how to clone their iPhones, as these beloved gadgets contain an important part of our lives. Valuable data on iPhones can be transferred completely or partially, for free or for a fee, directly or remotely, with good parental intentions or bad hackers’ plans, legally or illegally. The variety of cloning apps can be a bit confusing. Therefore, it is better to learn more about how to clone an iPhone before choosing appropriate software.

How to Clone an iPhone with Quick Start?

Quick Start is the Apple native feature, developed for iPhone migration, which makes easy retaining of all files from an old to a new device without a third-party software installation.

Source and Target iPhones can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable. They both should be switched on in a short distance. After Quick Start screen appearing, enter your Apple ID on the current iPhone to set up your new iPhone and Continue.

Sometimes when a camera doesn’t work on the current device, you need to do Manual Verification. Enter the password of the old iPhone on the new one and set up Face ID or Touch ID.

Clone An iPhone Quick Start

You can clone data, apps and settings (Apple Watch, Apple Pay and Siri, GPS location, etc.) from your old iPhone, as well as restore not long past Backup on iCloud.

The time it takes to clone an iPhone depends on the amount of data being cloned and the strength of the network connection. It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. While the cloning process is taking place, it is important not to use your iPhones, as this could interrupt the process and lead to data loss.

How to Clone an iPhone Using Phone Clone App

Phone Clone app, developed by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., migrates the iPhone and iPad data such as contacts, photos and videos. How to clone:

  • Download the app from the App Store and set up on both iPhones;
  • Open app first on a new iPhone, after successful Wi-Fi connection, on old iPhone as well;
  • On the old Phone tap and select tabs, which you are going to transfer.

How to Clone an iPhone by Means of iCloud Backup

iCloud and iTunes demand computers to be remote backup mediator. iCloud serve is iOS built-in phone backup wireless tool. You can choose important content on your old iPhone to back up, then load onto your new gadget. iPhone users have an iCloud account, limited to free 5 GB space, with the possibility of purchasing more.

Target iPhone should be new or reset. Turn it on, Restore from iCloud Backup, logging in with credentials of your old iPhone (source) iCloud account. On unlocked source iPhone, make activation of iCloud Backup, choosing one by one: Settings, iCloud, Storage and Backup Now. Sync is a useful iCloud option, allowing you to synchronize your old iPhone content with your account on iCloud at a time.

How to Clone an iPhone with iTunes?

According to iTunes step-by-step instruction:

  • Back up target iPhone to iTunes;
  • Before launching iTunes, connect the source device to your PC and iTunes;
  • Tap the device icon, then Summary and Back Up Now;

Restore the target iPhone from the Backup onto your source iPhone.

Sometimes during the Backup, iPhone needs to be updated to the latest iTunes version if an error message appears.

Clone An iPhone With ITunes

iTunes don’t copy some items: downloaded PDF books files from App Store, iTunes Store & synced data, photos from iCloud, SMS/MMS and messages and some settings. You can extract the iTunes library with the help of iMyFone TunesMate. iTunes backup process is faster than iCloud and doesn’t depend on iCloud limited storage size.

How to Clone an iPhone Using AnyTrans

Create a reserve copy, then format one of the iPhones and restore it from Backup is a time-consuming method.

AnyTrans is a good cloning solution that is similar to iPhone option QuickStart and can fully replace iTunes.
This Software exists in two versions: paid and free, the last one has some limited options.

  • At the cloning end, turn off Find My Phone on both iPhones.
  • Open AnyTrans, connect two iPhones to a computer via USB cables.
  • Click on the Merge Device menu to decide which iPhone will be the target one.

Select the content necessary for cloning and tap Send to Device. AnyTrans allows to clone an iPhone data to an iPad or iPod, almost everything to any iDevice.

The possible cloning list is:

  • Music, Ringtones, Music Videos, Playlists;
  • Movies, Home Video, TV Shows, Camera Roll;
  • Voice Memos, Notes, Messages, iTunes U;
  • Photo Library, Albums, Photo Stream;
  • Contacts, Call History, Calendar and App.

After finishing, the existed data on the target iPhone will be erased.

How to Clone an iPhone Directly

If you consider backup time-consuming, don’t use iTunes or iCloud, download data transferring Software effective for iOs devices, such as Dr.Fone Switch and EaseUS MobiMover. For both software cloning actions are almost the same:


Dr.Fone fully migrates all files to a new iPhone, except identifiers. This Software lets you exchange files even between iOs and Android devices.

After launching a toolkit of Dr.Fone on a computer:

  • Use USB cable, connect and switch two devices on (will be displayed as source and target ones);
  • Tap Flip, if you need to exchange information on iPhones;
  • Select call logs, photos, messages, all that should be copied;
  • Start Transfer (before it, you can delete unnecessary files on the target iPhone).


Repeat the same steps with your computer, USB cable, and both iPhones. Tap “Trust This Computer” on your iPhones, open the app, select “Phone to Phone” on the screen, and then switch the direction from your old to your new iPhone. Tap “Transfer” and that’s it!

Contacts, books, notes, various types of audio, images and videos appear on your new iPhone. Apart from iTunes, MobiMover copies even all kinds of downloaded photos and PDFs.

As iCloud is a must-have cloud storage solution for everyone, owning an iOS device, this gives to someone a chance to spy any iPhone not having admission to it. In fact, spy doesn’t even need to set up any spy application on the target iPhone.

How to Clone an iPhone Remotely and Secretly?

As iPhone cloning attracts a lot of hackers, modern phone protection is constantly developing. A secret code on SIM cards makes it much harder to access your phone’s identifiers without physically plugging into it, but it is still possible. Duplicating a phone’s identifying data is not allowed by law regulations around the world. However, this does not stop either common iPhone users with their personal reasons or phone data fraudsters with their financial purposes.

Identifiers cloning demands spying Software, since usual data transfer apps don’t allow doing it, guided by legal issues.

iPhone copy XNSPY

There are some paid spying apps: XNSPY (quite cheap, but quality), Cocospy (reasonable), Spyzie (not reliable enough) and mSpy (too expensive). They all clone iPhone contents, even text messages, but no SIM card phone number.

Spy apps can track and Backup even deleted information from iPhone.

Don’t install suspicious apps proposing your free completed duplication without access to devices. Free remote spyware, cloning IM chats, iMessages, call logs, doesn’t exist.
Someone, who wants to spy remotely on an iPhone (without jailbreak), has to be familiar with the iCloud credentials. Don’t believe ads proposing without knowing credentials or no jailbreak spyware; it’s a scam.

How to Clone an iPhone SIM Card and Phone Number?

iPhone number cloning is possible if you have an admission to the cloned device secret menu. Secret Menu copies a SIM card to a empty smart one, by detecting its secret keys (urgent for cell phone operator’s identification). This method is possible because of a little GSM technological bug.

Three SIM card kinds (COMP128v1, COMP128v2 and COMP128v3) are operated in the cell phone market. Only COMP128v1 that is commonly used subjects to spy cloning.

MagicSIM and USB SIM Card Readers Softwares provide such manipulations. Apart from this Software, someone needs to acquire a SIM Firmware-based Writer and Reader, as well as Empty Soft SIM Card.

clone iphone now

To utilize the Secret Menu, an alternative approach is to input the specific phone codes and iOS model information. Additionally, there are websites like that need to be visited in order to provide the necessary details about the iPhone model. Once this information is provided, the hack code for the iPhone will be sent, and the final step involves entering this key into the iPhone intended for cloning.

Duplicating a phone number enables someone to use the same number on different phones simultaneously. Hackers can also use this clone method.

If spy duplicates your SIM card, he hardly may harness it simultaneously with yours, but, unfortunately, can in some cases. Cell phone carriers are usually against such manipulation, which let someone not to pay for a second line.

Cloning phone’s identifiers, even with someone’s peaceful goals, can result in a cell phone contract invalidation or even disconnection by the carrier.


There are many ways how to clone an iPhone from the easiest to more complicated ones, depending on the aims and the content, which should be transferred by means of cloning apps.

Cloning is helpful in case you want to resell an old iPhone; then restore everything important to a new iPhone and wipe completely the content on the old device.

Quick remote cloning is urgent, if the iPhone is lost, stolen or disabled because of inputting the incorrect passcode. After cloning, remember to erase all data on the missing iPhone.

Due to the cloning, not only the data, but also identity is copied from one cell phone to another. You can do a backup of the entire iPhone, or choose the main iPhone identifiers.

To avoid falling victim to the acquisition of fraudulent private identifying information, it is crucial to consider two options: reliable iPhone cloning apps or taking steps to protect your data from spying and identity theft. The rise in illegal iPhone cloning poses a significant challenge for Apple, prompting the need to develop effective anti-spying and clone-detection software.

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