Is It Possible To Monitor Someone’s iPhone?

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At some point, every parent might think about some kind of tool or app to monitor iPhone they gave to a child as a gift. The same way it works with employees. And an iPhone monitoring software can help you find out who sells corporate secrets or who talks to your child online.

‘Is it possible to track someone’s phone and see all actions?’ a brief answer is ‘Yes, it is possible!’. It is completely possible to see everything another person does with both an Android smartphone and Apple iPhone. But this time, let’s focus on iPhone monitoring.

What Features Can I Get Installing Tracking Apps?

Spyware and parental control apps have possibilities far beyond location tracking. A user can see everything that another person does with a smartphone. The best iPhone monitoring software appears to be so advanced that there is nothing an employee or child can do with the target device secretly. Every single message disregarding what kind of messenger he or she uses or even taps on a screen can be objects of tracking. Does it sound great for you? So, let’s dig into it!

Location Monitoring

location monitoring on your iPhone

The main purpose of someone installing tracking software on the phone is always to see the location of that person. And that person can be nobody but a child, employee, or suspect.

“Tom, why did the delivery take so long?”
“I’m sorry, chief. Trafic…”
“Why are you lying to me? Do you think I pay you to sit your back in a cafe?”
“Sir, I was too hungry… so I just took a few snacks.”
“For two hours?”

The primary application of this feature involves monitoring the real-time whereabouts of employees who utilize company-issued phones rather than their personal devices. By implementing tracking functionality, it effectively minimizes instances of time wastage and idleness during work hours. Therefore, you can consistently verify that your employees are maximizing their productivity in alignment with their compensation.

Parents of underaged children can use iPhone monitoring spyware even without asking their kids. It is a thing because parents are in charge of the safety and deeds of their children. But as a child grows up and becomes 18 years oldparents should stop tracking or do it without the permission of their child.

children having fun at the party

Tracking an adult is much complicated. Even if you gave him or her a phone that belongs to you or a company, it doesn’t mean you can secretly spy on them. You have to warn them about tracking or even better – ask to sing a paper or add a line into the contract. Anyway, it would be better to warn about tracking multiple times to be sure that an employee knows about it. In such a way, a company would avoid unnecessary lawsuits.

How Does It Work?

Every modern phone has a built-in GPS module. From the beginning, it serves as a location finding tool for a phone. So, this smart device becomes a full-scale GPS navigator being a regular phone and a computer at the same time.

Smartphones use Bluetooth markers, cell phone towers, and wi-fi hotspots to track the locations as precisely as possible. Regularly your smartphone uses location data itself to show you where you are on a map. Or sends it to other apps if your permission is granted. Then you see personalized ads and best sales in the closest stores.

But a control app for parents or employees sends data to a parent’s or boss’s device. Then they see the location of a child’s or employee’s device on a map. Let’s take a look at all the features of iPhone monitoring apps:

Location History Monitoring 🗺️

Another useful feature that an iPhone monitoring software can have is a location history monitor. With full access to a target device, a boss or a parent can see where a device was and for how long.

This is simple and useful for monitoring curriers or track drivers. On the other hand, this feature helps in preventing children from going somewhere you don’t want them to be.

Collecting a location history is not just an iPhone monitoring software feature. An iPhone does it on its own. You can check in settings and see a detailed history of places where you have been. Also, there you can turn the record off if you want. It is important to mention that these data are private, so no app can gather it without permission.

Tracking the history of movement on the map

Call Log iPhone Monitoring 📞

Every monitoring app for iPhone includes a call log feature. It records when and what number was called from a target phone as well as records incoming calls. So, a boss or parent can see who their child or employee was talking to, when, and how long. No more family calls via a corporate device for the company’s money.

Spyware still gets all data even if a target device user would try to erase it. So, there is no practical way of having a secret chat with someone using a smartphone with a client version of spyware installed.

Call Recording 🎧

A call log is a feature of all monitoring software for the iPhone has. But call recording is a far more advanced feature only a few software developers can offer. On the other hand, it is extremely useful to know what your employees were talking about.

Were they talking about something important or just having a long chat about nothing? In the same way, a parent would like to know what he or she is talking about with friends or strangers. Does your child have to keep friendship with them, or should they never speak again due to bad influence?

Internet Activity Monitor 🌏

iPhone monitoring apps allow users to see all the internet activity from a target device and block some websites. In terms of parental control, spyware allows blocking adult, gambling, and websites with unappreciated content. And as for an employee’s smartphone, everything can be restricted, but corporate websites and other few useful pages.

Also, the whole internet history of target devices would be available if you set up a spyware app on each.

Screen Monitoring 📱

Screen monitoring on iPhone allows users to track and observe the activities taking place on the device’s screen in real time. This feature is particularly useful for parents who want to keep an eye on their child’s digital interactions or for organizations that need to monitor employee device usage. With screen monitoring, users can remotely view the content being displayed on the iPhone’s screen, including apps, websites, and messages. This feature promotes transparency, safety, and responsible device usage by providing a way to supervise and manage screen time effectively.

Social Media Tracking 😋

Young people use social media a lot, and not only the best control applications include monitoring of these services. You won’t get social media support for free, but you will get it with a standard pack from most brands if you want it.

Social media tracking is important for both kids and employees monitoring. We don’t want our workers to spend all day looking at memes. In most cases, it is not their job. This feature allows seeing posts, messages made via target mobile phone. So, you can precisely monitor the activity of everyone.

Messengers Monitoring 💬

Another important feature for parents as well as for bosses is messenger monitoring – especially Snapchat tracking.

Nowadays, a lot of messengers are encrypted peer to peer chatting services. So you can send a text message no one can read. The only way of seeing a chat is from peer sides. But if you use one of the best spyware apps for ios, it would be possible to see all messages. Even deleted ones.

Messenger monitoring is extremely important for children’s safety due to numerous cases of criminals selling drugs via Snapchat and WhatsApp. Also, having a monitoring tool would help to prevent younger ones from overusing social media.

Keywords Tracker 📝

Neither you nor anyone else can spend all time watching another person using a cell phone. That’s why a keyword tracker is included in most spyware apps, not only in the best ones. It tracks what a user is typing and what he or she is reading. Then it converts it into text and searches for keywords.

For example, you can set it for word booze. If a child or employee types or sees it on a screen, you automatically will get a notification about it.

The same way works for forbidden action alarms. You can set it on opening social media and apps useless in the working process. As a user proceeds with a forbidden action you’ll get a notification with all details.

Partial Control 🎛️

Some iPhone monitoring apps also allow controlling a target device. It does not mean full direct control of it. But you can turn it off, block, or wipe all data without even touching it. Just with a simple command via spyware. Some apps allow you to partially erase data and clean a device from apps you don’t want.

How To Monitor IPhone? App Installation Requirements

There is no spyware in Apple Store since it can be used illegally by people who want to spy on their partners due to cheating. Or by actual criminals. So, you have to download spyware directly from a developer’s official website. Still, you can find parental control antiviruses in Apple Store.

How To Discover If Someone Is Tracking Your iPhone?

The main issue in most cases, is a need for jailbreak. It is needed because you cannot install any app from the internet on a target device, including iPhone monitoring services. Apple does not allow it because it is unsafe to do. Also, jailbreak would lead to warranty loss.

How to install a tracking app on  iPhone

The installation process is quite hard even for an experienced Apple iPhone user. That’s why most developers have detailed instructions on an installation you have to follow. Also, you can ask their support team for step-by-step online guidance and even remote setup via TeamViewer.

Do I Have To Install Something Directly On The Target Device?

There is no need for it. All you need is to enter an Apple ID account and install spyware on a backup file. Then with this backup file, you can install it on a device even remotely. Still, this might be a complicated task, and we strongly recommend you to ask a support team of chosen service for help.

What Are The Best 5 iPhone Monitoring Apps?

how to monitor iPhone

There are a lot of brands on the internet. And the best way to choose one is to use all trials they offer to you. Moreover, this is the way you’ll have free iPhone monitoring software for almost a year. It would be much better to choose the best app to monitor iPhone:

1) Net Nanny (Formerly Zift)

As you can get from the name, this app is completely focused on parental control. It has all functions you need from location tracking to social media monitoring. And it has pretty nice prices.

2) Norton Family

This is a parental control app too. It has a lot of functionality behind it. So you can remotely control a target device. And it is antivirus at the same time. And you can get the best deal if you already have Norton Antivirus on your PC.

ESET and Kaspersky also include a parental control pack you can purchase for an iPhone. It has the same functionality as described below, but their services are not that useful for employee monitoring.

3) IKeyMonitor

This is an advanced service for both kids and employee monitoring. It includes location tracking and history, call logs and recording, monitoring of social media, and internet activity. So, you can be sure that your children are safe and effective.

4) Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the most popular monitoring apps. And the main advantage of it is secrecy. Still, a boss cannot secretly spy on subordinates, but it does not make an iPhone feel like a children’s toy.

5) uMobix

uMobix is a comprehensive and reliable solution for monitoring iPhone devices. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this app allows you to track and monitor various activities on an iPhone remotely, from call logs and text messages to social media interactions and browsing history. Additionally, it enables GPS tracking, so you can stay informed about the device’s location in real-time.


And so, how to track someone's iphone

The iPhone monitoring software allows you to gather all data you might need from an employee’s corporate phone to judge his or her effectiveness.

So, you’ll get:

  • Current location;
  • Location history;
  • Internet activity;
  • Social media activity;
  • Chats;
  • Call logs and call records.

All these data are extremely useful for parental control as well. Consider using a software listed before to be sure that your child is safe.

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