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“If we’re unhappy, it must be because something isn’t going right”, says psychologist Seth J. Gillihan, and the concept of unhappiness in the modern world is nowadays determined by the secret acts behind the phone screens. If you also need ease of mind in your relationship, family, or workplace, this extensive SpyBubble Review is just for you.


What Does SpyBubble Pro Do?

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SpyBubble Pro is a comprehensive spy app developed to track all kinds of phone activities anonymously and remotely. From call tracking to social media spying, SpyBubble is your best agent in secret surveillance.

The phone tracker app allows you to read deleted messages, informs you about the whereabouts of a person via the GPS tracking feature, and blocks and restricts harmful web pages. It works in stealth mode, allowing you to remain anonymous during the supervision.

Pros and Cons

SpyBubble App Advantages and Disadvantages

SpyBubble Pro is one of the best cell phone tracker apps that provide valid and accurate mobile surveillance for Android and iOS devices. Here are the SpyBubble pros and cons we listed for you:

Jailbreaking/Rooting is not necessary
Suitable for Android and iPhone
Affordable prices, special offers, and discounts
Viewing and controlling phone activities
Social media monitoring
Restoring deleted messages and contacts 
Geofinder (anonymous location tracking by phone number)
7/24 customer service
Free trial upon request
Most features do not apply to iOS devices
No demo
No geofencing


Reasons to Use SpyBubble

The hidden spyware possesses all the fundamental phone tracking features you may need for efficient cell phone monitoring, allowing all kinds of customers to find what they are looking for. 

Spying on an Unfaithful Partner

The advanced phone tracker grants you full access to the call history, private chats, and media files of your spouse remotely. It runs in full stealth mode and keeps track of deleted or renamed contacts for better insight.

Employee Monitoring

With its real-time location tracking feature, the app shows if a worker idles around during work hours.  The active online status of the employees on social media apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, or Facebook also drops on the user panel via screenshots. The app allows employers to maintain productivity and control the confidentiality of information on work devices.

Remote Parental Control

The top-tier spy app tracks all incoming and outgoing messages of your kid and performs intense social media and website monitoring via the keylogger feature. You can view the shared images and videos, read DMs, and track the location of your loved ones on the map simultaneously. SpyBubble will give parents peace of mind and help them stay vigilant.

SpyBubble Installation 

The SpyBubble app download process is easy and fast, and no rooting or jailbreaking is necessary for Android and iPhones. Once the sign-up and payment steps are completed, a setup wizard pops up in your SpyBubble user account, and the step-by-step installation starts.

SpyBubble for Android

SpyBubble free download for Android phones requires one-time physical access to the target device. To install SpyBubble on your Android device, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit SpyBubble Pro official website and click on “Try Now”.
  2. Enter a valid email address and choose “Android Phone or Tablet”.
  3. Pick up your subscription plan and proceed to the payment page.
  4. Complete the payment with your card details.
  5. Check your email for the account credentials.
  6. Use the username and password provided and login to your SpyBubble account.
  7. Click on the setup wizard and download the SpyBubble apk.
  8. Open it on the target device.
  9. Disable Play Protect and grant necessary permissions throughout the process.
  10. Wait for the automatic installation to be completed.
  11. Log in to your user panel from any device and start remote Android monitoring.

SpyBubble for iPhone

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Setting up SpyBubble for iOS devices is possible via iCloud credentials. This feature enables users to remotely activate the spy app on the target phone. Here are the installation stages:

  1. Go to the official website and use the “Try Now” icon.
  2. Enter your email address and choose “iOS, iPhone, iPad”.
  3. Choose your plan and complete the payment to get your SpyBubble login details.
  4. Log in to your account, start the setup wizard, and follow the instructions.
  5. Enter the Apple ID and password of the iOS device to monitor iMessages, phone activity, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Scan the QR code provided by using the target device to monitor location and browser history.
  6. Finalize the process and wait for SpyBubble to verify the information.
  7. Access your user dashboard and spy on the Apple device anonymously.


SpyBubble Free Trial and Demo

Enrolling in SpyBubble free accounts is possible by contacting customer support via live chat or email and requesting a free trial. It may be granted for 2 or 7 days. Noteworthy, SpyBubble Pro does not offer a demo version yet. However, affordable startup prices await newcomers with special discounts. Plus, special coupon codes can be obtained from different websites featuring SpyBubble app reviews. 


Best Features of SpyBubble Monitoring App

Once you install the app, the discreet monitoring options allow you to view Android and iPhone phone activities without being noticed. Keep reading and find out the most efficient tracking solutions of the spyware.

1. Spy on Mobile Phones Remotely 

SpyBubble snoops into the incoming/outgoing/deleted call history, contacts, SMS messages, as well as notes, calendars, and mailboxes. It also shows the device info and grants access to the installed apps on the target phone. 

2. Secretly View a Social Media Account 

With the keylogging feature, the spyware obtains the login credentials of Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, TikTok, and other social media and reports all new posts, direct messages, and interactions via screenshots. The deleted chats are also stored in the user dashboard and remain there until the end of your subscription. 


After the Android set-up and iOS remote install, SpyBubble tracks the private Instagram profiles of the phone owner via keylogger, shows posts and DMs secretly, and views shared media files in chats without notification. The unique feature is full access to Facebook and Instagram on iOS without jailbreak as if you were the account owner.


SpyBubble secretly leaks into Snapchat profiles and reveals this information simultaneously on Android. Whenever the account holder is online, the user is notified in real-time.


Facebook is one of the world’s most-used online social media app platforms. Thanks to SpyBubble Pro, viewing the contact list, messages, pictures, and posts, as well as the saved events, is a piece of cake. 


SpyBubble phone tracker offers effective tracking solutions for the TikTok platform on Android, and snoops into the profile details, followed and following lists, and shared videos anonymously and remotely. 

3. Check Online Messages  

The extensive spyware tool successfully tracks the instant messaging apps including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram. Here are the details:


SpyBubble users can read and save WhatsApp chats without being detected on Android and iOS. The spy app notifies the users of every incoming and outgoing message on the app and captures these conversations via quick screenshots.

Facebook Messenger

The contact lists and private chat boxes in Facebook Messenger are followed by the phone tracker with timestamps. In this way, all online interactions and secret messages of the device owner can be tracked simultaneously. 


SpyBubble monitoring app grants users full access to the names, secret chats, and deleted messages on the app and gives you an idea about the hidden connections of the target phone.

4. Track Device Location Discreetly

The cell phone tracker uses GPS signals and geolocates Android and iPhones precisely. It provides an HD map view and gives you an idea about the whereabouts of the tracked gadget. Also, it is possible to pin down any person by phone number via Geofinder feature. For this, no installation is required.


SpyBubble Price

SpyBubble Pro offers its customers reasonable prices with 3 subscription plans. The monthly plan costs $49.99 per month, while a 3-month subscription is $29.99 per month. With the best value, an annual plan costs only $12.49 per month, and a limited 15% offer is available for new registrations. Noticeably, the money-back guarantee is 14 days. 

SpyBubble vs. mSpy

SpyBubble Pro vs. mSpy Cell Phone Tracker 

If you need some alternatives to SpyBubble, various spy apps offer quality monitoring features for mobile phones. mSpy cell phone tracker is one of them. 

Jailbreak / RootingNoNot compulsory but possible
CompatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS 
Free Trial YesNo
Money-Back Guarantee14 days14 days
Unique FeaturesDeleted messages tracking, camera and microphone streaming, full access to FB and IG on iOSKeyword alerts, geofencing, screen recorder
Live ChatYesYes
Starting Price$12.49 p/mo$41.99 p/mo

SpyBubble vs. Spylix

SpyBubble Tracker vs. Spylix Monitoring App 

Spylix is an online spyware for secret and remote phone monitoring. It offers customers affordable prices and useful features.

Jailbreak / RootingNoNo jailbreak / Rooting
CompatibilityAndroid and iOSAndroid and iOS 
Free Trial YesNo
Money-Back Guarantee14 days14 days
Unique FeaturesSIM card replacement alert, renamed contacts tracking, screenshotsFull stealth mode, keylogger, geofencing
Live ChatYesNo
Starting Price$12.49 p/mo$9.99 p/mo


Customer Support

Efficient customer support is a crucial element of a valid spyware service and SpyBubble has a dedicated support team that addresses the needs of the users for 7/24. You can send an email to customer service or simply click on the live chat icon on the homepage and seek help. 



Is SpyBubble legit?

Yes. SpyBubble is a trustworthy phone tracker app that offers advanced and legit monitoring features for Android and iOS users.

Is SpyBubble free?

SpyBubble Pro charges customers for the services it provides. However, its budget-friendly subscription plans and exclusive discounts offer quality phone tracking options. Moreover, it offers a $1 trial offer for 2 or 7 days upon request.

Does SpyBubble really work?

Yes. As evidenced by SpyBubble reviews, it is a comprehensible ad glitch-free spy app developed to snoop into all kinds of phone activities discreetly. Remote and accurate monitoring services enhance user experience.

How to tell if SpyBubble is active on your phone? 

The spy app is designed to disguise itself in the mobile OS and will not appear in the phone apps list. Running in stealth mode it won’t raise any suspicions. If the app needs to be deactivated, the wizard will be at hand. 

How much does SpyBubble cost?

SpyBubble cost varies between $12.49 and $49.99. There are monthly and yearly full-pack plans available on the official website. The trial offer requires a fee of $1.

Is SpyBubble safe?

Yes. The tracker app protects the anonymity of its users with legit privacy policies and ensures safe payment processes with valid refund practices.

Does SpyBubble work on refurbished iPhones?

Yes. SpyBubble can successfully spy on a refurbished iOS device and import phone data to the user dashboard anonymously and remotely.

Is SpyBubble hidden on the target phone?

Yes. SpyBubble Pro is a hidden spyware disguised in the mobile OS of the phone. It does not send any notifications to the device owner and cannot be found on the installed apps list.

Does SpyBubble send the phone notification?

No. The tracker app does not show up in the notification bar or inform the device owner of the act of tracking. It is fully anonymous and monitors the mobile phone without being detected.

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