Spyic Tracker App Review

Amidst a sea of parental control apps, Spyic shines as a community favorite. Its impressive capabilities and user-friendliness make it stand out. If you’re seeking the best Spyic reviews, your search ends here.

Spyic Phone Traсker App

We’ll guide you through its features, pros and cons, price, compatibility, and core competitors, diving into its core qualities to help you make an informed decision. 


What Is Spyic App?

In a world where cyberbullying and online threats loom large, how can concerned parents empower their children while ensuring their safety? How about a virtual guardian that travels with them? Enter Spyic, the best spy phone monitoring software that doesn’t just scratch the surface. Spyic doesn’t just limit itself to being a parental control tool. 

Imagine having an extra pair of eyes on your employees or a secret weapon to catch a cheater. How does that sound? From tracking locations to unraveling text messages, Spyic doesn’t miss a beat. And what is more, it works like a charm on Android and iOS devices without rooting or installing on the target device.

About Spyic App

For iPhones, the Spyic app plays it smart. No installation is required; just the Apple ID is all it needs to unlock a treasure trove of insights. How’s that for convenience? Hold on. There’s more. Spyic lets you dip your toes in the water before diving in. A free demo version offers you a clear view of what you may expect from this tracking app. Precise phone number location tracker, discreet text message monitoring, thorough call log examination, web activity observation, and even a virtual boundary through geofencing features are included. Settle in for an immersive journey as we delve into each of these aspects and beyond within the realm of our Spyic review.

Pros and Cons

Spyic Pros and Cons

Like any other app, Spyic has its share of advantages and drawbacks. At this stage of our review, we will uncover the nuances, highlighting Spyic pros and cons:

  • Accurate tracking app
  • Works without rooting/jailbreaking
  • A demo version is provided
  • Compatibility with iOS and Android 
  • No installation for iOS required
  • Many advanced features, including geofencing, are supported
  • Allows monitoring up to 3 devices for Android, and up to 25 devices for iOS (depending on the subscription plan)
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Non-jailbroken iOS devices don’t offer the full feature set
  • Geofencing and Viber tracking features are not supported for iOS devices
  • Lacks call and video recording
  • For social media tracking activities on iOS, only Line and WhatsApp platforms are supported

Using the Application

How to Use Spyic

Spyic is a versatile tool, offering numerous avenues for utilization:

Business 👨‍💼

Spyic emerges as a dynamic asset for businesses, addressing multifaceted challenges through its cutting-edge features. To illustrate its impact, let’s dive into a compelling case study:

  • Ensuring data security

You may use Spyic to safeguard sensitive company data by monitoring digital interactions. Suspicious or unauthorized data transfers can be detected promptly, preventing unauthorized information leaks.

  • Verifying employee integrity

Spyic’s tracking features offer a transparent approach to verifying employee honesty and integrity. Accurate data tracking ensures employees adhere to company policies and maintain ethical behavior.

  • Enhancing workforce efficiency

Spyic helps identify employee inefficiencies. Insights into communication patterns and collaboration dynamics enable businesses to streamline processes and boost productivity.

  • Optimizing resource allocation

By tracking employee activities and digital communications, Spyic aids in optimizing resource allocation. Businesses can identify underutilized resources and allocate them more effectively, reducing waste and enhancing cost efficiency.

Parental Control 👨‍👩‍👦

The Spyic tracking app stands as a steadfast companion for parents, offering a comprehensive suite of features to ensure their children’s safety and well-being in the digital age:

  • Tracking real-time locations

With Spyic’s real-time location tracking, parents can ensure their child’s physical safety by knowing their whereabouts at all times displayed on Google Maps. This feature becomes especially useful in emergencies or unfamiliar situations.

  • Monitoring social media activities

Spyic allows parents to watch their child’s social media interactions. It helps identify signs of bullying, peer pressure, or harmful online relationships, ensuring a safe online environment.

  • Preventing harmful or inappropriate content exposure

Through Spyic’s content monitoring capabilities, parents can prevent their children from accessing age-inappropriate or explicit content, promoting healthy online habits.

  • Detecting psychological issues

By analyzing communication patterns and changes in behavior, Spyic enables parents to detect potential emotional or psychological issues their child may be facing, allowing for timely intervention and support.

  • Ensuring responsible smartphone usage

Spyic assists parents in managing screen time and device usage, promoting a balanced digital lifestyle for their children. This feature aids in preventing excessive device addiction and maintaining academic focus.

Cheating Partner 💔

Spyic is also a powerful tool in unveiling potential infidelity within a relationship, providing individuals with insights and evidence to confront suspicions. Here is how it can help in revealing a cheating partner:

  • Determining the real-time location of your partner

Leveraging Spyic’s accurate GPS tracking (about GPS), you gain the ability to monitor your partner’s real-time location. This feature becomes instrumental in confirming or questioning their accounts’ validity regarding their activities and locations.

  • Accumulating solid proofs

Through collecting tangible information like call records, messages, browser history, and geographical data, Spyic equips you with the substantiated evidence essential for either affirming or dispelling concerns of unfaithfulness. This data empowers you to make well-considered choices regarding the trajectory of your relationship.

  • Checking social media activities

Spyic cell phone tracker grants you entry into your partner’s realm of social media engagements, enabling you to examine their interactions, posts, and messages meticulously. Abrupt shifts in social media conduct or clandestine associations can signal potential concerns.

Special Cases 😳

There could be other scenarios where Spyic proves invaluable. You may be monitoring the well-being of relocated retired parents or assessing the trustworthiness of a suspicious roommate. Spyic solution is best to rely on in any situation demanding activity tracking.


How Does Spyic Work on the Target Device?

Spyic is an easy-to-install app. The installation process for both Android and iOS starts the same and involves the following steps:

  1. Go to spyic.pro and click “Sign up free” for Spyic sign in.
spyic website
  1. Enter your email and password for Spyic free account registration on the website. Tap “Sign up free” to confirm your actions.
Sign up free
  1. Choose the OS of the device you want to monitor. 
  1. Select a preferred subscription package and proceed with payment.
price spyic

Now installation process starts. We’ll discuss the installation process for iOS and Android separately.


  1. Take the target device. While the app functions without rooting. Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android “Settings.” 
android settings
  1. Go to “Settings,” “Google,” “Security,” and “Google Play Protect.” Disable “Improve harmful app detection” and “Scan device for security threats.”
Settings google
  1. Log into your Spyic account with provided login credentials. 
  2. Follow onscreen commands in the Installation Wizard to install Spyic on the target Android phone (you will see a Spyic download link on the set-up Wizard page, which you must use to download the tool). So, take the target device and use that Spyic app download link (you may also visit Google Play market for Spyic free download).
  3. Slide right to start the Spyic app download for Android.
  4. Find the Spyic APK file in your downloads folder once downloaded. 
  5. Tap “Install” and then “Open.”
Install and Open
  1. Read and accept “Privacy Policy & EULA.”
Privacy Policy & EULA
  1. Follow the wizard to finish the settings on the target phone.
finish the settings on the target phone
  1. You can oversee activities through the dedicated online portal after successfully installing the monitoring app.
online portal
  1. Once Spyic is installed on the target device, enter your Spyic log in credentials of your user space. 
  2. The wizard page redirects to the control panel dashboard. Upon initial access, the monitored device’s data synchronization may take seconds or minutes.
  3. The top-left menu lists supported features. Click the dashboard’s refresh icon to sync recent data.

Note: New data won’t push to your Control Panel if the monitored Android is offline or lacks an internet connection.


You don’t need to access the target iOS device to install the app physically. However, to use Spyic for iPhone, iCloud credentials of the target phone are required for remote install.

  1. Enter the iCloud credentials into your Spyic dashboard.
Spyic for iPhone
  1. To access old logs before installation, choose “Backup Now” (go to the target phone’s “Settings,” “iCloud,” “Storage and Backup.”
  2. Enable Cloud backups on the iOS device.
  3. Choose the iOS device you are going to monitor.
Choose the iOS device
  1. Click the “Start” button to track your iPhone location.


Demo Version

With the help of the Spyic demo version, you are able to discover how Spyic operates without any financial commitment. This risk-free opportunity allows you to experience its essential monitoring features, which are ideal for discreetly keeping an eye on your partner or children. Here you will see what the application includes and how easy-to-navigate its UI is. 

demo version spyic


Spyic Features and How to Use Them

Amidst a plethora of positive Spyic app reviews, each highlighting distinct features, let’s delve into the quintessential attributes that make this tool remarkable.

1. Phone Spying

Let’s start with the phone’s tracking features. What do they include?

SMS Tracker

  • An essential feature for parental control, Spyic’s SMS tracker ensures insight into children’s communication.
  • It allows users to read sent and received messages, including deleted ones, along with timestamps.
  • MMS messages are covered, with displayed media attachments.
  • Message threads are presented in their entirety.
  • Receiver’s/sender’s data, including their names, phone numbers, and pictures, are accessible.
SMS Tracker

Call Tracker

  • Detailed call log showcases incoming and outgoing calls, durations, timestamps, and call count.
  • Insight into the most frequently contacted individuals is provided.
Call Tracker

SIM Tracker

  • An essential tool that can alert you when your child changes their SIM card to another one.
  • Provides necessary SIM card information.
  • Spyic IMEI tracker, network tracker, MCC, and MNC are included.
  • Helps you track your child’s location on Google Maps.
  • Currently, this feature is included for Android devices, for iOS is not supported.
SIM Tracker

Contact Access

  • A peek into contacts provides a window into your child’s social circle and aids in emergencies.
  • The contact book access button, conveniently located, reveals a trove of contact information, including the person’s email and home address.
  • It is possible to view how often and with who your child communicates the most. 
Contact Access

Calendar Activities

  • Available for iOS and Android cell phones, the feature provides information about important events or dates, their start and end dates, and their location.
Calendar Activities

2. Social Media Monitoring

Explore an extensive array of platforms, each monitored meticulously by Spyic’s specialized tracker:


Monitor social interactions and content sharing on Facebook. See when every message is sent. 


Check sent and received messages, photo, and video sharing activities. You can also view contacts and other details on Android devices without rooting.  


With Spyic, parents can discreetly monitor their kids’ Tinder interactions, including sent and received messages and timestamps. It empowers responsible guidance and ensures online safety.

Badoo and POF

Badoo and POF are popular dating apps many teens use today. Want to check whether your kid also uses it or who they communicate with? Easy!


Parents can also use Spyic to monitor their kids’ Tumblr activities, providing access to sent and received messages.

3. Tracking Messengers


Parents may access their kid’s Snapchat account and read their sent/received messages as well as see the timestamps, check contact details, and view chat start/end and duration.


Monitor all private and group conversations on this communication app. You may also access call records, view timestamps, check the names and phone numbers of people your kid communicates with, and view all shared media files via Viber.


Track sent and received messages, private and group chats, view shared WhatsApp pictures, and access timestamps to see when every message was sent.

Skype, Kik, Telegram, WeChat, QQ, and Line are the other messaging apps Spyic can track.

4. GPS Location Tracking

The location tracker is a crown jewel in a spy app’s arsenal. Its GPS-driven precision affords you the luxury of knowing your loved ones’ movements at any given time, relieving the strain of uncertainty. This feature is paramount, often determining an app’s fate based on its execution. 

Robust real-time tracking and a history of past locations provide a comprehensive picture. This dynamic tool captures full addresses, coordinates, timestamps, and Google Maps data and is also a beacon for maintaining tabs on a partner, spouse, or child’s device.

GPS Location Tracking

5. Browser History

Spyic offers a valuable feature for parents – the ability to monitor their children’s online activities by checking their browser history. It empowers you to ensure a safe digital environment. You can review the URLs of the websites visited and the frequency and timestamps of their visits. This insight provides a holistic view of their online behavior, allowing you to guide them effectively in their internet explorations and intervene if necessary.

Browser History


Pricing Spyic

Tailored for various operating systems, Spyic presents two distinct pricing plans. Regardless of your choice, each plan encompasses three diverse subscription tiers catering to your specific needs: 

  1. For Android: 
  • Basic: $39.99/month (for 1 device)
  • Premium: $49.99/month (for 1 device)
  • Family: $69.99/month (for 3 devices)
Pricing Spyic for Android
  1. For iOS:
  • Family: $99.99/month (for 5 devices)
  • Premium: $49.99/month (for 1 device)
  • Business: $399.99 (for 25 devices)
Pricing Spyic for iPhone

Each package comes with a 60-day money refund, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind. If you have a Spyic coupon, you may use it to get a discount on purchases. 

terms for refund

Spyic vs. mSpy

Is Spyic Better than mSpy?

mSpy is an alternative tracking software to Spyic. But what does differentiate these apps? Let’s see.

Social media trackingSpyic has limited options for iOSmSpy supports all kinds of social media app platforms
Blocking featuresLimited (apps and websites)More robust (apps, websites, and calls)
Keyword alertsNomSpy keeps an eye out for worrying keywords and alerts you if they’re used
PriceOffers 3 different packages for Android and iOS, better for multiple devices monitoringmSpy has 3 plans for 1 device monitoring
KeyloggingAlthough Spyic supports this feature, it is not available for iOSmSpy shows you what they’re typing on their phone
Instagram/Facebook monitoringOnly for AndroidAndroid, iOS (jailbreak required)
Money-back guarantee60 days14 days
WiFi monitoringNoYes
Email trackingYesNo

Spyic and mSpy prioritize user-friendliness, catering to diverse users. Preferences and tech familiarity influence choice. Spyic excels with streamlined installation, intuitive control, and interface. mSpy is also user-friendly but can be more complex during advanced feature setup, like iOS jailbreaking.

Spyic vs. Cocospy

Which is Better Spyic or Cocospy?

Demo versionAvailable for iOS and AndroidOnly Android
PerformanceStands out for its smooth performance, ensuring minimal impact on the target device’s speedWhile generally efficient, some users may experience a slight slowdown in phone speed when using the app
Tracking featuresBoth apps offer extensive tracking features, including calls, messages, locations, browsing history, photos, videos, social media activity, and keylogger functionality
Money-back guarantee60 days
PricingSpyic and Cocospy offer three pricing plans tailored to different needs and device quantities. The pricing structures are comparable between the two apps.

While both Spyic and Cocospy provide comprehensive monitoring solutions, Spyic emerges as the preferred choice for users seeking optimal performance and ease of use. It combines user-friendly installation, extensive tracking features, and efficient operation to offer a reliable and seamless monitoring experience.


Customer Service

Spyic boasts robust 24/7 customer service designed to provide users with prompt assistance and guidance whenever needed. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Spyic ensures that users can reach out for help anytime, day or night. Users can conveniently connect with Spyic’s customer support via email at [email protected], where their queries will be met with swift and comprehensive responses. 


FAQs About Spyic App

Have a look at the FAQs section below. You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Spyic tracker:

Is Spyic legit?

Spyic is legal for kids monitoring and company device tracking in the US. However, verifying local laws before use is advisable and applicable worldwide.

Does Spyic really work?

Yes. Spyic is a great tracking tool. But if you want to use it to track your kid’s social media phone activities, you will be limited to two social media if the target device is iOS.

How to detect Spyic on Android?

Spyic works hiddenly. So, there is no chance the person you track will detect it installed on their phone. For this, don’t forget to hide the application on the target Android device after installation.

Is Spyic free?

No, there is no information about Spyic free trial. It’s a paid service that comes in three different subscription plans, and each one differs according to the number of tracking devices and the OS they operate on.

How much does Spyic cost?

Spyic cost depends on the OS and the number of devices you will track. So, the Spyic price varies from $9.99 to $399.99.

Is Spyic safe?

Yes, it’s a safe tracking app. It works hiddenly so that your data won’t be disclosed.

Does Spyic work on refurbished iPhones?

Yes, Spyic supports refurbished iPhones. You can also install Spyic remotely, so don’t worry about it. 

Is Spyic hidden on the target’s phone?

For iOS, installation is unnecessary, so it won’t be visible on iPhones. For Android cell phones, you have to hide the tool in the phone’s settings once it is installed.

Are Cocospy and Spyic the same company?

It looks like it is the same company. Their tracking features, refund policy, and even the “About Us” page are identical. So, yes, most likely, it is the same company. 

Does Spyic send the phone notification?

Yes. If your kid, for example, changes their SIM card to the other one, the software will notify you about it. 

How to tell if Spyic is active on your phone?

If you forget to hide the app’s icon after installation, a user may see it and catch you. But if you hide the app, detecting the installed tool will be impossible.

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