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Mobile technology is dynamic, with new devices flooding the market daily. A mobile phone has become a personal device for most people across the globe. With smartphones, daily errands like making payments and shopping online are possible with a single click. The phone simplifies the lives of many individuals by solving problems through dynamic apps. Thus, losing a smartphone is not only frustrating but can also pose various online threats to the victim. To counter this, you can use several methods to track a phone number, which will ultimately lead to locating your device.

Also, you can trace another person’s phone number without their knowledge. Probably they want to avoid disturbance from constant calls or texts. Or you may want to block the number or know the phone number’s owner. Whatever your reason is, we are here to give you more insight on how you can track a phone number.

First, you can start by using the search engines before embarking on other sophisticated options which will deliver actionable results.

Lookup Service: Track a Phone Number & Location Conspicuously

If you need to find out where your target is and whom he/she talks with, the easiest method to get that done is through the Lookup services. It is an excellent technique that works effectively when the only information you have is the phone number. All these services have unique databases that comprise many numbers.

Regular updates of the numbers make the services more reliable in the tracking process. Below are simple steps you can follow to track a phone using only the number in the lookup service database.

  • Search and select a reliable website;
  • Complete registration to create an account;
  • Enter the phone number you want to trace;
  • After the search, the system will display the results on your screen.

Due to the variations in databases and their varying levels of updates, lookup services may yield different data results. However, using such services is a more efficient way to track a phone number than conducting blind searches on Google or other search engines.

Search Engine to Track My Phone or Some Number

As mentioned above, a lookup service is the best option for tracing a phone number since it has a vast database. However, the services come with an extra cost which may not dent your budget. So, before you opt for the lookup service, you can try to use the search engines online. Google, Yahoo, Binge are some of the popular search engines, among others that will help in retrieving useful information about the number you want to track.

If you have no idea how to start, follow these simple steps:

  • Open your web browser;
  • Select your preferred search engine;
  • Key in the phone number in the search bar;
  • The results will display the address that is linked to the phone number.

Using search engines is the simplest method since you do not have to be a tech guru to track a phone number.

Tips on How to Locate Phone & Trace It with Google Maps

Use of Google Maps

After getting your results from the search engine, it is possible to retrieve the precise location of the phone number by using Google Maps. It is a geographical map displaying the entire globe with accurate locations. It is also a simple method of tracking a phone number by using the address. Proceed as follows:

  • On the web browser, search for Google maps and open;
  • Enter the address you retrieved from the search engine;
  • Wait for the results of the target location on the map.

Track the cell phone’s location on your Verizon account

There are various methods of tracking the location of a phone number using your Verizon account. You can either access the apps for free or at an extra cost. Select an option that suits your tracking needs and complete the configuration on your mobile device.

You can use the Verizon Smart Family to track the current location of a phone number. Install the app on your phone first before the tracking process. It also has parental control features, such as limited text messaging and usage of data.

Use Sprint family locator to track the phone’s location

The Sprint family locator is another tracking application that allows you to trace any number on your phone network. It is possible if the mobile device is on and within the coverage area of the cell phone. It is a suitable app since you do not have to download and install it on your phone. The tracking app has privacy features that protect the user from third party risks.

Follow these simple steps to locate a phone number successfully:

  • Register for a Sprint family locator account;
  • Login to the account;
  • Proceed to the family tab and select the Add button;
  • Choose ‘Add a phone from another Sprint Account’;

Also, the system sends regular text messages to notify you of the current location of phone numbers at different times.

Tracking Phone Numbers with Social Networks

The emergence of social media networks is rapidly rising as more people embrace the connectivity they offer. Some of the most popular networks are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Did you know that you can track a phone number using Facebook? This is possible because accounts are linked to a specific phone number when signing up.

Open your Facebook account, go to the search bar and type the phone number you want to retrieve. It will bring back the details and identify the owner of that number. Furthermore, it is a free service that is not only convenient but simple.

Can I Find a Facebook Account with a Phone Number?

Facebook is an authoritative social media site that has millions of users across the globe. With a phone number and one click, you can view a person’s profile and retrieve a lot of information such as location, interests, hobbies, list of friends, among other personal details. You could track someone with only a phone number. But this option is now challenging because of unwarranted online risks. Facebook reviewed its policies in April 2018 to prevent people from accessing your profile unless you want the public to find you.

Reasons to Track a Phone Number

Most people have different reasons why they opt to track a phone number. It is a common occurrence across the globe. Below are a few reasons why you may need to follow a number:

  • After getting a missed call for an anonymous number;
  • Stalkers may bother you with endless calls;
  • In case you lose your phone, you can track by its number to retrieve the location.
  • Finding the location of someone by his / her phone number;
  • Parental control for children.

Other numerous reasons cause people to trace the owners of particular phone numbers. However, the above reasons are the most common cutting across the world of mobile phone end-users.

Trace Phone Number with Spy Apps

Tracking a phone number with a spyware app

With the ever-changing landscape of technology, you can track a phone number without using GPS coordinates. However, in some situations, you may need to use more advanced applications to trace a specific number. Spy apps are designed to secretly monitor a phone without the knowledge of the user in question. These apps come in a variety of variations and features depending on the user and type of phone. However, the principle of tracking remains the same for all the apps. These apps are helpful for accurately locating the GPS of the phone as well as retrieving important information about the device. However, for these spy apps to work effectively, you need to access the target device for installation.

Some of the exceptional spy apps that are compatible with iPhones include Flexispy, uMobix, Cocospy, Highster, and mSpy without having physical contact with the target device.

How to Track Phone & Its Location with Monitoring Apps

If you do not have a phone number, or an Apple ID for iPhone or access to the device physically, you can use monitoring apps to track a phone number. Although the spy apps may seem complicated, they are quite easy to install and use depending on your tracking needs. Whether you want to use the app for parental control, or employee monitoring, the spy apps in the market are quite diverse and efficient.

 Below are the pros of using spy apps:

  • Data accuracy and GPS location tracking;
  • Instant text messages tracking – MMS and SMS;
  • It allows you to access all media regularly;
  • It has a password logger;
  • The spy apps come with website, app and content blocker.
  • History viewer is available on the web browser.

The spy app features make tracking more accessible and convenient since you can get the apps either for free or at a pocket-friendly price.

Start Using Phone Trackers Today

Today, tracking a phone number is quite simple since numerous tracker apps and locators are available for all mobile users. Take advantage of all the above methods and find one that ultimately suits your tracking needs. Whether it is the lookup service, the free search engines or the unique spy apps, track any phone number with ease and convenience.

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