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Website of StealthGenie is not available due to some temporary problems. Some sources say that SteakthGenie is closed for uncertain time due to a legal case that is in the process. Program can’t be purchased for some time.

When we publishing a review, we are trying to be objective and honest while testing software and sharing our opinion with you. We also believe it will help you to choose the most appropriate program for your needs and will protect you from unnecessary spends.


An Honest Review

Does StealthGenie help you keep track of your spouse's infidelity?

Before writing this review we found out there are so many articles about StealthGenie, but most of them doesn’t give any useful information and some even looks unrealistic. That’s why we decided to form own idea about the program without taking into consideration any previous reviews.


StealthGenie Due To Our Experience

We’ve not just tested StealthGenie but used it for our personal needs. We’ve been using it for several years and want to tell that it’s far not perfect, but at the same time it helps to decide main issue of monitoring and gives information you need. It has improved a lot during last years.

This program can be comfortably used for some family and personal things like controlling children.

Advantages Of StealthGenie

We can’t say it’s something wonderful and can never disappoint you. We will try to understand and to find out together if the program works, as it should, if it worth its money and whether it’s good enough for your phone.

Shall We Trust The Company

Due to our experience we can say that it’s very important to realize which company stands behind an offered product. Why? Just because buying software means constant dealing with its developers, it’s a kind of signing a contract – better to choose the one you trust. StealthGenie’s reputation is probably their main advantage. The company has quite a solid experience and is one of the leading software companies in the sphere. It also works hardly to be first with innovative programs and offers one of the widest range of services.

StealthGenie app features

At the same time company keeps their prices on a reasonable level. Their products aren’t cheap but they are not the most expensive as well.

Compatibility With Phones

StealthGenie always trying to be first who creates software for supporting newest phone versions. One of the brightest examples is their dealing with monitoring iPads and Tablets when other companies were just thinking how to do that.

The official site has a detailed list of devices they are compatible with, so the most reasonable way is to check the information on the site.


Key Features

In general, spy software features are almost the same. If to speak about standard things you can get, it is text, calls, e-mail information, files saved on the phone, GPS tracking and browsing history. These basic standards are usually enough for more cases.

What features does StealthGenie have

Stealthgenie offers some advanced features as well. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • Recording of calls. If you were looking for this feature, you have no another variant but StealthGenie. It allows you not only to record calls and get information on that but also to download the information and keep it;
  • Monitoring Messengers. It’s possible to monitor several messengers which are unavailable for many other software;
  • Working with Gmail. Monitoring a standard e-mail account that a smartphone has is one of basic features for many spy programs, but Stealthgenie allows you to monitor Gmail as well;
  • word or number you’ll get information on this, it’s very comfortable and helps to save some time.

Extra Options For Security

There are some features offered by Stealth Genie that are useful for certain cases, for example:

  • It’s possible to lock and to unlock the phone;
  • You can also deal with data remotedly.

These can help you to secure your own phone also.

Some Extra Features developed

  • Monitoring of Viber and even Skype. The company never stops its attempts to be first in offering new spy software that gives more;
  • More Than Just GPS Tracking. The company really managed to put GPS on a higher level. Except monitoring where the target phone is, you can also set those arias on the map that are restricted. As soon as a holder of the phone leaves safe area, you’ll get a message on your phone or e-mail.

More Control

If you have no experience in using spy software – there are several important features that will be difficult to notice, however they are quite comfortable and rare for company’s competitors.

  • There is a function of remote control of StealthGenie;
  • It’s possible to remove the program without physical access to a device;
  • You chose which information you want to get and how often.

There are can be other features, that will attract your attention, but the question is whether you need it.

Tips and Tricks

Tips for Purchasing the Program

The Program has many characteristics and there are so many phones that it can deal with, there are also several packages. The choice could be hard if not a comfortable lay out on official site.
Before purchase, you shall check whether it works for you phone’s type. There are some tips that would be useful for buying. So, pay attention that:

  • Android and BlackBerry features can differ;
  • Not all packages contain the same features.

For checking the list of affordable features, you shall chose your platform of phone (for example Android), after that you can also see prices for different packages (3,6, 12 months)


So, is it finally the Best?

What Our Happy Customers are Saying About StealthGenie

For certain cases it can really be the best choice, but it depends on what you wait from the program. If all you need is some basic features for monitoring than you can get them by better price from MobileSpy. If you are looking for a bit advanced features and more tools for controlling then StealthGenie software is what you need.

It’s possible to check their demo version, which gives better chance to understand if the program meets your requirements.

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