How To Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Cell Phone Location

Sometimes, our intuition speaks louder than facts in front of our faces. Those gut feelings may be working together to point out something that we don’t want to see or admit.

Once these feelings begin, it can be confusing to find the next best step. Luckily, advances in modern technology give us options that didn’t exist before, revealing the truth and saving us from potential heartbreaks. It is good to have confidence in your spouse or partner, in your children, in your family, and location apps can help. These apps are quick and easy to install, coming with little to no traces of existence. With a few quick clicks, you’ll be able to have access to location, messages, and apps such as Facebook and Snapchat.

Why would you want to start keeping track of someone that you know, love, and trust? While we hope it is not the case, it is always better to feel safe and secure, knowing that your heart is shielded from heartbreak. If you suspect that your partner may be sharing a part of themselves with someone else, using a tracking app can be just the thing to put out the fire of suspicion and begin to live confidently, knowing that your feelings are secured.

Redheaded girl tracks her boyfriend on the phone

No matter whether you’re in a relationship where infidelity is suspected, have children or family you want to keep an eye on or want to keep tabs on employees, a discreet tracking app can help. And we’ve got all the information you’ll need to get it up and running right here.  

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Just like there is the contrary, apps that hide things like messages and photos, there are apps that sniff those out, leaving little unknown. The apps that track a cell phone are easy to install, but there are a few things you should consider. One of them is to be sure it is a hidden app and comes with no trace when it is in use. No one likes to know that their loved ones don’t trust them, and revealing the spying software could cause more damage than the truth. You’ll also want to consider the means of installation, needing to confirm whether or not the device is needed in hand to complete the operation.

Once you’ve thought these out and chosen the app that is best suited to your needs, you’ll have front-row access to your loved one’s device. Each app comes with different tracking and spying abilities and different ways of demonstrating them. Some will give you access to not only messages and location, but also to social media accounts, internet search history, hidden and separate chat apps, and much more. 

The best products will collect all the information and conveniently display it on a user-friendly, intuitive online platform. There are a ton out there, but not all are created equal. Of the bunch we tried and tested, we love mSpy, for its easy installation and advanced access to all the most essential information.

mSpy – Best phone tracker app without permission

mSpy comes with easy installation on all devices, including iOS and Android. It is hidden and will not show up on the device on which it is placed. After a quick installation, you’ll have access to:

  • All calls, both incoming and outgoing;
  • Records of activity for apps, including the most popular social media sites;
  • Text message history, including those sent via messaging apps;
  • Photos and videos, both sent and received;
  • Internet surfing history.

All of this information is accessible in one area that is easy to reach and follow. There are also options to customize your access, allowing mSpy to send notifications if there is a specific activity you’re on the hunt for.

How to Track Phone Location?

The common question is, is it possible to track the phone location? Yes, it is, and it is surprisingly easier than you might think. Location services are needed on cell phones to reap the full benefits of Apps like Facebook, Google Maps, and Snapchat.

For this reason, tracking a cell phone’s location is easy and sometimes free, depending on which software you choose. There is, however, one trick to beginning to track a position, one that may take a bit of smart planning beforehand. To start monitoring for free, access to the device is necessary and could make it a bit difficult to get your hands on.

How to Track A Cell Phone’s Location by Number for Free

Changing a few settings can be done in seconds and can give instant access to the location of your target. You’ll simply need to visit settings to ensure that location services are in use. This setting will allow the embedded GPS of the cell phone to be followed along throughout its day-to-day journey. It, however, gives no information to other devices and requires the installation of another app.

There are a few ways to track for free, and those come with zero need to download apps. One of them is a simple internet search for the target phone number. Though this service doesn’t give all-inclusive access to the phone and its activity, it does generally provide accurate location information. The best way to locate, however, is with a free and easy-to-use app. It will allow you to have access to location without the target’s knowledge, reassuring you that your loved ones are safe and sound.

Free Phone Tracking Apps

A quick search in your app store will reveal that there are tons of apps, all claiming to do the same thing. They all claim to provide the most accurate location at all times. Do keep in mind that most of the apps that come for free can be spotted and usually inform the owner of the phone that their whereabouts are being kept track of. Still, these free apps come highly recommended, especially in situations where you want to ensure the safety of children or older relatives.  

1. Find My Friends – iOS

Find My friends in Google

This is an easily installed application that the entire family or group of friends can use. It provides the knowledge of location and guarantees safety for entire families by giving each person within a group particular access to other persons’ locations at all times. The only negative that comes along with this app is that it is easy to switch off, requiring only the switch of a bar to disable tracking. Though simple, it is easily added in 3 easy steps:

  • Enable ‘Share My Location” in settings;
  • Accept an invitation on the line you want to track;
  • Check the SMS verification and hide the application from the site.

Find My Friends is a simple way to track and comes with location services only. It could be a drawback for those wanting to access messages and other app information, as this is impossible with the app.

2. Find My iPhone

find iphone

Traditionally used as a location app to find a misplaced device, Find My iPhone is also suitable for those who want to keep an eye on loved ones. They can use it to their advantage to identify the target’s location. To install it, you’ll need physical access to the phone, as the installation does require logging in with the phone owner’s Apple ID. It could be tricky but can still be done secretly, especially by those who will have at least a few minutes’ access to the object’s cell phone. It is only good for iPhones and will only work if you have their Apple ID but can be added in just a few minutes.

  • Download the App after login to iTunes;
  • Follow Instructions and add ‘Family sharing’;
  • Start receiving pinpoint location information.

3. Find My Device

Basically, the app follows the same concept as the iPhone’s ‘Find My Phone’ app. This Google-backed software will give accurate and up to the minute location information for any Android device. Done easily and quickly, such tracking only requires that you have the phone the location of which you want to keep track of registered to your Google account. If this checks off, then tracking is easy, showing the exact location including very detailed information with the advanced mapping technologies that Google is so known for.

4. Find My Mobile

Just like the other 2 services mentioned above, this free tracking method will show the location of the said device at any time on any Samsung phone. It is a great app to have on the phone anyway, as it will allow users to hunt down their phones and will unlock them in an event of losing the password. This method also requires prior possession of the phone, as it is set up using the Samsung ID and the Find My Mobile app.

To check for location, you’ll need to have access to the app and ID at all times, as it required to log in for receiving the location-related updates. Still, this app is ideal for locating children or elderly family members, though it will not go in-depth and capture messaging and browsing history. 

How to Track an iPhone by Phone Number without Them Knowing and without Installing a Software

You won’t always have access to the phone you want to track. For these instances, some methods are discreet and come without a trace or having the device in hand. Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GMS) is a long operating method of tracking that accurately provides location information. This, however, is not the most secretive service, as you’ll need to provide proof of your relationship with that person to be granted permission to track them. This step could be challenging to come by, especially with those that could become angry, knowing that you do not confide in them.

Spy Apps: The Best Way to Track A Cell Phone Location by Number Without Them Knowing

For all the apps and methods discussed above, they are accurate but lack some key features. Of the things they require, the most important is access to things like messages, photos, and internet browsing history. Knowledge of these could provide information that could show the real side of the one you love or also keep loved ones from dangers. The free apps will only go so far, but for all the other minute details, there are advanced spy apps that you should consider.

Spyzie – The Ultimate Spy App

One of the apps that will spark your interest is Spyzie, a virtually invisible app that can be added to any device. There are no highly technical skills required to add it, making it a possibility for even the most tech-challenged out there. After quick and invisible installation, you’ll have full access to all nooks and crannies of the phone including the hardest to track and hack apps. Protect your kids and protect your heart, always being in the know of activity including suspicious behaviors that could have grave consequences.

Cocospy – Spyware on your phone

Another app that is easy to add and simple to keep track of is Cocospy. Track location and movements with pinpoint tracking technology, get full access to app usage and browse through internet history. This app works cross-systematically and can be tracked remotely. If there is a particular activity that you want to look out for, the app allows you to customize notifications, alerting you when suspicious activity occurs. This app is discreet and will give you access from wherever you are and whenever you’re suspicions arise.


Technology makes it easier to hide. Secret messages and photos are easy to send, and tracking is simple to disable. It could be detrimental to children or loved ones or mean a severe heartbreak for you at the end. If suspicions are in the air and you want to feel more at peace, take advantage of the continuously advancing technologies. Apply a discreet spy app to ensure that you’ll always be in the know, and you can keep your guard down and your mind clear.

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