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A mobile device is a personal item that most people dread losing. It may contain sensitive data that may pose a potential risk if it lands on the wrong hands. Do you want to know how you can track the location of an iPhone? You can trace your iPhone remotely using various methods, whether someone stole it or you misplaced it. To avoid unwarranted risks such as identity theft, you must have protective measures in place that will cushion you when you lose your iPhone.

Tracking an iPhone is possible by the use of specific applications as well as the IMEI number. With advancements in technology, you can locate a lost iPhone by its phone number. It has revolutionized the mobile platform, especially in the public domain. However, you need to gain deep insights into how the entire process works and how to implement the procedures.

We shall discuss different ways to track iPhone location by phone number when it is lost and also if you want to monitor another Apple mobile device.

Use iCloud to track an iPhone without installing an App

If you lose your iPhone, will you know how to track it without an application? One of the most convenient methods that you can use to locate your mobile device is through the dashboard of your iCloud account. You do not need to install any app using this method. Use Apple devices such as the Mac computer, iPod or iPad to find your phone easily. Below are simple steps to follow:

  1. Login to your account by entering your Apple Identification number and password.
  2. View the dashboard screen with an icon “Find My iPhone”. Click on it and proceed.
  3. Choose the menu “My Devices”. When it opens, choose the device you want to track. Then, the tracking process will start.
  4. The interactive map will display the precise location.

Furthermore, the iCloud has other incredible features:

  • It has a Play Sound option that is beneficial to users. It activates the alarm at maximum volume for around two minutes to attract the attention of someone nearby who can retrieve your phone.
  • A lost mode feature locks the phone, and it starts displaying a customized message that flashes on the screen.
  • If you know that your iPhone is stolen, you can activate the Erase Data option. It will delete all the data in the device for privacy. The feature protects sensitive information from landing into the wrong hands.

How to track someone’s location on the iPhone for Free

location on the iPhone

iPhones are smart devices that help most people to make their daily work easier. It has become a significant device that holds a lot of information, from bank details, passwords to personal photos and contacts. Thus, losing it can directly impact your daily routine and frustrate your well-being. Below are simple steps that you can follow if you want to understand how to track your iPhone by use of a phone number:

  1. Access the on your PC or laptop.
  2. Login to your account, go to the main menu and choose “Find iPhone.”
  3. The system will then prompt you to enter your password and Apple ID.
  4. Proceed to the top menu bar and choose “All Devices” option.
  5. It will display a list of devices, and you need to select the one you want to track.
  6. Through this method, you can comfortably track your Apple gadget on the map from a remote location. You can call it, text or delete all the information to guard your private details against leaking to third parties.

Also, you can incorporate a free tracking application for iPhones to locate the gadget.

Track phone using Google’s timeline

Are you aware that all iPhones have a hidden map that records all the locations you have ever visited? Google and Apple are tech-giants across the globe, and they both keep a thorough log of the location history of users in case an emergency arises. Go to the settings of your iOS device and turn on this particular function. Ensure that you have a stable connection to the Internet for Google to update the location of your phone regularly. You need to select this online service on to get the latest updates regarding your iPhone.

  1. Get started from the web browser of your computer and head to Google’s timeline. Proceed to the top and select the current date on the panel or click on the icon ‘Today’.
  2. It will bring a list displaying the location history that allows you to scroll and select the latest entry at the bottom.
  3. Study the locations, and if you find out that the area is similar for earlier updates, establish the exact place and retrieve your Apple device.
  4. If your iPhone records different locations, there is a possibility that it is stolen. Thus, you need to report to the authorities and immediately safeguard your data from third-party access. Also, you can seek the help of friends and family to help you trace your iPhone.

After you lose your iPhone, it is of paramount importance to know how you can protect the data in your smart device. Here are ways to secure the information:

  • Once you are sure your iPhone is missing, it is crucial to change the password of your Apple ID without delay.
  • Change all the passwords to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and others. Do not forget the e-mail accounts too.
  • You must report the incident to the police and give them the serial number of your iOS phone. With the rising online threats, it will protect you from further implications in case the device is used to carry out illegal deals.
  • Immediately contact your iPhone carrier and notify them of the situation and request for account termination.

How to Secretly Track an iPhone

Today, most people monitor devices due to various personal reasons. You can secretly track an iPhone that belongs to another person with the help of a GPS app that is specifically for monitoring phones.
One of the popular apps is Find My Friends, which is in-built software in the current iOS versions. It is a free application for those who do not want to spend extra for monitoring other devices. The primary purpose of this app is to connect with your friends or family members. No downloads are needed.

secretly track iPhone

You can access another person’s smartphone, change the settings and turn on the function on this app, thus permitting the sharing of the location to your phone without their knowledge. Next is to accept the invitation that comes to your phone but, avoid sharing your geo-position.

In this technological age, you may find individuals who may want to keep an eye on their spouses through mobile devices. Are you aware that you can secretly track an iPhone that belongs to another person? Enjoy the benefits of a specialized app known as uMobix or mSpy. It is professional software that monitors call logs, texts, and other activities without any traces. The modern app features make it the best for parents who want to control the activities of their children and also for employers at the workplace to improve productivity.

Locate an iPhone with mSpy

Apart from tracking your children or employes, you can also use mSpy to locate a lost or stolen iPhone. Probably you may have forgotten your Apple ID, and you do not know where to begin, mSpy has you covered.

It is a resourceful application that caters to the needs of end-users, especially when it comes to security issues. The multiple functions of the app make it desirable and high on demand since it also acts as an anti-theft mechanism. It offers the users a capable GPS location tracker and geo-fencing options that can provide relevant information immediately about the location of your iPhone when you lose it. Hence, it reduces the stress of locating your smart device since it gives out a record of physical movements. Eventually, you will find your iPhone with the ease and convenience of using mSpy.

First, open the control panel of the app to select a subscription package that meets your tracking needs. It is a simple process that takes a few minutes to complete. Anyone can complete the process.

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In case you have any questions or technical issues, you can reach out to a team of support representatives for 24/7 customer assistancemSpy simplifies the tracking process using dynamic app features.

Is it possible to track an iPhone with just the number?

Most iPhone users prefer tracking lost devices using quality applications such as Highster Mobile or mSpy. However, other monitoring options are available such as using IMEI tracker or IMEI number.

Today, technology makes it possible to track an iPhone using the phone number only if the SIM card is still in the phone. The cell provider can perform a triangulation process to locate the calls made from the device. However, the likelihood of the thief swapping the SIM card is high, making tracking nearly impossible. Instead, using the IMEI number is an effective method for recovering your iOS device. Do not be deceived by individuals who claim to track the phone solely based on the phone number. Relying on the phone number alone may not yield significant results and may lead to further frustration.

Ultimately, you can still use other monitoring apps. With all the above tracking methods, you can safely implement them to track an iPhone.

FAQs about iPhone Location Tracking

What are the paid options for tracking an iPhone location by phone number?

There are a number of paid options for tracking an iPhone location by phone number. These options typically offer more features and accuracy than the free options. Some popular paid tracking services include:
uMobix: This service allows you to track the location of your family and friends in real time. It also offers features such as geofinder, alerts, and messaging.
FamiSafe: This service is designed for parents who want to track the location of their children. It offers features such as location history, time limits, and app blocking.
mSpy: This service is a more comprehensive tracking solution that can be used to track both iPhone and Android devices. It offers features such as call recording, text message monitoring, and social media tracking.

Which is the best way to track an iPhone location by phone number?

The best way to track an iPhone location by phone number depends on your needs and budget. If you are looking for a free option, then the Find My iPhone service is a good option. If you are looking for a more comprehensive tracking solution, then a paid service such as uMobix or Cocospy is a good option.

What are the legal implications of tracking an iPhone location by phone number?

In some jurisdictions, it may be illegal to track someone’s location without their consent. It is also important to be aware of the privacy settings on the iPhone. If the iPhone’s location services are turned off, then you will not be able to track the device.

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