uMobix app is a prime example of what evolutionary path the trackers have followed in the course of the last decade – it’s a slick, efficient, even somewhat stylish multi-purpose software that packs dozens of spying functions under the hood and thus can assist you with handling various interpersonal scenarios – from mildly irritating to outright perilous.

Your first encounter with the spyware market may be quite shocking – how can it be that apps of such power are commercially available – even legal, in the first place? In a world where even global corporations are compelled to react to the growing demand for privacy on social media and limit their data mining appetites, phone trackers shouldn’t be possible – and yet they are.


What Is uMobix Phone Tracker App?

In essence, uMobix is a tool that captures data on the target device either with its pre-installed applet or by syncing with the user’s cloud storage and then allows the receiver to view it on the tracker’s web platform. This data includes anything from current GPS location to media shared in social apps.

  • Robust Tracking Capabilities
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Advanced Monitoring Features
  • Secure Data Encryption
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility (iOs/Android)
  • Potential Dependency

Best Features of the App

Features of uMobix Phone Tracker App

uMobix spy app equips you with a formidable selection of tracking tools that will keep you updated on almost any aspect of the phone owner’s activity. The data that can be received via the app is delivered in the form of detailed text logs, screen captures, and audio/video recordings.

View and Monitor Email Communications on the Target Device

Email tracking is one of the basic functions of the app, and it does exactly what you’d expect. Syncing with the user’s Gmail or any other web mailbox provides an insightful list of their digital connections, as well as unabridged contents of their correspondence, including both texts and file attachments.

Monitor Installed Apps and Block Access to Certain Apps If Necessary

Any uMobix app review isn’t complete without highlighting its innovative remote control capabilities. You don’t just get to view the current list of apps used by the owner and their frequency of use – if need be, each of those can be forcefully removed from the phone without even touching it.

Ensure Your Kids’ Safety with uMobix

The following block of features has been designed specifically for parental control and provides an unparalleled level of awareness about your child’s whereabouts and intentions. You won’t have to deal with the anxiety of the unknown as long as your kids’ phone keeps sending the updates.

Track a Cell Phone’s Location

uMobix dashboard has everything you need to make the most of the target’s current GPS location. The highest update rate possible in the app is five minutes, which is more than enough to build a route of the target’s movement, and you can view each instance of the logged coordinates on Google Maps straight from the dashboard.

Monitor Browser History (Including Incognito)

uMobix excels at uncovering any secrets that the owner’s browser might contain, as it diligently logs each search query, website visit, and the links to the viewed pages. With the tracker’s screen capturing and keylogging features, it can easily circumvent any measures the owner might resort to in order to keep their browsing private, like turning on the incognito mode. 

Get Real-Time Alerts and Notifications When Specific Events Occur on the Target Device

We have yet to see another uMobix review that mentions the app’s fantastic opportunities for customization. You can literally set uMobix to filter the input for trigger words and send you alerts thereof, as well as get notifications whenever the owner launches a certain app, takes a photo, or calls a particular number.

Track Social Media Apps Like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and More

With 22 entries on the roster of supported apps, uMobix is rightfully considered one of the market leaders in terms of social media monitoring. uMobix Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook tracking is all done in a similar manner – you can either get the text logs of all the chats in the app or request the tracker to make screenshots if you need visual details or evidence.

Check Incoming and Outgoing Calls

The same goes for the regular incoming and outgoing calls – by opening a designated dashboard tab, you get to view a neat list of all the recent instances. Each log entry comes with a number and the contact’s name, if any, as well as the call’s status, duration, and timestamp.

Save Media Files on the Device

While uMobix isn’t exactly a file explorer that allows you to scour each and every folder of the target device, it can take you relatively far in terms of media exploration. You can view and download every photo and video saved in the phone’s internal memory, and the tracker also procures the file name and the creation date.

Use the Keylogger Feature to Capture Every Keystroke Made on the Device

uMobix’s keylogger works in a similar fashion compared to other text-capturing features we reviewed, and it’s the only guaranteed way to obtain some of the owner’s passwords. Some uMobix reviews claim that the keylogger tab feels a bit disorganized, as it not only contains the input from the user’s keyboard, but also texts of the incoming SMS, and we second that opinion.

Explore Most Advanced Tracking Features uMobix

Download App

Where to Download uMobix

The tracker has an official website that contains up-to-date info about the app and hosts the dashboard you’re going to use upon purchase.

Note that there’s no such thing as a client app for uMobix – you will be provided with a download link for the tracking applet, and the tracking itself is done via your browser of choice.

How it Works

How Phone Tracker uMobix Works

To prepare the app for tracking, you’ll need to create an account with uMobix login and password and then perform a series of steps depending on the operating system used on the target device. Note that the process is significantly different on iOS and Android – below, you’ll find a step-by-step uMobix installation guide for each system.

Install uMobix on Android

  • Sign up for a uMobix account and choose a license type;
  • Enable “Unknown sources” in Android settings on the target device;
  • Get the APK with the provided uMobix app download link;
  • Locate and tap on the APK file;
  • Follow prompts to complete installation;
  • Open the uMobix app and log in;
  • Grant necessary permissions;
  • Configure settings and let uMobix sync with the phone (it can take up to 24 hours).

Install uMobix on iOS

  • Sign up for a uMobix account and choose a license type;
  • Access the target device’s iCloud credentials;
  • Verify iCloud credentials on the uMobix website;
  • If enabled, request a two-step authentication code on the target device and wait until you can enter it into a proper field on the tracker’s website;
  • Choose the device to monitor;
  • Wait for iCloud sync (it can take up to 24 hours).

Price List and Subscription

uMobix Plans & Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

uMobix price used to depend on the type of operating system you wanted to track, iOS being cheaper due to a shorter list of supported features. Now, however, it has been unified into a single subscription list of three tiers. uMobix cost is pretty affordable and allows to save on longer subscription periods:

1 Month Best Values
For 1 Device
For 1 Device
$29.99 per month
12 Months Best Price
For 1 Device
$12.49 per month

uMobix free trial can obtain lucky customers from support specialists via a live chat, but generally, it is not available. Also, users have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Try Demo

uMobix App Live Demo

A picture is worth a thousand words, and you’re welcome to proceed straight to the website’s live demo page.

This is where you find the examples of each and every tool we’ve described and decide for yourself whether uMobix is worth its price tag.


uMobix vs. Other Phone Tracking Apps

The confusion caused by the apparent similarity of some tracker apps is perfectly understandable – you’ll have to dig a bit deeper in order to establish which one actually suits your needs best. To save you the trouble, here’s uMobix compared to its three direct competitors:

uMobix vs. mSpy

mSpy is the closest thing to uMobix in terms of functionality, having roughly the same supported app catalog and tool variety. The app comes at a slightly smaller price but falls short when it comes to customer support and refunds – the list of cases that render the latter impossible makes it effectively impossible to get your money back in case you’re not happy with it. Also, it requires jailbreaking for monitoring Facebook and Instagram on iOS, while uMobix doesn’t.

uMobix vs. Cocospy

Cocospy is a worthy rival of uMobix and can be a viable alternative if you’re looking for a way to save some cash in exchange for a smaller functions roster. The app has a very limited list of supported social media and nothing like uMobix’s remote control options, but it fares pretty well in all other departments. 

uMobix vs. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is basically a lightweight version of uMobix, abridged to the point where it could actually be free. With the former, you get a standard package of call and SMS monitoring, along with 10 social apps, but that’s about it. The only unique selling point offered by Hoverwatch is that it functions equally well on both Windows and Mac desktops. It is not available on iPhone.

Application Limitations

Limitations of the uMobix App: Are There Any Flaws?

Overall, uMobix is a balanced choice for monitoring and performs well as a jack of all trades. However, the app hasn’t received any major feature updates for a while, which threatens its status as one of the most technologically advanced trackers out there – for instance, some spyware is already capable of recording not only regular phone calls but even VoIP conversations in messengers. uMobix lacks this feature. Also, 1 subscription is limited to monitoring 1 device at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About uMobix

Can uMobix track if a location is turned off?

Technically, the GPS data stops being transferred if the owner turns off the service on their phone. Luckily, this doesn’t mean you can’t track their location anymore – the ingenious alternative included in uMobix allows you to establish the target’s location by using their last known Wi-Fi connection instead.

Does uMobix have a free subscription?

Generally, it doesn’t, even though some shady pirate sites might try to convince you otherwise. The only legit way to cut down on your license costs is to find a uMobix coupon code – we have occasionally spotted those on their official pages on social media and some coupon aggregator websites. However, some users may be offered a $1 trial offer by customer support.

How to find uMobix on your phone?

Being a piece of spyware, uMobix was created with stealthiness in mind. If you tick on the box that says ‘Hide uMobix icon’ during the installation, finding it manually may prove an impossible task – even though some malware scanners can pull it off. The applet that gathers data is disguised as a system utility and can theoretically be located in the list of active programs.

How to completely uninstall uMobix from the target device?

Instead of trying to distinguish the masked uMobix applet from hundreds of system utilities, you can remove the tracker without leaving a trace by simply clicking on the relevant option on your dashboard. Note that uMobix for iPhone doesn’t have this problem since no installation is required in the first place.

Does uMobix work with two-factor authentication?

Yes, the step is included in uMobix’s iOS installation wizard. You’ll need to request the said code manually from the target device and then paste it into the appropriate field. There is no known way to skip this procedure unless you have the option to turn 2FA off prior to installing.

How to stealthily install uMobix on the target phone without detection?

What tracker app users often forget about is cleaning up the traces of their tampering, which have nothing to do with how the actual app functions. Upon being exposed, they naturally start asking questions like ‘Is uMobix safe?’ and ‘Does uMobix display its presence to the user?’ Instead, they should have simply deleted the APK file from the phone and cleared the associated browser history.

What to do if you encounter technical issues or glitches with uMobix?

While you won’t find uMobix customer service number anywhere on the site, they do offer a relatively fast and efficient communication channel via the submission form found on the Contact Us page or 24/7 live chat. While reviewing, we didn’t run into any bugs ourselves, so we made up a problem and reported it via a submission form, which resulted in a prompt and detailed reply within about an hour.

Can the uMobix app remotely access the camera on the target phone?

Yes, the app comes with a full ambient tracking package for Android, which means you can not just order the target phone to take snaps with its frontal or main camera, but also activate ambient streaming with its microphone.

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