How To Spy On Someone’s Phone?

spy on someone phone

We live in the 21st Century, a period when all the information is shared through mobile devices. You can never guess when you face the urgent need to get the information from someone’s cell phone (your child, employee, or spouse). And that is the time for discovering your spying skills, or to be more exact, take a hand of help and get a spying application.

There are many reasons why people want to spy on someone. Whether it’s to make sure that your kids are safe, or whether you’re a business owner that wants to keep an eye on your workers – there are many reasons why people might want to spy someone else’s phone.

Reasons to get control over one’s digital information:

If you suspect that someone is up to no good, it pays to be able to spy on them. Whether they’re your partner, your kids or someone else, you should know what they’re up to:

Parental control

Cyberbullying, online drug stores, porn sites, provocative forums – cutting off the access to this kind of content is definitely needed for caring parents. A spy app will help to detect, prevent and even block the hazard promptly.

Business safety

The more employees you have, the higher the risk of losing your business. Some may be trustworthy, some – not. A spy app will be of great help in situations when something goes within your workspace. It allows keeping an eye on people who form the core of your business. With it, you are able to take precautions right away to avoid risks that can threaten your business.

Having doubts about the fact of your wife/husband being loyal

If the relationship has got tense lately, and you couldn’t ignore the weird changes in the way your other half acts anymore…  Well, spying applications are always ready to help you reveal the truth.

Parenting people that have mental illnesses or Alzheimer’s disease

Those people are fragile and can not take care of themselves. They often may go somewhere with no sane reason or forget to come back home. To provide their safety, spying on their mobile devices sounds like a great idea. Don’t forget to check their location when they are on a walk!

It is not necessary to have strong technical skills to use this kind of app. You don’t even have to be an advanced user. The basic aspects which are highlighted below are enough for you to uncover the secrets.

Introduction to World of Espionage: Definition of Spy App

A text message spy application is innovative software designed to discover what is hidden beneath the locked target phone. They reproduce the texts and user actions directly on your screen. You need no actual contact with the phone at any time you want to check what’s going on – the distance is ignored by these apps. These programs give you the chance to get the information about SMS content, its time, and the details of the sender/receiver. Besides SMS, there are numerous additional options for you to explore.

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They are secure and do not expose themselves, because they run in the background. This means they leave no icons/access buttons or else. Now, sleep tight – no one will think of you having control over their gadget. “Quick and simple” – this is the motto of modern programs. Mostly, any browser gives you access to the spy features, so you need no app installed on your phone for this purpose. This saves you from “what is that icon, dear, a new messenger?”

How to Secretly Read the Messages from Another Phone?

No matter what is the reason, you would rather keep the fact of knowing the message content of one’s cell phone private. Spy apps are perfectly suitable for that task. Stealth mode comes in handy for this purpose. Plus, they don’t affect phone performance and definitely give no reasons for suspicions.

Top 4 Apps for Free Spying on One’s Text Messages

We have made a review of the top-rated applications to spy on one’s text messages with no charge at a trial period. They are full of useful functions and suitable for keeping an eye on whoever you want – either a member of your family, a nanny or a secretary. These apps provide the audience with the widest range of features besides text exposure, such as location tracking, monitoring internet activity and a lot more. The friendly and helpful customer support underlines the authority of developer companies and their products.

spy someones phone online

With one click of a button, you can activate a piece of software that gives you access to spy on someone’s phone. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, or if you’re curious as to what they do with their phone when they’re not around, then this is probably the easiest way to get some peace of mind. There are a few different ways that someone could spy on your phone, but we’ll talk about the most reliable ways:

Cocospy – an Application to Review Messages on One’s Mobile Phone

Cocospy works like a real spy – accurately and silently. Protection of your kids is important since we are living in the era of cyberbullying and online drug stores; your wife’s loyalty is doubtful because of the free access to online dating apps; checking your employees helps understand who is trustworthy and fair. No matter the aim, Cocospy is in the game! Moreover, an iOS device requires no software installation – logging to the iCloud storage is enough.

The Cocospy application has a variety of pretty cool options:

  • call log review;
  • messaging history;
  • social apps;
  • access to messaging apps (it reviews not only texts in dialogues, comments, and group chats but also reveals all in- and out-going media);
  • location tracking;
  • internet activity history;
  • photo and video files;

Couple Tracker – Two-way App for Him and Her

This is far from a typical GPS tracker. This program is created for a special purpose to prevent cheating. Of course, you can check your girlfriend’s location every 30 minutes, but keep in mind she is tracking you as well. It is developed specifically for couples and has a nice design. In some sense, Couple Tracker app gives you the feeling of having one device for two hearts.

The main features of this app include:

  • ability for tracking available for both partners at the same time;
  • access to phone call history;
  • prevents deleting information such as messages or calls;
  • location (refreshed every 30 minutes);
  • Facebook monitoring.

Spyic – Up-to-date App for Checking Someone’s SMS

This app is very popular among over a million users. A lot of options to help you keep an eye on someone’s secrets make this application attractive to lots of people. Jailbreaking, rooting – these terms are way too old-fashioned for such a modern application. Your object has no chance to get to know you have control over them thanks to the stealth mode of the app. Quick and easy. These are the words that describe the setup process , which requires no technical skills – follow the instructions, and you will get it ready to use to your advantage. With your PC, you can log in to your spyic account, so there is no need of downloading any app to your gadget.

The main accesses are as followed:

  • texting history
  • recent locations
  • gallery
  • keylogger
  • phone calls and contacts
  • social messaging and media apps
  • internet searching history

The application supports a demo version with the admission to most of the features.

mSpy – Spying is Possible with No Software Installation

Mspy is software with a focus on parental control. It is user-friendly and multi-lingual. Installation requires rooting/jailbreaking but takes no significant time. There are extra specs that may be very useful, such as “Family kit” which allows taking control of all your kids. The program has a demo version giving you the opportunity to check if it does fit your needs.

The mSpy app has a list of features which indeed make it unique:

  • call management, including restriction of calls;
  • message access (deleted texts are no exception);
  • messengers control (WhatsAppViberSkype), including such as kik, snapchat and tinder with a bonus feature to block the app;
  • the browser search history monitoring;
  • WI-FI network connection control;
  • geofencing;
  • remote control over device.

It can be surely ranked as the best parenting spy application.

Can I View Someone’s Messages Without Installing Apps?

There are many options on the web, but little or no information about their safety and accuracy is provided. These sorts of programs have limited specifications and might give themselves away. They usually require linking by phone number or e-mail.

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FreeForward: SMS Tracker with No Installation Required

Even though there is a legend that gives the FreeFoward app a super-look of a program that works distantly and requires no installation on the gadget, it is a myth. It works when it is downloaded both on your device and your controlled-to-be phone. Poor performance and the lack of features don’t give any advantage to this application. The main disadvantage is the fact that it is only suitable for Android users.

The applications we have reviewed today will come in handy to provide safety and control over your beloved ones, staff, and kids. You have a lot of options to calm down, and these little helpers will do their best to not let you down with your plans. The services have no reason to perform poorly, for they care about their authority and do not want to lose users and, therefore, profit.

Thank you for paying attention to this article, and we would like to know if you found this information useful. Comments and subscriptions are always welcome!

Short FAQ

Is there a way to find out if my messages are being spied on?

Spying programs are developed in such a way that no hint of the fact that someone is tracking you could be caught. So if you are being spied on, you will never know.

Can I view WhatsApp messages for free with no access to the owner’s phone?

If the goal of stalking is an iOS, then you surely can access it by getting their iCloud credentials. Therefore, it will allow reading the text messages without the gadget. It has not been developed for Android users yet though. Everything else sounds like magic – unreal and unsafe for use.

Am I doing something illegal when I scan someone’s texts?

It is legal when the target is your underage child or your employee who are provided with controlled devices and informed about that. In any other case, it is against one’s privacy. But you have no reason to worry; exposing users will not bring any profit to the app developers, so one of their main interests is to keep you secure.

Text Messages Through iTunes Backup. How is this possible?

There are applications such as dr. Fone that can restore the iTunes backup files. This app scans the files within the iTunes backup data.

 iCloud Backup – a New Way to Access Someone’s SMS?

A great alternative to downloading the software is using the iCloud backup. The ID and password are required from your side. Both Cocospy and Spyic support this function. In addition to that, there are lots of “backup restore” apps available on the web. You are free to select the most suitable one from a variety of options.

What About iPads and Tablets?

Top producers of spy software are working on covering wider range of devices. Mobile Spy, mSpy and Stealthgenie have already introduced their spy programs for all types of tablets, including iPads. Just like with smartphones, all what is necessary – secure internet and software’s compatibility.

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