5 Reliable Viber Spy Apps and Programs

Check Viber Calls And Messages With Spy Software

Viber offers a widely used platform for making calls and exchanging messages, which is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. Users can easily download and install the Viber application on their mobile devices.

It’s possible to monitor both calls and messages if they are incoming or not with the help of special tools.

Short Review On Viber

Viber is a popular application that is especially common for young people, older kids and teenagers. It can be installed onto mobiles, apple devices or even PC. It provides an opportunity to send free messages and make calls within the globe. All is needed – internet connection. All that the app offers is absolutely free and is not connected to a phone tariffs. The installation is also free. Currently there’s a great number of Viber’s competitor but Viber took leading position.

Why It’s Important To Monitor Viber

If you’ve decided to monitor somebody’s action using mobile, you’ll probably will not agree if a great portions of information will be not available. Using Viber it is easy to avoid being monitored by most spy software as programs simply do not recognize tracked Viber messages as typical phone sms. The same about calls.

Why It’s Important To Monitor Viber

It’s no surprise that leading providers of spy applications dedicate significant efforts to developing accessible Viber monitoring solutions. Their diligent work has opened up new possibilities for accessing information that was previously inaccessible. Today, you even have the option to choose from multiple companies offering such services.

What Is Necessary

Viber has very strong and protected technological base and software that secure good level of conspiracy protection for users. There are only a few programs that can get information transported via Viber. The app can be downloaded on many devices but it’s possible to monitor it only on IOS and Android devices. Pay attention that all Android gadgets shall be Rooted and iPhones and iPads shall be Jailbroken.

Viber Monitoring Software

Viber Monitoring Apps

We’d recommend Flexispy, uMobix and mSpy as not the only but checked and reliable software for Viber monitoring. Mobile Spy is out of the race preparing its products after its competitors have already done it. All these programs have similar requirements main of which are rooted/jailbroken devices.

Which information you can get

  • Text messages that were received or sent using Viber;
  • All fixed data on calls like contacts, dates and time;
  • Information on call logs including duration of the call and numbers.

When this review was actually made the software didn’t allow to record calls but as far as the company is working on the item it can be changed.

Anyway, monitoring Viber is only a small part of the whole monitoring process.

Which Viber Spy App Should I Choose?

We’ve checked Flexispy Extreme and also mSpy and are quite satisfied with work of both. Making a choice view not those systems that are connected with spy Viber only but also other features for full monitoring of a device activity.

spy apps choose

1) FlexiSPY: FlexiSPY offers advanced monitoring features for Viber, including real-time monitoring and remote control capabilities. You can track messages, call logs, media files, and more.

2) mSpy: mSpy is a popular spy app that includes Viber monitoring features. You can view Viber messages, call history, and media files, as well as track GPS location and other activities on the target device.

3) uMobix: uMobix offers Viber monitoring functionality, allowing you to monitor messages, call logs, and contacts. It also provides other tracking features like GPS location tracking and web browsing history.

4) Hoverwatch: Hoverwatch is another spy app that supports Viber monitoring. It enables you to view Viber messages, call details, and multimedia files. Additionally, it offers features like keylogging and location tracking.

5) Cocospy: Cocospy is a comprehensive spy app that includes Viber monitoring capabilities. It allows you to track Viber chats, call logs, and media files, as well as monitor other activities like text messages and social media.

The best variant to make a choice is to pick up that program that meets your needs fully. It’s also necessary to pay attention at features and those conditions that programs need for performing properly. In addition, pay attention at pricing that is quite different.


How to spy on Viber Messages?

Viber is one of the most popular instant messaging apps out there, with over 1.5 billion registered users globally. In today’s fast paced world where time is money, it’s important to stay connected with your friends and family. However, you might begin to suspect that your significant other is cheating on you and want to know for sure. If this is the case, you can easily spy on Viber messages using uMobix.

Does Viber can be Hacked?

Viber users are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy and are looking for ways to secure their Viber account and protect their data. While Viber is a secure communication app, it is possible for hackers to gain access to your Viber account if you’re not careful.

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