Hidden Apps On iPhone: Is It Possible To Make Them Visible?

Find hidden apps on iPhone

People adore watching life-hack videos, considering they could apply magical skills outside Hogwarts to discover hidden apps on iPhone.

The reason for the popularity of such content is pretty obvious: it is our desire to complete even challenging tasks, spending minimum time and other resources.

You will hardly find a single sphere where simplicity isn’t a trend, and the mobile industry is far from an exception.

According to statistics, the number of downloaded apps reached 204 billion in 2019. Try to guess how many secret apps on iPhone an average individual can find. These programs serve a variety of different purposes, but more techno-savvy users want to know for sure which solutions are (pre-)installed on their gadgets.

If you would like to discover how to find hidden apps on iPhone, stay tuned not to miss a single detail!

Best Secret Folder

Best Secret Folder, CoverMe, Gallery Lock, iOS Hidden Photos — the list of hidden apps on the iPhone can be enlarged greatly. To find some of them on the device, you can play a sort of Russian roulette on a mobile phone. With the help of the Spotlight search, you can check whether the application is installed on the target device.

This method is a rather time-consuming one if you have doubts about where to start your search activities. If you have a clue what software could be downloaded, then this technique is as simple as ABC not just to find but also to run a hidden app on the phone.

Method 2: Use The App Store Power

Numerous individuals prefer to keep their information private when there is a risk their phone may get in someone else’s hands. They choose to install applications that are undetectable at first glance and don’t have icons visible on the iPhone screen.

App Store

We want you to know there is a way out how people can view such files on the gadget.

Here is a simple instruction to follow:

  • You need to unlock the mobile device;
  • Go to the App Store;
  • The next step is to click on the Profile icon. It is located on the right top of the app’s interface;
  • Select the option “Purchased”;
  • Ensure to choose “All”.

In such a simple way, you will be able to get access to hidden apps on iPhone.

Method 3: Multifunction Siri

Siri is a true lifesaver for those iPhone users who want to avoid tapping commands. This program is a sort of conductor who can control all the gadget’s settings. Consumers are welcome to increase the brightness, turn down the volume, turn on and off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and many other functions.

Multifunction Siri iPhone

One of the things people will rarely think about when it comes to Siri’s capabilities is its ability to show hidden apps on iPhone. To achieve this aim, all you have to do is to ask the program to open all the apps. You can also tell Siri which solution should be visible. The latter will not overload your device, but it is available in cases when it is known for sure which software is hidden.

Users can use Siri to hide applications as well.

Here is how they do that:

  • Open the Settings Folder;
  • Find Siri & Search option;
  • Among the list of applications, tap the ones you would like to hide from view;
  • Go to Siri & Suggestions;

Don’t forget to turn off the “Show App” feature.
In order to find hidden apps on iPhone, you can repeat the first two steps, but then check which programs are secret and make them visible again.

Method 4: IPhone App Folders

There is a simple trick of how users can hide some applications and save them from being accidentally found on a screen. Due to the iPhone’s functionality, customers can create folders and drag their nine programs in each box. N.B. To get more about the feature’s limitations, check the corresponding information in dependence with your platform version.

IPhone App Folders

With the help of the hold-and-drag procedure, you can easily choose the desired solutions and place them in any folder. As long as the box should contain at least one application, you can’t create just an empty folder.

In this perspective, a lot of users prefer to place the software they don’t want to be easily visible on the screen somewhere on the fifth-sixth-seventh page in the box.

To find hidden apps on iPhone if this method is applied is a piece of cake for any user. All you need to do is just to make the swipe movements to access the entire set of the particular folder’s pages.
To get to know there is more than one page, just have a look at the box. On its bottom part, there are a couple of dots if a folder contains several pages.

Method 5: Restore iPhone Backups

Restore iPhone Backups

The customers will never find more than two methods to work with backup options since Apple has created two of them. No third-party solution will be helpful and essential in this case. iCloud and iTunes are two official versions of the iPhone backup functionality.

The Use Of ICloud Technique

This procedure is pretty simple. You should bear in mind the Apple ID is required.

Without it, any user won’t be able to find any secret app on iPhone following the next steps:

  • Check the App & Data Screen;
  • Tap the “Restore from iCloud Backup”;
  • Sign in to your Apple account. Ensure you use the correct Apple ID;
  • Among the list of backups made, select the newest one. Tap it.

After these steps are done, the iPhone system will automatically restore the entire set of programs and purchases, including your hidden apps on the iPhone.

Restore From ITunes Backup

People have gotten accustomed to using iTunes when they need to find entertainment pieces like music tracks, podcasts, movies, and others. The fact is that software functionality is something bigger than we can really imagine. You can make sure the platform is also one of the methods to make hidden apps on the iPhone visible.

Follow this guide step by step if you want to find out how to view hidden apps on the iPhone:

  • If you haven’t done that before, install the program on your P.C. You can easily find the application on the internet and download it on your computer or laptop. To note, that will be the place where a user will save his mobile phone’s backups;
  • Launch iTunes;
  • Use a USB cable to connect your gadget with a computer;
  • Choose your device on the iTunes on your P.C.;
  • Tap the “Restore Backup” option;
  • Wait till the process is finished.

Don’t forget to stay synchronized all the time the process is on. Otherwise, this attempt will fail, and you will have to start everything literally from the scratch.

Method 6: Reset Home Screen Layout

Another helpful solution in a battle aiming to find hidden apps on iPhone is available due to the platform’s Home Screen functionality. If you are not satisfied with the results achieved with the help of the previously mentioned methods, you are welcome to give a try to this more complicated procedure.

Reset Home Screen Layout on iPhone

To save your time on checking every folder on the device (as offered in the method 4, actually), you carry out the following:

  • Find the Settings app and go there;
  • Find General;
  • Tap Reset;
  • Among the options available, choose Reset Home Screen Layout.

When all the steps are done, the screen’s interface will be completely different. With this feature, you are able to return the original look of the U.I. You should note that there will be no folders anymore.

No need to worry — any application won’t be lost, deleted, and there will be no other consequences you may think about when it comes to setting the layout to its original version.

Final Verdict

There are several options on how people can make hidden apps on iPhone visible again. Some of them are also valid when it comes to making the selected programs literally “transparent”. It would be a good idea for a user to give a try to all of them. This approach will help you find all the hidden apps on iPhone for sure.

hidden apps on iPhone

What you should also remember is that there is no way on the Apple device to make a solution completely invisible for others. At least one of the suggested methods will succeed and help you find hidden apps on iPhone you possess.

The only thing left to mention is a recommendation to be careful and cautious. It doesn’t sound surprising. Please note that if a software product on the internet promises you to place every secret program from your device on its screen, there is a high-risk such app might turn out to be fake or even dangerous.

Take the advantages of our list of functional solutions on how to make secret applications on your iOS gadget visible for your needs!

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