How to Discover if Someone is Tracking Your iPhone?

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Is my iPhone being tracked? This is a horrendous question that may cross your mind one day. And it’s no-wonder because according to the NY Times, we live in a world where millions of people are tracked every day. Of course, sometimes spyware can be used for good, but things may change when someone will hack your smartphone.

Due to the development of wonderful technologies and monitoring tools, almost anyone can start tracking the activities of any device. Although it’s forbidden to break the privacy laws, there are people that can cross the line. Sometimes even the fear to get into prison has no chances to stop them. Thus, your data security depends only on you.

Luckily, if you don’t know how to tell if your iPhone is being tracked, just have a look at some sure ways to spot the dangerous apps. They’ll help you to prevent any evil intention and protect important information from stealing.

Is My IPhone Being Tracked?

How do I know if my iPhone is being tracked by someone

Firstly, you should realize that there are different ways to spy upon the owner of an iOS device. If you know them, you can answer the question “is someone tracking my iPhone?” without any difficulties. And right now you’ll get acquainted with the major methods used by hackers.

1. Network Tracking

This is the most undetectable way to spy upon a person. Unfortunately, sometimes hackers and even network carriers monitor the activity of their clients. In case, you face such a problem, the best way to solve it is to get a new network operator.

2. Spyware

Hackers use a variety of different spy apps that you can download and install on your device without realizing how dangerous they are. Such applications can record your calls, track activity, and even provide third parties with access to the information about your location.

3. WiFi Tracking

People often use public WiFi networks to surf the Internet but they don’t know that their information may be stolen. Hackers can use such devices as the IMSI catcher to intercept personal data. That’s why it’s not recommended browsing the Web when you visit a café or another public place.

How Do I Know If Someone Is Tracking My IPhone?

After the installation of the spyware, there will be some noticeable pieces of evidence that you are being tracked. That’s why it’ll be a good idea to check out the most common signals that help to detect extraneous activity.

1. Fast Battery Drains

Tracking apps place a significant demand on your device’s battery, causing it to drain quickly. Additionally, running multiple tracking apps simultaneously can lead to excessive heat generation, potentially affecting the performance and temperature of your device.

At the same time, consider that sometimes faster battery drains may be the sign of its deterioration. For this reason, pay attention only to a sudden increase in power consumption.

2. Spike In Data Usage

If someone is tracking your iPhone, you should definitely notice an increase in data usage. Most spy apps need an internet connection to send information to the person who is monitoring your activity.

Obviously, this process requires a lot of data. Luckily, with the help of such apps like DataMan Pro, it’s possible to track your activity and notice any suspicious behavior without any problems.

3. Strange Noises

Of course, sometimes you can hear ambient noise while making or receiving calls due to the poor connection. Nevertheless, it may be a signal that someone is tracking your iPhone. There are such spy apps that can record your conversation while creating various buzzes, clicking, crackling, etc.

4. Weird Notifications

When malevolent software makes requests to your mobile device, different strange notifications may appear on the display. Usually, they last less than a couple of seconds, but if you manage to spot them, you should realize that your iPhone is hacked.

5. Suspicious Actions

If your smartphone often shutdowns randomly, you definitely need to check it for spyware. There are many hacking apps that cause your device to stop working haphazardly.

Besides, a clear sign that someone is tracking your iPhone is the presence of new apps. Whenever you find applications that you do not remember downloading, you should delete them immediately.

How To Tell If Someone Is Tracking Your IPhone Location?

Take into account that spy apps may provide an intruder with the information not only about your calls and activity but also about your current location. Such applications as Spyzie or uMobix can provide other people with accurate information about your current location. If you spot they have suddenly appeared on your device, eliminate them immediately.

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Furthermore, it is essential to remain vigilant for tangible signs that someone may be spying on you in real life. Typically, individuals who engage in such surveillance are often acquaintances or even family members. If you observe a person you know asking about information that they could not possibly have access to, it could be an indication that they have installed spyware on your device.

Best Ways To Secure Your Private Data

When you find out that someone is tracking your iPhone, you shouldn’t panic. Lucky for you, the majority of modern anti-malware apps can help you to solve this issue. Furthermore, there are several ways that don’t require the installation of any special applications.

1. Stop Sharing Your Location

In case you want to secure your private information right now, you need to disable the location sharing immediately. To cope with this task follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Settings by tapping the corresponding icon;
  • Scroll down to choose the Privacy section;
  • Enter the Location Services;
  • Stop the sharing by switching the slider.

2. Create New Password

This is the easiest way to stop the tracking of your device. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it won’t delete the malware but prevent it from stealing important data. Also, make sure that you’ve set a reliable and strong Apple password. And don’t forget to change it for each service you are signed into on the mobile phone.

3. Keep IOS Up To Date

Thanks to the upgrade of the device, tracking apps may stop working correctly. Usually, such software is compatible only with a certain iOS version. Any changes can eliminate the activity of spy applications as well as make them unstable.

4. Get Rid Of Unknown Apps

A thorough cleaning is not only a great opportunity to free up some space, but also to detect and uninstall dangerous applications. All you need is a reliable file management app such as FileMaster or FileApp. Additionally, don’t forget to focus on the documents in the Downloads folder.

Also, it’ll be a wise decision to stop installing questionable apps. Remember that you should always make sure that the application is developed by a reliable and reputable company.

5. Install Security Software

It’s always wiser to prevent the menace than face it. Special security apps can help to stem a risk to install malware on your iPhone. They can automatically detect any spyware, inform you about it, and protect your private information. And if you want to download a trustworthy antivirus app, check out Avira or Lookout.

6. Forget About Rooting Your IPhone

Rooting your device provides spyware with the possibility to download other apps without your permit. It goes without saying that you can be very cautious while downloading the files after rooting your phone. However, there is no guarantee that your device will be totally protected from tracking.

7. Reset The Device

Take into consideration that this is a last-ditch method and you should follow it only in case nothing else can help you to remove the spyware. The factory reset will eliminate any malicious software.

The bad news is that it’ll also delete your contacts and files, so ensure that you have a backup of all important data. You can plug-in the iPhone to your PC or laptop to create a backup in iTunes. Also, it’s possible to do it via iCloud.


No one can tell for sure that their privacy stands secure. If you are frightened by a thought “is my iPhone being tracked?”, you should follow the tips provided above and check out your device immediately. In case your suspicion is confirmed, your privacy will be exposed to great danger. The intruder can gain admission to your account credentials, emails, contacts, and anything else stored on your device.

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Additionally, it is important to recognize that engaging in such risky activities can have an impact on the lives of your loved ones and friends as well. Moreover, if you utilize your smartphone to store crucial business-related information, prioritizing the security of your device becomes of paramount importance. Once your private data falls into the wrong hands, the potential consequences are unimaginable.

Fortunately, now you can not only detect the spyware but also to get shut of it within several minutes. Shield your iPhone from hackers and other ill-wishers using the gain knowledge.

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