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Before starting the review we want to drive your attention to one interesting detail: there are two types of software monitor to confuse about, we mean PhoneSheriff Investigator Edition and a regular program PhoneSheriff (that is quite similar to Mobile Spy itself). These programs are very different and have not the same functions and principle of work. In order to keep everything clear: we are going to speak about Phone Sheriff Investigator.

With PhoneSheriff you can monitor the phone of your friends or lovers

About PhoneSheriff

So What It Finally Is?

It’s a spy computer program that is installed on PC or laptop with Windows. The program is able to monitor only Apple gadgets (iPods, iPads and iPhones only). Main plus of the program is that there is no Jailbreak needed. The software makes it possible to get all information about target gadget and its activity with the help of Apple iCloud service that also requires making an account of Apple user with a unique ID and password.

What it requires

The application is capable of monitoring exclusively Apple devices. Once you purchase a licensed version, you can install it on a single computer. Nonetheless, the program allows you to obtain information from multiple devices simultaneously, requiring only one installation.

Purchasing is done with a single fee without any hidden or additional payments. In order to perform normally the program has several requirements:

  • It’s necessary to use iCloud and to sign up providing an Apple ID. Fortunately, it’s free;
  • It’s required to have an Apple user ID and password;
  • Computer or any Laptop with Windows Vista, 10 or 11;
  • Proper connection to internet.


Which Type of Information You Can Get?

PhoneSheriff Review

Thought, the main principle of program’s work is very different from software for cell phones its functions are very alike:

  • SMS – check any messages that are sent or received or read those messages that are were received before;
  • iMessages – get information on those messages that were received/send via iMessage;
  • Calls – check detailed history of call logs;
  • GPS Monitoring – check location of the gadget online (shown with some delay);
  • Photos – any photo that is already on device can be checked;
  • Contacts – get access to all contact saved in a list;
  • Notes – any short notes that has ever been saved on the phone can be seen;
  • Details on account – all account information is listed and shown.

If to compare this software with basic spy software like Flexispy or Mobile Spy we can say it’s out of competition due to absence of some important features and a delay in providing information. However, if there’s no opportunity or no desire to deal with Jailbreak the software is quite a good variant.

How It Works

Principles of PhoneSheriff Investigator’s Work

Using PhoneSheriff doesn’t require any technical skills except basic:

  1. Check if the monitored gadget is connected to iCloud.
  2. Purchase and set PhoneSheriff Investigator up on any PC or regular laptop with Windows.
  3. Use an Apple ID and the password you have for signing up.
  4. Check all necessary information on the screen.

If the phone that you want to monitor doesn’t have Apple ID and password, it’s possible to set it on your own. In this case no changes will be introduced to the phone software and no signs will appear – but this will prove the fact of owner’s approval of your monitoring the phone. It’s necessary for keeping the process legal.

PhoneSheriff app on your phone

Phone Sheriff Investigator uses iCloud as a base for information exchange, with other words: the system doesn’t connect to the gadget itself but it gets data from iCloud. Nice idea with some minuses. And the worst thing about this is a constant withdrawal in information flow. The program will only show the information that is available while data synchronizing on iCloud. It’s quite a problem for GPS location check. All information will be provided after an update.

Important Information

Latest Information – 2023 – It’s Important!

PhoneSheriff monitor was developed by Mobile Spy company and they decided to remove it from market. It’s now impossible to purchase the product.

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Instead of Phone Sheriff – Mobile Spy has created a new product with similar characteristics. It also doesn’t need Jailbreaking and is provided free of charge when you buy regular packages of the company.

Final Thought

Conclusion about PhoneSheriff App

The program fulfills those tasks that the company puts on it in quite a nice way. It’s also easy to use it without advanced computer skills what makes it perfect for monitoring children’s phone activity.

PhoneSheriff site

It’s obviously worse than standard spy applications for phones and it provides less functions and has serious limits.

It can be good variants for monitoring kids’ or corporative mobiles. And almost useless for all other cases when it’s difficult to get an ID and password of a device. It can also be an only possible variant for those who avoid dealing with Jailbreak. The good news is that price for unlimited use is around $80 what is quite cheap especially if to take into consideration that it’s useful for monitoring several devices.

The company developed free Trial version that is quite exact but still limited. Free version allows it to show only 10 records for a log or is available for 7 days only. It’s still a good way to get better acquaintance with the program.

Answering Questions That You May Have:

  • The program works on Apple devices;
  • The software shall be installed on PCs or laptops;
  • It’s necessary to have iCloud started on monitored device;
  • Requires Apple ID and password of the phone you want to spy after;
  • Your information for login is absolutely protected as it can be useful only on your PC or laptop;
  • It works without extra fees – it’s possible to monitor several devices and no adittional payment for that;

You shall only pay once for the whole period of using the program.

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